Thursday, 4 January 2018

Reading is a novel experience

I have to admit it, I'm a reader. Yes there it is, I said it, I like to read books. Don't worry too much after I put a book down I usually go and wash my hands so as not to infect others with this vice. 
Lately I've been reading various schlock novels that I have downloaded from Amazon for free. To say they are a little to be desired is an understatement. What Amazon usually does is make the first book in a series free then, like a drug dealer, they charge an arm plus a leg for the next fix. This technique for hooking readers grows tiresome after a while and I find myself in dire need of a real paper book written by a good author fix. There is just something that an E-Reader doesn't have, that feel of real honest to God paper feel on the fingertips as you turn a page. It is a feeling that just cannot be compared.

My current book
I was lucky this past Christmas, several authors whose work I love had things in print. My loving and understanding wife was kind enough to get me the latest Dan Brown offering which I just recently started. Another author whose books are like magic in W.E.B. Griffin and his latest just hit the book store shelves. The biggest disappointment was that the new Griffin novel wasn't out until the twenty-sixth of December, so I ordered a copy from Amazon. When I ordered the Griffin novel I noted another of my favorite authors, William C. Dietz, also had a new book in print, so I ordered it as well. 

Much to my joy the Griffin and Dietz novels arrived today. I opened the Amazon box like a junkie about to get his next fix. After scanning the inside covers, I knew that I was not going to be disappointed in these offerings. I tend to try to not read these authors very fast. Reading their novels is like sipping a good scotch, one doesn't quaff the glass in one gulp, one savors the experience. 

Griffin and Dietz, two of the finest writers today
The other reason I don't just devour these books is the time lag between publications, that weighting years for the next novel just sucks. 

Well I'm off now to get some Dan Brown reading done. So until the morrow bye for now. 



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