Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year's ramble

New Years day had dawned sort of sunny with a dash of cold... strike that, it was freezing outside when I finally threw off the covers. It was cold enough that snow was forming from the moisture in the air not falling from the clear sky. 

Brunch, enough said...
Coffee on and brunch being made the morning progressed as an early morning after a late night usually does. As a replay of Christmas my lovely wife made eggs Benedict for the gang with orange juice and champagne. Then it was time to turn on the television and watch the various parades. Meanwhile, outside it had started to snow. The small flakes that tell an onlooker, baby it's cold outside.

Another new year has begun in earnest. What the bright, new, just out of the box, year has in store is anyone's guess. The only resolution I made last nigh was to not make any resolutions. I figure that unlike years past this should be an easy one to keep but only the future can tell. As for me while it's not a resolution I'm going to try to watch less of the news and not obsess about things I can't control. Well, we shall see how that turns out.  

Anyway, normal blogging resumes tomorrow so until then bye-bye from up here north of disorder.

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