Monday, 8 January 2018

Let it snow, snow, snow...

Zero and snow beats minus thirty and windchill any day.
During this latest cold snap these past few weeks have been a little trying. My wife and I, without any conscious consent have been cocooning, only going out when it was imperative. Looking forward to the rest of winter I'm hoping the weathertainers are right in their prognostication that it's going to get mild. It started to snow overnight and while it wasn't the big fat fluffy flakes there was some accumulation. Today's temperatures have been a bit of a respite from these past few weeks when the needle on the thermometer has been hovering in the minus twenty-five to minus thirty degree area. Right now it's zero and in comparison today is almost balmy outside. 
Today I went out to deal with the overnight accumulation of snow in the driveway and down at the mail box. The weathertainers predicted around five cementers, and we got around twenty. Using the snow blower wasn't as pleasant as normal. Last night while getting things ready for the trash pickup, I had a little tumble. My left knee is a little tender now, so I've been trying not to push it. 
While at the mail box, I took a look over at L&T's place to make sure they could get out. I was lucky their driveway didn't need the end cleared, so I was spared that chore. With the mail box cleared my last bit of snow blowing was finished. I headed back to the barn and got the snow blower all gassed up and ready for the next go round with mother nature's leavings. Now I'm just going to have a little lunch and read my book. Until tomorrow, I bid you good bye.

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