Thursday, 11 January 2018

Just another day

Everything's melting....
Today has been quiet... too quiet. The temps climbed overnight and now it's a balmy eight degrees Celsius and everything's melting. The ladies were in so the house is all sparkling clean again which is always nice. While the ladies were slaving away upstairs, I was working out downstairs. Today marks the third day in a row that I have worked out for a half hour. I do ten minutes of weights and then twenty on the recumbent bike.

My lovely wife went into town for a few things and when she returned I went out for a few other things. Relax we're not fighting, I just didn't feel like traipsing around a big box food store. And where I had to go, she didn't want to. 

Before going anywhere I got the snow, or in this case, slush thrower out. The town plow guy had left a low wall of ice mush at the end of the driveway. I figured that when things refreeze I don't want to have acquired a jackhammer to clear up the mess. Clearing out the mess at the end of the driveway took around twenty long, hard, minutes. The stuff at the end of the driveway was thick and chewy and slippery, very slippery. I had to use a little body English because half the time the tires were just spinning on the slippery surface. 

In case you were wondering, and who hasn't, how
warm it's been that little patch in this pic is lawn.
I know it's over the septic tank but it's still lawn.

Then it was off to the store where there was a package I had to pick up. At Christmas, we were lucky enough to have a rich bro & sis-in-law give us a SodaStream. I ordered a pack of extra bottles for it and now I had to pick them up. Two other little things I knocked off while I was at the store, I picked up some stamps and I mailed my membership renewal to the gun club. Now I just hope it gets there before I get hit with late fees.

Yes you could say this was just another day at home.   

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