Monday, 1 January 2018


Well New Year's Eve has come and gone. For me it was a quiet one with a few friends and family. Sis and Bro-in-law were her as well as friend S. The evening was a quiet one with us having all sorts of finger food to snack on as well as various beverages of an alcoholic nature. 

Don't know about where you
are but here it's damn cold outside.
Around ten thirty I remembered that Monday was a trash pickup day, so I dawned my cold weather gear and dragged the trash to the curb. I was so happy that I would be starting the new year with my chores done. After weathering the frigid temperatures outside I'm not sure what prompted my but I took a look at the trash pickup schedule. Of course there was no pickup slated for Monday even though with the exception on Christmas they pick up the trash rain or shine no matter the holiday.

I managed to end two thousand and seventeen with a screw up. It wasn't my first mistake and it probably will not be my last. After all these years I have come to accept that all I can do is my best, I can't do any better than that.

Well it's now pushing one in the morning and I'm tired, not to mention a wee bit inebriated, so I do believe that it's time to go abed. To all of you out there I hope your new years eve was a fun and festive affair. I also hope that this bright and shiny two thousand and eighteen is a good year for you all.

Good night...

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