Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Déjà vu all over again

This morning I made a run into town for a few things. Over the Christmas/New Year break we had used a lot of water, more than I had figured we would, and we needed salt. I had checked the water softener last night only to find the salt was very low. I figured this morning I'd make a run into town and get a couple of bags then top up the softener. Personally I like my water after it has been softened, I guess I'm not much for the raw water craze.

I also figured that while in town I would pick up a few items for a new toy we were given at Christmas. The new toy was a SodaStream water thingy which we have been using since we got it. What the SodaStream does is carbonates water turning good old tap water into fizzy soda water.

The place where I was going supposedly carries the SodaStream products that I was looking for. All I wanted was a spare pack of bottles, some flavors and a spare C02 cartridge. After walking around the store looking, looking, looking I finally broke down and asked where they hid the stuff. That's when I was told they were out of stock on everything SodaStream.

After paying for the salt I left the store laughing all the way to my truck. What struck me as funny was I had been through this very same situation before. Years ago we had a one cup coffee maker that used pods. It was the predecessor of the Keurig coffee makers you find all over today and I loved it. The only issue was after a while you couldn't find the pods and to order them on line was horribly expensive. Sadly in the prime of its life the coffee pod device made the trip to coffee maker heaven. Now we have a SodaStream and my wife and I love it. My only hope is that this is not a case of Déjà vu all over again.

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