Wednesday, 10 January 2018

And now a pause for the weather...

This morning I awoke with sun streaming through the bedroom window. It was lightly cloud covered and very mild outside. Looking at my handy communications device AKA the cellphone, I checked what the weathertainers had to say about this not so winter like situation. Of course there was another spat of doom and gloom on the horizon. Being the strong silent type that I am, I managed to resist pulling the covers over my head and retreating back to the land of nod.
If the weathertainers are right, we will have some
freezing rain by tomorrow.
 A few days ago we were in a bit of a deep freeze. Temps were getting into the serious section of the thermometer dropping down to minus thirty range. Add to this the windchill factor and things were getting seriously frosty. That was so last week because now the temps are in the plus range and the snow fall that's the weathertainers are predicting will be falling in a liquid form. Yes that's right kids, the prognostication is for rain today and tomorrow. 

The latest prognostication

There really isn't anything new in their being a little rain in January. In years past this temperature spike was commonly known as a January thaw. These days the spike is seen and is being used as another sign of climate change by the rabid, Volvo driving environmental crowd. After all any port in a storm as they say. Personally I don't know if it's climate change, global warming or just another phase of a cycle that the planet has been going through for millennia. I've seen way too much evidence to support both sides of this environmental doom coin so as for me I will just carry on doing what I've been doing, recycling, using less electricity and generally trying my best to reduce my footprint on Terra firma. As for everybody else, I am not my brothers keeper.

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