Friday, 12 January 2018

All's quiet on the Northern front...

Today is one of those days weather wise, a day not fit for man or beast to be out and about. Overnight the temps dropped through the floor. Right now there is a flash freeze warning in effect, the rain has stopped and it's started to snow. I was going to go into town and do blood work after I got up but that didn't happen. On the plus side my driveway was clear of the ice stuff so out of the darkness there is one little ray of light after all.

Well, I guess it could always be worse.
Since there is absolutely nothing going on, here are a few links I came across on my tour of the World Wide Web on this horrible fine day. 

A report says Canadians want to fight climate change on the cheap. Well I can certainly understand where this is coming from being a cheapskate lover of mother earth. 

It is starting to look like Canada's economic star is going to dim a bit. Not surprising with the hikes in minimum wage and all the other factors various in play.

Since there isn't enough sin to tax, lets think about broadening the pool to include other things like food.

Looking out the window at the rain/ice mix I would just love to take a trip down south maybe to Mexico... not. Another option would be to visit the not so United States and hope while I was down there not to get sick. Or I could forgo a visit to these places and stay in Canada where at least our leader doesn't call third world countries shit holes

I'm going to leave you with one last link. Around a week ago it was revealed that there was a serious flaw with CPU chips made by Intel. A couple of days later a firmware patch came along and the world was saved. Well not so fast on that world being saved thing, you may want to run the next set of updates that will be coming along shortly.

Well I think that's enough from me for now. Remember no blog on the weekend, see you Monday. 

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