Wednesday, 6 December 2017

When the lights go on again all over the world...

At around eight forty last night my world rolled back to the stone age because the power cut out. Well not exactly the stone age since the peoples of that time didn't have battery powered lighting or a personal confuser like the one I'm pounding away on. It was something I should have been looking out for since it was really windy out but it was just as windy last night and all was well then and we haven't had the power go down for a while.

It's really more of an inconvenience than anything. I was typing away with no way of uploading this entry to my blog but that was OK, it gave me something to do. The power did came back on around a quarter to eleven and I uploaded this blog entry this morning. We got lucky, it never went to a worst case. We had a light with LEDs powered by a battery pack that lasted until the power was restored. The worst case would have been going out and bringing the generator from the workshop to run things. As for communication we have backups for the wireless phone in the guise of an old push button model and should that fail there are our cell phones. It turned out we did need the cellphones because the land line died.

All snug with the fire providing heat and the battery
powering the light, all is good.
The evening was quiet, too quiet. We sat and my wife played her game on the cell phone while I played solitaire on the personal confuser. After an hour my wife called hydro on her cell and the robot voice told here the expected time for the power to be back on was one in the morning on the sixth of December. She told me this and I did a double take before remembering it was the evening of the fifth.

Not to worry the power did come back on before the estimated time. I'm happy that it did because otherwise I was going to have some lugging to do. One of the things we have are two large water containers because when there is no power we have no water. Without water we cannot flush the commode more than once so after a while things tend to get a little stinky. One of the water containers has five gallons in it for drinking and cooking the other is a seven gallon container that I also have a pump for. I have a pee or a poo then flush and pump the water container to refill the water reservoir. I figure with this system we are good for a day or two. Even though it's December I wasn't afraid of the cold we have a gas fire place to bring the temp up to normal.

Thank goodness for computers
Last night my wife had wanted to phone Hydro but our land line was dead. I took a look at the Bell Canada web page and they had a list of things they wanted a person to trouble shoot before calling. Not being in the mood at the time I told my wife it was a morning wide awake job. Well this morning I was up and at 'em around nine. When I was ready I went throught the list to make sure it wasn't an issue with my gear. That done I looked up the contact number and called Ma Bell. After a delightful five minutes pushing numbers on my cell I finally got a service appointment for tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. On the plus side there was no human interaction so that was good. If it were not for the long distance plan we would drop this land line in a flash. Oh well we shall over come.

Well that's about it for now so until tomorrow, bye.

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