Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The wind came a knocking

Last night we had what I like to call a howler, a storm with a lot of rain and high winds that just howl. This morning when I finally crawled out and had a look around I found it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were a few small trees down in the bush but aside from that all was good.

After lunch my wife and I went into town for a few things. The first stop was at a place called M&M's. Every Tuesday it's seniors day where, if you are sixty or over, they cut ten percent off the bill. That stop done we headed over to another shop, Country Produce, for some fresh vegetables, fruit and such.

We had just got in the entrance and I was getting some apples when this lady walks in. Outside it was overcast, windy, damp and around eight degrees Celsius. For my old bones it was cold, so in walks a middle aged lady wearing nothing but a tee shirt, shorts and running shoes. Of course my cell phone with it's handy camera was at home, drat. The lady passes by me and a clerk stalking some shelves, she looks at me and smiles. I smiled back and the smile started a fight with my sense of decorum, trying to turn from smile to a laugh. I had to move on and concentrate upon other things. My wife looks at me and I gave her the “did you see that” look and she nodded. Then the laughter started to fight it's way up again so I refocused on the food.

Oh look, a mouse house... damn.
After the shopping was done we made our way back to the barn. On the way home my wife commented that it smelled a little musty in the car. Once we got home I had a snack then went out and had a look at the cabin air filter. Of course one of the little rodents we have outside had made a home. I dragged out the vacuum and cleaned out the nest as best as I could. Once that was done I vacuumed the air filter then put a few drops of peppermint oil on it. Mice hate the smell so hopefully the little bastard rodent will go away. Otherwise I'm going to have to get some traps and...

The official okey dokey
When I went back into the house I checked up on Facebook only to find that my neighbor L had given me the official OK on the lights I had put up. Personally I'm thinking of adding some garland to hide some of the white wiring but... 

As far as things went today wasn't too bad. The mouse house has been taken care of, we have food in the pantry and the Christmas lights are a hit. Yep today was a good day.

Bye for now...

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