Friday, 1 December 2017

Knocking stuff off the Honey-do list...

This morning after I arose from the comatose state I had been in, there was the usual transformation from sleepy head to functioning adult. That done it was time for sustenance and a peek at the honey-do list. On deck for today was a dump run.

I looked outside and much to my surprise I found that the weathertainers had been partially wrong. They were right on the temperature but nothing else. The forecast was for a mild day of around three or four degrees and it was three degrees. Where they screwed the pooch was in prognosticating that it would be a sun/cloud mix. It was overcast and threatening rain. I mentally flipped a coin and decided rain or no the dump run has to be done.

Stuff on a trailer
like this tends to
get a person nailed
for an unsecured
I sorted everything on the trailer and got it all ready. When that was done I hooked the beast up and pulled out. I did make a very quick stop just to make sure the trailer hookup was OK. Not that I'm paranoid or anything but there are RIDE checks out and the last thing I wanted was a cop finding anything and getting a ticket.

Just about to off load. Note how
the load is secured and nice and
all pretty?
The dump was fine. I got lucky after tossing all the trash I went back to the scales to pony up some cash and the guy in the window says “This is your lucky day, the computer's down so your load is a freebie.” Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I thanked the kind guy, made a little small talk then hauled ass before the system could be rebooted. I then got rid of the old BBQ and the other recyclables and headed out. Feeling is such a good mood I stopped on the way home an picked up a couple of butter tarts for my sweetie.
Home again and
everything's squared

Chairs covered, another job done.
After having a bit of lunch I tackled another job that had been bugging me. In the back I have a fire pit with four chairs. The chairs are wood so to protect them I put a tarp over the lot. Well a few days ago there was a little bit of wind and of course the tarp came off and flew away. Well I went an found it in the back forty then reattached it to the chair. Hopefully this time it will stay on a little better.

Well that's it for now. Seeing that it's Friday there will be no post on the weekend. To one and all enjoy the next couple of days. As for me, things to do and people to see. Bye for now.

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