Thursday, 7 December 2017

Don't like the weather, hang on for twenty minutes

This afternoon we were sitting and reading when my lovely wife asks if I wanted to go shopping. I stopped and thought about it for a second and said “sure, lets go.” My wife checked the weather and told me there was a chance we could get a little snowed on but then she added at out Sister-in-law L's place there were getting hammered. We had a little laugh over that then hit the road.Something to file is one should never laugh at the misfortunes of others. The Gods don't like that.

Shopping in a little town is always a pleasant affair and this excursion was no different. We hit several shops and picked up several presents over the course of an hour. There was no real rush since the town businesses had gotten together and covered the cost of parking. As we were finishing up in the last shop I looked outside and thought, oh my. It was snowing those big fat fluffy flakes. I was all set to visit another store when my wife called a halt the the expedition. Her foot wear didn't have a lot of traction and she was afraid of gravity so we hoofed it back to the truck.

Checking out all the
Christmas goodies
Starting to snow
By the time we got back to the SUV visibility was not so good. While I trust my wife to the ends of the earth I asked her for the truck keys, if I was to die it would be at my own hand. The drive home was a longer and more interesting than it normally is but we arrived in good spirits having cheated the jaws of death yet again.

Once at home I put the fireplace on and heated water for tea. Looking out at the big fat fluffy flakes of snow falling down I smiled, feeling good about knowing we had nowhere we needed to go and were warm and snug as a bug in a rug. 

Five minutes later
at the truck
On the way home

At home and its just starting
while in town they're
getting hammered

Twenty minutes later

A squirrel looking around
thinking "What the heck?"

All this was another example how in late fall/winter the saying  "Don't like the weather, hang on for twenty minutes." is so very true. Well that's it for me, I shall see you on the morrow, bye for now.

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