Monday, 4 December 2017

Another thing out of the way...

The weekend has come and gone and as weekends go it was a good one. Saturday found my wife and I at a birthday party. It was the fourth anniversary of the birth of our niece. We all met at a place called Uncle Bob's Country Buffet, an all you can eat sort of deal. Of course I over did it with the food and almost had to be rolled out but that's OK, a good time was had. One thing I will say is with age comes issues. While we were at the Hog's Trough and Grill Uncle Bob's Country Buffet I could not here conversations very well. I hope I managed to not offend anybody by ignoring them.

Our neighbor L dropped by on Saturday to return some stuff. Of course she asked about the Christmas lights that I had not put up. Being the master of procrastination I told her that the time just wasn't right and I'd do it tomorrow. Tomorrow (Sunday) came and it was the perfect day (overcast, cold and threatening rain) to put outside work off so that's just what I did. This morning I crawled out and after the morning rituals had some breakfast. Of course the sun was out (dammit) so I figured today was going to be the day. I put it off for as long as I could but after lunch I went to work.

The Christmas pile

I didn't get too crazy with the lights and I didn't put out any wreaths this year. I figured I'd go for the understated elegant look. After I hung and tested the lights and the balls I looked at the house. Meh, I'm sure it will look better at night.

It will look fine in the dark
When I came inside I asked my wife if she wanted me to haul the Christmas tree up from storage. My wife, who is also a master at procrastination, told me we would put up the tree on Saturday. Hey that worked for me.

Well that's about all from me for now. Until tomorrow bye-bye...

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