Tuesday, 12 December 2017

It may not be winter by the calendar but the snow on the ground outside says otherwise

It will be a short entry today because not a lot happened. For once in their little lives the weathertainers called it on the amount of snow we got last night and into early this morning. In the driveway was around ten or twelve centimeters of the white stuff. Once again there is a snow squall watch and a “special weather statement” posted for my area. Nothing like putting a little drama into the weather forecast.

After I finished dealing with Mother Nature's little white gift, including carving a path from the driveway to my workshop, I took a look at the oil in the snow blower. The oil looked a little skanky so I shrugged my shoulders, asked my lovely wife to fetch some tools and a container to put the used oil in, then I changed the oil. A little note about this simple procedure, I own a Toro and to do this simple task was so easy verses my old snow blower. With the old machine it was a half hour and messy, with the Toro it was five minutes, no muss no fuss all done. I do so love that machine, it was one of the best decisions I ever made when I bought it.

Once I finished with the snow blower something came over me, I shoveled the side deck and the back stairs. The reason was that in the event of an emergency the thought of wading through knee deep snow in a bathrobe isn't part of my game plan. I figured if I was going to have “the big one” this would be it but by the time I finished shoveling there was no chest pain at all. Now I'm back in the warm relaxing. All i will say is it may not be winter as per the calendar but the thirty or so centimeters on the ground outside says otherwise.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Winter has arrived

The beginning
All done
Every day since Thursday we've been getting snowed upon. As of this morning there was around fifteen or twenty centimeters down. Add to what we already have is the impending mayhem of an Alberta Clipper which is due to hit us tonight and it looks like winter has arrived. 

Since the weathertainers were calling for between ten to fifteen centimeters I figured it was time to get ahead of the accumulation. This morning I flashed up the snow blower and cleared the driveway. I figured it was the smart to do because if, God forbid, the weathertainers are right it could  become an issue getting the driveway cleaned up. 

Tree up and ready
to be assembled
This past weekend was one of cocooning. The pantry was fine, the house was warm and the power stayed on so there was no reason to go out. Yes I know that there are still gifts to be bought but the only way I would venture out to shop on a weekend is if I had a big club and the authorities frown upon people beating idiots senseless.
A work in progress

On Saturday I did drag the Christmas tree from the dark recesses of the basement where it has sat boxed up waiting... One thing I do know is the tree seems to be acquiring more mass as the years go by. Dragging that behemoth upstairs took a fair bit out of this old fellow. One of the nice things about decorating is the shared workload. I generally take care of the outside decorations while, aside from dragging up the tree and the boxes of ornaments, doing the tree is my wife's task. While it's not finished the tree is coming along nicely.

As for me I'm planning on taking the rest of the day and, while sipping hot tea, I shall be watching my lovely wife fuss with the tree. Should she need some help, I shall provide any and all assistance as required.

🎵 Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. So as long as we have no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...🎵

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Don't like the weather, hang on for twenty minutes

This afternoon we were sitting and reading when my lovely wife asks if I wanted to go shopping. I stopped and thought about it for a second and said “sure, lets go.” My wife checked the weather and told me there was a chance we could get a little snowed on but then she added at out Sister-in-law L's place there were getting hammered. We had a little laugh over that then hit the road.Something to file is one should never laugh at the misfortunes of others. The Gods don't like that.

Shopping in a little town is always a pleasant affair and this excursion was no different. We hit several shops and picked up several presents over the course of an hour. There was no real rush since the town businesses had gotten together and covered the cost of parking. As we were finishing up in the last shop I looked outside and thought, oh my. It was snowing those big fat fluffy flakes. I was all set to visit another store when my wife called a halt the the expedition. Her foot wear didn't have a lot of traction and she was afraid of gravity so we hoofed it back to the truck.

Checking out all the
Christmas goodies
Starting to snow
By the time we got back to the SUV visibility was not so good. While I trust my wife to the ends of the earth I asked her for the truck keys, if I was to die it would be at my own hand. The drive home was a longer and more interesting than it normally is but we arrived in good spirits having cheated the jaws of death yet again.

Once at home I put the fireplace on and heated water for tea. Looking out at the big fat fluffy flakes of snow falling down I smiled, feeling good about knowing we had nowhere we needed to go and were warm and snug as a bug in a rug. 

Five minutes later
at the truck
On the way home

At home and its just starting
while in town they're
getting hammered

Twenty minutes later

A squirrel looking around
thinking "What the heck?"

All this was another example how in late fall/winter the saying  "Don't like the weather, hang on for twenty minutes." is so very true. Well that's it for me, I shall see you on the morrow, bye for now.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

When the lights go on again all over the world...

At around eight forty last night my world rolled back to the stone age because the power cut out. Well not exactly the stone age since the peoples of that time didn't have battery powered lighting or a personal confuser like the one I'm pounding away on. It was something I should have been looking out for since it was really windy out but it was just as windy last night and all was well then and we haven't had the power go down for a while.

It's really more of an inconvenience than anything. I was typing away with no way of uploading this entry to my blog but that was OK, it gave me something to do. The power did came back on around a quarter to eleven and I uploaded this blog entry this morning. We got lucky, it never went to a worst case. We had a light with LEDs powered by a battery pack that lasted until the power was restored. The worst case would have been going out and bringing the generator from the workshop to run things. As for communication we have backups for the wireless phone in the guise of an old push button model and should that fail there are our cell phones. It turned out we did need the cellphones because the land line died.

All snug with the fire providing heat and the battery
powering the light, all is good.
The evening was quiet, too quiet. We sat and my wife played her game on the cell phone while I played solitaire on the personal confuser. After an hour my wife called hydro on her cell and the robot voice told here the expected time for the power to be back on was one in the morning on the sixth of December. She told me this and I did a double take before remembering it was the evening of the fifth.

Not to worry the power did come back on before the estimated time. I'm happy that it did because otherwise I was going to have some lugging to do. One of the things we have are two large water containers because when there is no power we have no water. Without water we cannot flush the commode more than once so after a while things tend to get a little stinky. One of the water containers has five gallons in it for drinking and cooking the other is a seven gallon container that I also have a pump for. I have a pee or a poo then flush and pump the water container to refill the water reservoir. I figure with this system we are good for a day or two. Even though it's December I wasn't afraid of the cold we have a gas fire place to bring the temp up to normal.

Thank goodness for computers
Last night my wife had wanted to phone Hydro but our land line was dead. I took a look at the Bell Canada web page and they had a list of things they wanted a person to trouble shoot before calling. Not being in the mood at the time I told my wife it was a morning wide awake job. Well this morning I was up and at 'em around nine. When I was ready I went throught the list to make sure it wasn't an issue with my gear. That done I looked up the contact number and called Ma Bell. After a delightful five minutes pushing numbers on my cell I finally got a service appointment for tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. On the plus side there was no human interaction so that was good. If it were not for the long distance plan we would drop this land line in a flash. Oh well we shall over come.

Well that's about it for now so until tomorrow, bye.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The wind came a knocking

Last night we had what I like to call a howler, a storm with a lot of rain and high winds that just howl. This morning when I finally crawled out and had a look around I found it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were a few small trees down in the bush but aside from that all was good.

After lunch my wife and I went into town for a few things. The first stop was at a place called M&M's. Every Tuesday it's seniors day where, if you are sixty or over, they cut ten percent off the bill. That stop done we headed over to another shop, Country Produce, for some fresh vegetables, fruit and such.

We had just got in the entrance and I was getting some apples when this lady walks in. Outside it was overcast, windy, damp and around eight degrees Celsius. For my old bones it was cold, so in walks a middle aged lady wearing nothing but a tee shirt, shorts and running shoes. Of course my cell phone with it's handy camera was at home, drat. The lady passes by me and a clerk stalking some shelves, she looks at me and smiles. I smiled back and the smile started a fight with my sense of decorum, trying to turn from smile to a laugh. I had to move on and concentrate upon other things. My wife looks at me and I gave her the “did you see that” look and she nodded. Then the laughter started to fight it's way up again so I refocused on the food.

Oh look, a mouse house... damn.
After the shopping was done we made our way back to the barn. On the way home my wife commented that it smelled a little musty in the car. Once we got home I had a snack then went out and had a look at the cabin air filter. Of course one of the little rodents we have outside had made a home. I dragged out the vacuum and cleaned out the nest as best as I could. Once that was done I vacuumed the air filter then put a few drops of peppermint oil on it. Mice hate the smell so hopefully the little bastard rodent will go away. Otherwise I'm going to have to get some traps and...

The official okey dokey
When I went back into the house I checked up on Facebook only to find that my neighbor L had given me the official OK on the lights I had put up. Personally I'm thinking of adding some garland to hide some of the white wiring but... 

As far as things went today wasn't too bad. The mouse house has been taken care of, we have food in the pantry and the Christmas lights are a hit. Yep today was a good day.

Bye for now...

Monday, 4 December 2017

Another thing out of the way...

The weekend has come and gone and as weekends go it was a good one. Saturday found my wife and I at a birthday party. It was the fourth anniversary of the birth of our niece. We all met at a place called Uncle Bob's Country Buffet, an all you can eat sort of deal. Of course I over did it with the food and almost had to be rolled out but that's OK, a good time was had. One thing I will say is with age comes issues. While we were at the Hog's Trough and Grill Uncle Bob's Country Buffet I could not here conversations very well. I hope I managed to not offend anybody by ignoring them.

Our neighbor L dropped by on Saturday to return some stuff. Of course she asked about the Christmas lights that I had not put up. Being the master of procrastination I told her that the time just wasn't right and I'd do it tomorrow. Tomorrow (Sunday) came and it was the perfect day (overcast, cold and threatening rain) to put outside work off so that's just what I did. This morning I crawled out and after the morning rituals had some breakfast. Of course the sun was out (dammit) so I figured today was going to be the day. I put it off for as long as I could but after lunch I went to work.

The Christmas pile

I didn't get too crazy with the lights and I didn't put out any wreaths this year. I figured I'd go for the understated elegant look. After I hung and tested the lights and the balls I looked at the house. Meh, I'm sure it will look better at night.

It will look fine in the dark
When I came inside I asked my wife if she wanted me to haul the Christmas tree up from storage. My wife, who is also a master at procrastination, told me we would put up the tree on Saturday. Hey that worked for me.

Well that's about all from me for now. Until tomorrow bye-bye...

Friday, 1 December 2017

Knocking stuff off the Honey-do list...

This morning after I arose from the comatose state I had been in, there was the usual transformation from sleepy head to functioning adult. That done it was time for sustenance and a peek at the honey-do list. On deck for today was a dump run.

I looked outside and much to my surprise I found that the weathertainers had been partially wrong. They were right on the temperature but nothing else. The forecast was for a mild day of around three or four degrees and it was three degrees. Where they screwed the pooch was in prognosticating that it would be a sun/cloud mix. It was overcast and threatening rain. I mentally flipped a coin and decided rain or no the dump run has to be done.

Stuff on a trailer
like this tends to
get a person nailed
for an unsecured
I sorted everything on the trailer and got it all ready. When that was done I hooked the beast up and pulled out. I did make a very quick stop just to make sure the trailer hookup was OK. Not that I'm paranoid or anything but there are RIDE checks out and the last thing I wanted was a cop finding anything and getting a ticket.

Just about to off load. Note how
the load is secured and nice and
all pretty?
The dump was fine. I got lucky after tossing all the trash I went back to the scales to pony up some cash and the guy in the window says “This is your lucky day, the computer's down so your load is a freebie.” Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I thanked the kind guy, made a little small talk then hauled ass before the system could be rebooted. I then got rid of the old BBQ and the other recyclables and headed out. Feeling is such a good mood I stopped on the way home an picked up a couple of butter tarts for my sweetie.
Home again and
everything's squared

Chairs covered, another job done.
After having a bit of lunch I tackled another job that had been bugging me. In the back I have a fire pit with four chairs. The chairs are wood so to protect them I put a tarp over the lot. Well a few days ago there was a little bit of wind and of course the tarp came off and flew away. Well I went an found it in the back forty then reattached it to the chair. Hopefully this time it will stay on a little better.

Well that's it for now. Seeing that it's Friday there will be no post on the weekend. To one and all enjoy the next couple of days. As for me, things to do and people to see. Bye for now.

It may not be winter by the calendar but the snow on the ground outside says otherwise

It will be a short entry today because not a lot happened. For once in their little lives the weathertainers called it on the amount of s...