Wednesday, 1 November 2017


The little city of Werl was the town where my lovely wife was born and spent her childhood. To say there was a connection is putting it mildly. Werl is a place with some of the fondest memories that my wife and, since I started to visit, I have. Visiting Werl is for us all about family and friends.

Werl the Canadians
have arrived
We got to F&M's place with no problems and after getting settled went out for dinner. There we were in the heart of Germany with two wonderful German hosts so of course we went out for Italian food. Dinner was good and the conversation was great. When we got back to our new home it was late and after a long day it was time for bed.

Fixing the plumbing emergency
The first full day in Werl started as it normally does, with a shower. Since the upstairs bathroom was under the care of a plumber I tried the shower in the basement. That shower was an eye opening experience because the hot water wasn't working. I didn't want to bother F with this so I grinned and bared it. Later when I did tell F about the shower issue he asked why I hadn't told him so I asked him why he hadn't heard the screams. In the end it was OK the plumber fixed the upstairs bathroom issue so I was able to use it. One little thing I've got to add, I later learned the issue in the upstairs washroom was the toilet not the shower so I could have showered upstairs after all. 

The only beer
to drink in Werl
Tanta and the
latest edition
to the family,
After a huge German breakfast we were sitting on the deck enjoying the warm fall sun when people started to trickle in. I got to meet the newest member of the family and that afternoon Tante came by. Let me take a second and let you know about Tante, she is my wife's aunt (Tante is German for aunt). Tante is a wonderful lady who has a heck of a zest for life. Her drink of choice isn't beer it's champagne and one thing I will also add is that this little lady can drink my fat butt under the table. That evening F&M invited the family over for a BBQ. All I will say about this gathering is three words, what a party.

During the evening events F got it into his head that on Saturday we would be going to the local October Fest and I would be wearing lederhosen or at the very least this beer mug styled hat:

The hat
F wearing "the hat"
Well as you can see from the stylishness of the hat I declined. Of course this was a recurring theme during the week we stayed with them until Saturday when we were rescued, but more on that later.

That's about enough for now, more on the morrow.

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