Thursday, 2 November 2017

Tractors on the main roads?

Tuesday we were up to a warm sunny day. After having a steaming hot shower (it's the little things, you know) and getting ready for the world we sat down to another huge breakfast. Today's adventure was a visit to the booming metropolis of Werl. Don't misunderstand me we were already in Werl but were on the outskirts.

Before we took of for the downtown F&M took us for a walk around the area, just to stretch our legs. While on the prowl we came across the site where F&M's son S was building a new home. The construction was to begin in a day or so so we were committed to return. We returned to the house and bid adieu to M.

One of the lovely things motorists have to deal with
With F at the helm we were off heading for Werl's core. Traffic was the usual for a city like Werl there were the transport trucks and my favorite, the farm tractors. The tractor issue came from a time when the farms were in town and under protection while the fields were outside. The weird thing is the tractors don't really slow down traffic. Just like all the other vehicles in Germany they tend to go at speeds much higher than at home. 
You are here
Rustika, just like back home
Once safely parked we went of to spook and gawk at the shops. The shopping is something I love about Germany. Every town and city has a part designated for shopping with a town square.

The best thing about it is no vehicles, yes you read that right each of these sections is vehicle free. All deliveries have to be done early before the shops open. This rule even applies to bicycles, in Werl I've seen kids get tickets for whizzing in and out of the shoppers.

After having our legs walked off we headed for the barn as it were. When we got back to F&M's place we were able to relax for a bit then it was off to see where F&M's son D and his girlfriend M were living. It turns out they are on her parent's farm, a rambling estate in the country. To say I was impressed was an understatement, the place was simply cool.

Normal people have per dogs or cats
Light afternoon dinner
The buildings were hundreds of years old but in perfect condition and it was a working farm to boot. At first blush one could mistake the interior of M's parent's place for a museum what with the low ceilings, exposed rustic post and beams and antique decor. As for me all I will say is, what an amazing place.

After a light supper we went back to F&P's place, watched soccer and had some beer. Once again I was again regaled about how much fun I was going to have at the October Fest wearing lederhosen.

So ends another day...
More of this on the morrow, bye for now.

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