Friday, 10 November 2017

The booming metropolis of Ginseldorf

The first day or so at L&J's place was nice and restive, a time to recharge the batteries as it were. Don't get me wrong, the other places we stayed at were great with a lot of fun adventures being had however now it was a time to slow down a bit. One of the first things that came to mind after when we got there was the noise, or lack there of. L&J's home was in a quiet little one shop village where, on a busy day, there might be as many as three or four cars moving on their street. Their place was on the end of a street at the edge of town bordering on farm fields. It was very nice to be there.

The first day when we got there L made an amazing meal and of course I had to throw a wrench into the works because I'm a... Well I'm sure there are children who read this so I will not go into great detail as to what a horses ass I was. I made mention that I'm not fond of crustaceans AKA shrimp. I've just never found the taste and texture palatable. I could have eaten around the crustaceans but our host L went and brewed up a different sauce just for me. While I did feel bad about it I also enjoyed the meal, it was delicious.

Our first full day at L&J's found us not doing very much. I considered it a rest and recharge day. In the middle of the afternoon J announced that he was off to get some pastries for an afternoon snack and asked if I wanted to join him. Did somebody say pastries? Up, shoes on and out; in a flash we were in J's car outbound.

So J says "Pick something", sure... decisions, decisions...
Time's up J steps up and does the picking. Have to say
his choices were excellent.
One of the things I miss when I return home is the assortment of bakeries there are in Germany. The first thing that hit me when we entered the bakery was the visual of all the cakes, pies and other goodies. J asked me if I had any preferences and, for one of the few times during the trip, I was tongue tied and couldn't answer. J smiled then turned and made his order. 

When we got home, over coffee we four polished off the goodies in nothing flat. It was just good manners that prevented me from licking the plate.

That evening L&J took us out to one of their favorite haunts, a little Italian restaurant where we had been before. The meal didn't disappoint and the only issue I had was there was too much food. I figured if I ate like this on a regular basis I'd be the size of a Buick. I had to be all but rolled out the door and when we got back to L&J's place while the others chatted I fought to stay awake and ended up going to bed early. 

Dining with L&J is always an... interesting event.
The biggest issue is trying not to laugh while eating.
Well that's the end of another episode of my life. No blog tomorrow, I will be back on Monday with another installment. Have a good weekend.

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