Thursday, 30 November 2017

One thing at a time

I actually managed to, brace yourself, get a task done. The old BBQ has been disassembled and taken to the trailer. On the agenda for tomorrow is a dump run where I shall divest myself of the old BBQ and an assortment of trash and recyclables.

The beginning of the end
Next stop the dump
Even unto the end that old BBQ was a pain in the butt. Too big and heavy to simply mule to the trailer I had to drag out the tools and strip it down to manageable chunks. Taking the BBQ apart was a real eye opener for me. The burners were all rotten, the manifold was all but toast, there was a burn through at the front of the box where the control manifold was, oh and there was a mouse nest. Damn. Looking at the state the old BBQ was in, I have no idea why it never blew up. Well no matter, it's in the back of the trailer now so all is good.

Today it's overcast and rainy so I will be working in the basement. I've managed to let it get into a crap pit. I don't like it so it will give me something to do. Tomorrow I'm going to toss a rule out the window and try to get two thing done. First and foremost is the dump run. I want my trailer back so I've got to get ride of the stuff that's in it. That should put paid to the morning. Then in the afternoon I'm going to wrestle with the Christmas lights, sigh. I have to make sure they work and get them ready for the install which I'm planning on doing Saturday. The weathertainers have sad it will be a good weekend and after the the thermometer will drop into the substrata.

My rule has been to do one task at a time. I figure I'm not on the clock, I'm retired. The tasks will get done but done on my time. Besides my life is rather ho hum with nothing really exciting going one so why push things? One task at a time done well and move one or as I have been told: slow is smooth and smooth is fast. As a retired person I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.

That's enough for me today. Until tomorrow, so long from up here is the great wet north.

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