Monday, 6 November 2017

Off to Dortmund

When last we saw our intrepid explorers...

Thursday dawned bright and sunny with the temps climbing. On the agenda today was a trip into the city of Dortmund the home of a soccer team known as BVB. I have to be careful here about what I write when I talk about the BVB soccer. Suffice to say this year they've played like crap hasn't been one of BVB's best but next year looks a lot better. Our hosts F&M plus their kids and their families are soccer fans and BVB fan(atics)

But I digress...

We were off to Dortmund for a look see and a little shopping. Today's trip only saw the four of us going. The trip there wasn't too long even considering the slow speeds F was driving on the autobahn. His speed would have fit nicely with the average speeds driven here in Ontario. One thing I did notice was a lot of cars were being driven slower these days the simple reason was the cost of fuel, at around one point three Euros per liter for the cheapest stuff from the pump it soon added up.

Dortmund was a nice city with, yet again, a big swath of downtown being set aside as a pedestrian mall. The shopping variety was outstanding with none of the major retailers in evidence, just small to medium sized shops. Mind you at one point we did enter a mall maze where the big boys were selling stuff. The object was to find the food court and grab a bite. I wasn't that hungry so I picked up a plate of pommes frites with mayonnaise. It was a good walk with plenty of spooking and gawking involved but once again M was the only one with shopping bags.

After parking we entered the shopping area
It's nice to wander and
not have to dodge cars
The escalators at the
mall looked like
something by Escher
Well there's always
one but the owner
had a reason,
they're renovating

All shopped out we headed for the barn as it were. When we got back to F&M's place there was a light meal and we ended the day with some soccer on TV and a few beers.

Our host F beer in hand after
another long day
Well that's it for now so until tomorrow when I write about our day in Soest, TTFN*

* Ta Ta For Now

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