Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Learning to get a kick out of soccer

It was Friday and after a nice hot shower and a big breakfast our host F described what was in store for us. Today we were going to take a sightseeing trip into the city of Soest then after dinner we were going to watch F&M's two boys S&D play soccer. With the last dregs of coffee consumed we saddled up and headed out.

The first thing we did was pay a visit to where F&M's son S was building his first house. Looking at the goings on brought back memories of when my wife and I built our log home. With the “home inspection” done we dropped M off at the house (things to do, places to go) and proceeded to Soest.

Top of the town wall
Bottom of the wall
What a nice little city Soest is. When we got there F went through the "find a parking spot" game and then we headed off to explore. The first place we strode along was the city wall. This wall is around a thousand or so years old and for it's age is in good shape. These days it's part of a walking trail for residents. After the wall we moseyed over to the town square and from there into the pedestrian shopping area. 

The town square

The shops were varied and the window shopping was nice but we were saving our selves for the next part of the magical mystery tour, Marburg. While strolling along we entered one of the many churches, St Patrolki. As luck would have it there was a rehearsal going on. The organ players were belting out some seriously good music, add in the acoustics of the church and it was pretty cool. After filling our ears for a while we wandered out and after a short stroll entered another church, St. Maria zur Wiese, a wonderful old Gothic place.

Practice makes perfect

German Gothic at it's best

All churched out we started back to the SUV. Of course it started to rain so we deked into the foyer of a shop being renovated. When the deluge subsided enough we went to a little restaurant and waited the rain out sipping hot coffee. The rain ended and we were off for home.

After supper we headed over to the soccer field to watch the “kids” play. These kids were all adult males with a passion for their sport. The team that S&D were on (the good guys) was ranked twelfth while the other team (the bad guys) was ranked third. When we got there the game had already started and started to watch. For a while I thought the bad guys were going to maul the good guys but I shouldn't have worried, the luck of the Canadians (us) rubbed off on the good guys. Not only had S scored before we got there, a few minutes after we arrived one of the bad guy players scored on his own team to the cheers of the good guy's supporters. In the end it was a good game with the good guys beating the bad guys as it should. 

S as No.9 AKA the Flash
After the game we had a couple of beers in the little bar that was at the field. While chatting with some of the players about the game there were a few shots of schnapps added to the fun. Yes it was a very pleasant way to spend an evening. As I laughed and sipped on my beer I couldn't help but think about the way games like this go on back in Canada. After seeing my Sister-in-law play baseball we would go out for drinks or head home depending upon the outcome. In Germany there was a serious food stand at the field along with a bar for after game celebrations or mourning. Heaven forbid that back home we be treated like adults.
Post game having a few beers like adults

Rant mode off, sorry.

Anyway that's about all for now so until the morrow I bid you adeiu.

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