Friday, 3 November 2017

Grey way to start the day

The world shrouded in mist
Wednesday the dawn was shrouded in a mist of fog. We were up around eight to a world of grey, it was a traveling day and we were leaving the country. We were leaving the country not to engage in anything nefarious, we weren't heading home, no, we were going shopping in Holland. It was the equivalent of being in Toronto and going to Buffalo New York for the day without any of the border hassles.

Winterswijk Holland was the destination and the merry band for the trip were our hosts F&M, my wife and I plus M's sister and her husband. Arrangements had been made the night before with F&M's son D to swap their SUV for D's van that would seat us all. By nine thirty we were loaded up and on the road.

Screaming along destination
The trip in the van was comfortable and the border crossing was only marked by a simple sign saying welcome to Holland. We didn't even have to slow down and I didn't even know we had left Germany until I noticed a change in the street signs. Sadly this simple border crossing is something I suspect I'll never see between Canada and the not so United States.

We arrived in Winterswijk with little fanfare and after finding a parking spot we hit the shops. I could say that my wife and I went nuts and bought everything in site but in reality we were content with just looking. The variety of shops and the quality of merchandise was very good. The people we spoke with were nice and helpful but it was only M and her sister who left with any shopping bags. 

Can't visit Holland without visiting a cheese shop

Shopping area and of course no cars

Another shop, this one was for spirits and wine.
This entire wall was dedicated to various whiskys

Around mid afternoon we pulled out of that little town, some lighter in the contents of their wallets than others. On the way back we stopped at a sporting goods store that was a multi level cross between Bass Pro (minus the guns) and IKEA. We grabbed some food in their restaurant then had a look around. I looked at the camping trailers they had on display and came away with the feeling that back home we were getting hosed. Even with the exchange rate and tax thrown in a comparable trailer is around twenty percent more expensive back in Canada. 

Our ride with chauffeur

Speaking of home, we got back to F&M's place with no issues. This time when we crossed the Holland/Germany border it was pointed out to me. After a light dinner we did what is a normal evening at the F&M residence, we sat around and watched soccer.

More to come on Monday, I'm taking the weekend off so sue me. Bye for now.

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