Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Twitter hiatus

Up until recently I was a Twitter, hummm... what's the word? Twit? Ya that sounds about right. On a regular day of tweeting I'd get into several battles with people who just wanted to pick a fight over any little thing. Now I will admit that I wasn't an angel, there were times when I was bored and I would post something to draw people into heated discussion but I didn't do it that often.

Over the past few weeks I'd been dumping news and political feeds until all I had were a few hobby feeds (aircraft, firearms, comedy) and several of the news outlets. One of those news feeds was a local TV outlet and they had pasted a story about a recent teachers strike. Being the silly guy I am I made what I thought was a middle of the road comment about how all sides would have been better off with a German style of union/management. Of course I was jumped and not just jumped on, it was a rude nasty vulgar attack so I logged of twitter for the day.

While perusing the posted links over at Living freedom, a blog hosted and authored by a writer named Claire Wolfe, I came across a link to another blog called Simple Justice, A Criminal Defense Blog. The post was about Twitter and the twits that post on it. The author talked about how he was taking a “a twitter hiatus” and why.

His points hit home with me and after a good long think last night I deleted my twitter account. I just got tired, tired of the wingnuts and nut-jobs that just want to pick fights. I'm tired of the “geniuses” who must correct anyone on Twitter who they feel is wrong. I'm tired of the ones who argue from a position of ignorance. I understand these are the flotsam and jetsam of Twitter, always present and always a pinprick in the enjoyment of the medium, but I'm tired of them. Life's way to short to get worked up by a person who wasn't over burdened with education, a person who uses the F bomb as punctuation, a person who is an idiot.

So now I'm left with only one interactive bit of social media, Facebook. I plan to stay on Facebook until such time that the posts start to bug me like those of Twitter did. Once I get to BS saturation I'll dump FB like a hot rock the way I did last time. But this time' different I'm deliberately avoiding political entanglements and keeping it simple. So far this strategy seems to be working, only time will tell. 

Well that's it for me. Until tomorrow Bye-bye.

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