Friday, 27 October 2017

Home, home again

Well I'm back home now. As you can see my attempt to blog from away was a dismal failure but I half expected that. The trip was a good one with new sights seen, new foods tasted and old friends laughed and partied with.

Over the next few days I'm going to chronicle what happened in Europe with some of the photos I took and a lot of photos were taken. Today's episode we will call Iceland.

Glad I brought the ear buds.
Our trip started with a stop over of a few days on the island of Iceland. The flight on Icelandair was much better than I expected. The aircraft used was a 757 with the convenience of an in flight entertainment section including WiFi. This was one of those times where I was glad I had done some reading. One of the items I had brought along was a set of ear buds. This gave me the means to enjoy the in flight entertainment. Had I forgot to bring them there were earphones for sale only costing an arm and a leg.

When we got to the hotel in Reykjavík we were met with silence. Outside we stood looking at a locked door to a dark lobby wondering what to do. A few rings of the doorbell and out shuffled a little Spanish guy, AKA the night clerk. After being checked in and given a brief about how things worked we were shown to another building where our room was. There I was standing in the lobby of the building we were going to stay in looking at stairs to the third floor and no elivator. Oh, one thing I had forgotten to mention, I had blown out my back just before the trip. Oh well we shall soldier on I guess.

The breakfast of champions.
After little sleep due to "strange bed syndrome" We were up and at 'em eager to explore. I put a heating pad on my back to try and ease the pain and we were out bound. 

Breakfast was a simple affair of cappuccinos and croissants. Then it was off the find the hop in, hop off bus we booked for some sightseeing. 

My wife didn't
bight so I had to
trudge along, soar
back and all.
During our time in Reykjavík we stayed in the city which, when we looked looking back upon this choice, was a mistake. The problem was our time there was really short so we made the best of it in the city. 

Iceland has a very rich and
fascinating history.
The sights were cool the people we met were really friendly with a great sense of humor. One thing that floored me was not that they could but how well the Icelanders spoke English. In the few instances I saw where this was a minor problem other people jumped in to help. 

All to soon it was time to hit the road for the next leg of the trip. There we were standing outside the hotel at oh dark hundred.

Our exit from Reykjavík was a rather spooky affair
Well so much for the start of our trip. I will post again upon the morrow about our adventures in France. Until then bye for now. 

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