Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Another traveling day AKA on the road again

Waiting for the train to Berlin
Today was Saturday, a traveling day and we were off to take the ICE train from Berlin to Hannover. We were up early and packed after another hearty breakfast we went with D and the kids to the train stop. The ride in was uneventful and suddenly there we were on a train platform with D and the kids saying our goodbyes with lots of hugs and kisses. 

The ICE train pulled in and we climbed aboard. It took a bit but we found our seats and got settled in. A final wave at D and the kids as the train pulled out and we were on our way. The train hadn't been moving for a minute when a guy walked by stopped and looked out at the moving countryside. That's when he cursed in German and stormed off. My wife told me that his issue was he had put his grandmother aboard and after getting her seated was about to get off when the train pulled out.

Look at the speed on the lower
left corner of the screen, yes
that's 249 KPH
The ICE train is cool and with the exception of aircraft it was the fastest mode of travel we had undertaken on the trip. The train speeds for the trip hovered around two hundred and fifty KPH. While seated we struck up a conversation with two women who were seated facing us. It turned out that I had mistakenly taken one of their seats but they were OK with it since they had taken one of our seats.

Sooner than I expected the train was pulling into Hannover and we were up, bags in hand heading for the exit. A short time later we found our new hosts M&U and were headed for their car. The original game plan was to stop off at an artificial lake named Maschsee. Of course there was a major soccer game that evening so it was impossible to find a parking spot. Going with plan B we struck out for M&U's place.

Catching up
M&U have a very nice home in a tiny village that's part of Hannover, think suburbia but nicer. We only had the one night stay with M&U so we tried to get as much living in as we could. It all started with dragging out photo albums and reminiscing then we were out in their garden sipping our drinks and relaxing.

Around sunset we went in for dinner which was a lovely goulash with several glasses of red wine. After dinner the conversations kept up and M, who likes whisky as much as I do, offered me a wee dram. One thing I should mention is that these days I'm a cheap drunk. One of the medications I take makes the alcohol go right to my head. Anyway... After a beer, a couple of glasses of red wine and two or three glasses of scotch I was God's own drunk.

Back yard chickens for the eggs
The next morning we were up packed and sitting at the breakfast table by nine thirty. Once again breakfast was buns, cold cuts, cheese and that wonderful strong German coffee. After breakfast we went for a walk, there was an election and M&U wanted to cast their ballots. One thing I noticed while walking through the village was how many homes had livestock in their back yards. It's only now that this practice is coming into vogue back home.

The original plan was for our next host (F&M) to drive over to M&U's place and pick us up. Just after eating we were sitting around jawing when the phone rang. Over at F&M's place there was a plumbing emergency so the time table was now out the window. Several phone calls later it was decided that M would take us in his car to the half way point and we would meet there for a hand off. This would save F&M around an hour and a half driving.  

On the Autobahn with F at the helm
Off we went and before we knew it we were at a truck stop exchanging hugs with F&M. After the obligatory cup of strong black coffee we said our goodbyes and were in the back of F&M's SUV. We arrived at their place on the outskirts of a town named Werl a couple of hour later and proceeded to get settled in.

Well that's it for this episode, stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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