Monday, 21 August 2017

The car of my dreams

This past weekend after I had put the blog out on Saturday I did manage to get into town for the antique car show. While I would love to post photos of cars that I looked at my cell phone stayed on the couch when I left home.

When I got there the streets were crowded and parking was a bit hard to fine. I had to peruse two lots before finding a spot to leave the truck. It was worth it, some of the vehicles that were on display were just way too cool. The ones that come to mind were a vintage nineteen fifties Willies Jeep in olive drab complete with a mounted Bren Gun. The Willies Jeep is the car of my dreams. I spoke with the owner but couldn't stay to long with him. The jeep is up for sale and all I had to do was wright a cheque for fifteen grand. Damn...

As I strolled along I came upon a seventies vintage Gremlin X that reminded me of the car a friend had when I was working at Ontario Place. Then there was a fully restored AMC Eagle 4WD like my brother W once drove. 

One set of wheels that made me laugh was a mint baby blue Plymouth Satellite. It reminded me of a long lost friend. On night him and I took the Satellite into Barrie Ontario and ended up in a high speed chase after mooning some cops in a McDonald's parking lot, and yes alcohol was involved.

One bad thing about the day was the weather. It rained on and off all afternoon which put a damper on looking at the cars. It was almost a case of “if you don't like the weather, wait twenty minutes.” After walking around for an hour I decided to head for the barn. After making a pit stop to pick up some veggies for dinner I arrived home. Our friend S had dropped in and my wife had asked her to stay for supper. With a little help from my wife I put on a scrumptious dinner and we sat around a caught up on things.

Sunday we decided turn around was fair play so we dropped in on S at her place. The original game plan was to go swimming but we started talking about gardens, tRump and other things. Before we knew it the time had come for us to depart.

Today the highlight was reading the comments on twitter about the eclipse. As for me it became a little more twilight-ish but that could have been clouds. I did venture out but that was to work on the SKS not gaze into the heavens. 

All I had to do was look up but I like my eyesight...
Well that's about it for now. Tomorrow is another day so until then, bye-bye.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

After action report

Good morning and welcome to the weekend. Today is Saturday and with the first half of the weekend comes the obligatory overcast with a good chance of rain. 

Yesterday we went in to see Doctor K and for the most part he was happy with the results of the latest round of tests. My lovely with has to do some minor tweaking but aside from that all is good. 
Something I don't miss, the North bound Friday night
traffic to cottage country, the place where I live. 
Yesterday I wrote that we were going out to dinner which was strictly not the case. We had an invite to a fortieth birthday party and I didn't want to incur the wrath of my Bro-in-Law as it was for his lovely wife.  

The center piece
My wife and I caught up with some dear old friends that we don't see enough of. When the birthday girl arrived she was mildly surprised. The entry was one of those classic moment. She walked in and simply stopped, we yelled surprise and for a very brief moment the birthday girl was like a deer in the headlights. Then came the laughter and the party really got started. 

The party was held in an old farm implement factory called the Gibson Centre which is around a hundred and eighteen years old. I happen to love old restored building and this was right up my ally. The first chance I got I went off to explore. The best thing about the Gibson Centre is from the second you open the door and step inside, there's a feeling of comfortableness about the place. What an amazing place the Gibson Centre is.

The Gibson Centre
Last night we got home late but surprisingly sleep came easily and this morning I was up at the crack of eight thirty to an overcast day.

One thing that did happen yesterday that was mildly disturbing was seeing this when we went out at noon...

Brace yourselves, winter is coming...
It's only the third week in August and the leaves are starting to change and fall. We all know what that means, winter is coming. I guess soon I will be starting with the winter preps.

Well my coffee is getting cold and there's a classic car show in town which I wanted to visit, so until Monday I bid you adieu.   


Friday, 18 August 2017

That's what friends are for...

I had an early start to the day today. OMG! Who knew the sun was up at eight in the morning? One of my friends, T, needed a ride and I was happy to oblige but it meant getting up in "the middle of the night" to go get him. He was getting his ride looked at for a long trip. One of the nice things was that while I was at the auto shop I booked my ride in for an oil change next week. 

Today is one of those running around kinda days. This morning it was off to pick up T then this afternoon it's down to the semi big city to get yelled at by Dr. K then tonight we are looking at dinner out. Not sure where but it's Friday and Friday is dinner out day. 

Since I had a little time this morning I've been perusing the web. Here are some of the links that I found which interested me.
For the longest time I have wanted a bike of the two wheeled motorized variety. While my beloved wife (in her overprotective capacity) has always managed to talk me out of it, the want is still there. Every so often I see something like this and the want flairs up into a need then I see something like this and it settles back down into the area of a want.  Meh, who knows maybe I'll take the trip and go buy a lottery ticket then buy one after I win. After all somebody has to win.

I see that it has become active over in Europe again. Well all I have to say is our tickets are booked so get it out of your system now terrorists. I don't want any of this nonsense while we are over there.

In a past life as a first responder, among other things, I had to deal with my fair share of people with peanut allergies. Well I'm glad to see there is some advances in this area of health care.

Speaking (writing?) of health care here's something that popped up recently which gives me hope. I have known and know too many people who have been afflicted with this and frankly the idea that I may get it scares the hell out of me.

They say a miss is as good as a mile, but who are they that say this? 

So you want to make music, you want to play all sorts of guitars but can only afford one. Well have I got a guitar for you... 

Every day I make it a point to visit a web page called 365 Tomorrows because it features some very good up am coming short story talent. The authors write what is known as flash stories. These are stories no longer than a page in length. Here's a good example of their short stories.

If any thing pops up I'll post later otherwise it's Friday so no posts until the weekend is done. Bye for now...


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A walk in the park

Today was shot to hell even before it began. Last night I had the devil's own time trying to fall sleep and when I finally did my wife came to bed. It's not her fault that I'm a light sleeper, it's always been hard for me to drift off, sigh. I wanted to be up early but when the last thing one remembers before falling asleep is the first rays of dawn that's a little hard. Needless to say I was up late with no real ambition to work on anything.

After checking the news and having some food and of course a cup of java I settled in behind the personal confuser. Round about two I decided to venture forth and get some air. Seeing it was such a nice day I went to a place called Tudhope Park in the wannabe big city.
Ice cream guy was doing a brisk business
I strolled around the path for an hour or so... watching the people, the birds and taking pictures that interested me.
A nice shady spot for a rest.
The people I came across were happy and smiling with kids who looked like they were having fun. All this was for me a nice thing to see.
The beach was busy as you can imagine
Tudhope park has a lot going for it. There's a rec center there, several sports diamonds to play baseball and a nice long paved path to walk on.
The path

The park reminds me a lot of a smaller German Kurpark (minus the spas) where people can go to relax after a long day. 
Even the Canada Geese were enjoying the day
I managed to finish the walk around the park in about an hour and a bit with little trouble on my part.  I figure I will be back next week with one difference, I'm going to bring my bike and ride the trail as I watched many people do. 
The water was just so clear...
Before heading for home I made a brief pit stop at our local deli. I figured since I was in the area I might as well pick up dinner for tomorrow. While I was at the deli I fell to temptation and picked up a small pie of the blueberry kind. You know what they say, a waist is a terrible thing to mind.

Well that's about all for now, until the morrow bye-bye.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Another day is done

I know this is a later post than I normally do but it's been a rather bust couple of days. I've been working on the SKS project. It's been a lot harder than I thought it would be but I'm nearing an end. I should have it finished tomorrow one way or another. I haven't been posting about it because I really don't want you guys to suffer from having your eyes glaze over.

Tonight I was tasked with the cooking portion of dinner. My lovely wife in here travels had picked up some fresh produce. I took said produce and, after she had cut it up and worked her magic, put it on the griddle. 

If whatever you're cooking will smoke it's better to cook outside

Twenty minutes later we were sitting down to chicken schnitzel with a side of fried potatoes and an assortment of fried mushrooms and peppers. Dinner was great and there was some fresh peaches for dessert.  

Tomorrow I'm planning on finished the SKS project then starting on the new/old trailer. Step one will be installing the tail lights and wiring. This will be interesting since I really don't have that much experience wiring anything. Oh well we shall over come.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Out for a walk in the woods

Well it's Sunday the day after my birthday, sigh... I was up later than I wanted because of Mr. Jamison and his demon brew but but that's fine. Nothing in life is free and last night's fun was something that had to be paid for. My game plan for today was to venture over to a small local airfield and look at antique airplanes, cars, motorcycles etc. but with my late start I figured the parking would be atrocious so I bailed. 

I sat around and looked at the personal confuser then said to hell with it and went over to Scout Valley for a stroll. 

Scout Valley trail head
When I got to the trail head there was nobody there. After grabbing my water, ash walking stick and orienting myself I was off along the nearest trail. It didn't take tool long before I was surrounded by the quiet of the woods. 

The start of the trail

It's a nice feeling to be wrapped up in that quiet of the woods but that was not to last. After around ten minutes I had that "you are being followed? feeling. Sure enough there was a small group hiking up from behind me. I stopped and let them pass because I don't like folks hounding my backside. Pleasantries done they were on their way. 

Fellow travelers

I kept waking for another hour or so then it was time to head back to my ride. I would have stayed out longer but the mosquitoes had found me and I was being eaten alive.

Back at the trail head where this whole thing began

I returned to the trail head where I met two nice ladies who were totally lost. They were looking for the other entrance to Scout Valley. We chatted for a minute or so and I gave them directions. Just as I was going to walk away I noticed a posted area map with all the information they needed. I pointed this out to the ladies then bid them farewell and left. After stopping off in town  for a few items I was asked to retrieve I headed for home. 

Tomorrow is another day, a day where I want to finish the SKS project and move on to the next item on the to-do list. That next item will be the completion of the  new/old trailer. I would like to have that done and delivered by this weekend. 

Bye-bye until tomorrow.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Happy anniversary to me!

Today is my anniversary, it is the thirty third anniversary of my thirtieth birthday. I don't like to think of them as birthdays any more because birthdays are just another signpost on the way to the grave. This morning I was up and at 'em around eight thirty. I tiptoed around fixing my breakfast and generally getting ready for the day. I didn't want to wake my beloved because that would not be a nice thing to do.

Ah the day...

The first shock of the morning was getting a phone call from my eldest brother N. I guess time has softened me because I didn't imminently hangup. We even chatted for a few minutes very pleasantly for a fact. This was a strange experience for me because I'm not really a big fan of brother N. To say he had an effect on my growing up would be an understatement. Well I'm going to end this line of thought before I get too carried away.

Just after I got off the phone with N my sister-in-law L from La Belle Province called. It was nice talking with her even though her English isn't that good. I feel sorry for her now that my big brother L has passed on. But like the rest of us she manages to carry on.

I have to admit that over the past few days as this anniversary has approached I've been in a little bit of a funk. As I wrote above today is just a marker on the path to the grave and as I look back I see more mistakes then I care to acknowledge. That's the problem with life, it's just one big learning curve and by the time you are comfortable with the way things are you're too old to do a lot.

As for me there are things to do, mistakes to make and places yet to see. That's it for now, if something comes up you know I'll post about it.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

Out to spoil another good walk

I was up and at 'em early. Not because of poor sleep or the cat or any of a hundred reasons, I was up early because I had a tee time at lake St George golf club with my friend J. Lake St George is a place where we have spoiled many a good walk over the years by attempting to play golf and today was no different. 

I'm sure the guy on the lawn mower looked over at us
and winced.
When we arrived at the club house there was a foursome at the cash causing the girl grief. One of the people was an early twenties kinda guy trying to impress his girl. They had changed from playing nine and walking to playing eighteen and driving a golf cart. The kid was a little flustered because of the price difference. While they sorted it out we stood around and watched the little drama. When the kid noticed he had an audience of two (J and I) he tried to save face by letting us go ahead. Then came the round of canceling their payments etc. but before you know it we were done and on the first tee.
The game was a fun one with J and I being of like mind. One thing we tend to do is not decide on scoring until the first hole is done. Today the first hole was... ahem... not our best so the score card wasn't used.   

The fifth tee
When we got to the fifth hole I had a great tee shot but just as I swung the wind from behind died. The ball almost made it over the water hazard but went for a swim. I teed up a second, dropped a club and managed to clear the water.

"The Tree"
When we came to the next hole, the sixth, I had a tremendous drive probably the best I've ever done on this hole. Of course this placed the second shot in the area where "the tree" comes into play. I guess my mind was playing tricks because after all the preparation I managed to slightly top the ball and while the shot wasn't as long as I wanted it went under the tree. But that was OK I managed to recover with two great fairway shots. In the end we managed to finish the round no worse for wear and I was home around eleven.

I used to hate doing nine holes thinking that was not for me, I was a "real golfer" so I would tough it out. Well those days are gone, these days I'm very happy walking nine and whacking at a ball while doing so. I know that when I arrive at a golf course there must be greens keepers that cringe but I don't care. For me there's no cash on the line and it's only a game so what the heck. Given the way I play these days it's a good thing there's no cash involved, I figure I'd starve to death if I had to rely on a pay cheque from playing the royal and ancient game of golf.

Well I have to get out and mow the lawn so until tomorrow TTFN.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mid week links

There's nothing going on that I really want to right about. These last few days have seen me working on the SKS project. While I would like to share pics and amaze you with my metal working prowess I don't want you to suffer from eyes glazing over. Suffice to say that it is coming along well. At the rate I'm going the project should be done today or tomorrow. I will publish pics of the finished product.  

Here are some mid week inks for you to gaze upon in wonder... 

Looks like the folks in Ottawa have kicked a hornets nest with their new and improved tax legislation. I wonder if these idiots give any consideration to the law of unintended consequences.

To the good kind folks of America: we in Canada are not another state, we are a different country with different laws.  

While I wasn't that big a fan I was saddened to learn the Rhinestone Cowboy has passed away. 

I see tRump has managed once again to rattle some cages in Korea but at least there is an effort to calm things down. Meanwhile Korea's response is to threaten Guam. So what's a state to do? Dust off the old "Duck and Cover" manuals from the sixties. 

Looking at the world wide practice of spending more than income all up and down the scale from the family guy over mortgaged to the debt governments take on to please the citizens enough to vote for them I figure one day it will come crashing down. Why? Because we let it

Well that's about all I got for now. Until tomorrow, bye-bye.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Home, home again

We took to the hills on the weekend heading up to Muskoka where even on the worst day it's just soooo much better than the city. We're lucky enough that cousins S&L have a cottage which is on a slow backwater of a river and they like us enough to invite us every now and again. 

When we got up there it was overcast and threatening to drizzle but that was fine, the conversation in the cozy cabin more than made up for that. At the end of the first day when the nasty weather abated we were rewarded with this site.  

Around late afternoon the clouds had parted to a beautiful vista. After dinner another couple of friends, G&L, showed up and out came the adult beverages. One of the nice things that S&L have done is put  an addition to the cottage deck with a screen shelter. Add to the shelter a propane fire pit and it's heaven. The fire pit kept us warm and the screened shelter kept the bugs at bay. 

During the evening we were outside sipping adult beverages and chatting until G&L had to leave for home. Then we adjured to the interior where we continued drinking adult beverages and started watching classic movies till the wee hours.

The next morning found us up an at 'em a little earlier than normal but strange environments will do that to you. I went out side to see S fussing with the bass boat getting things ready for a little fishing. 

 While S did his thing, mine was to infuse myself with a little java that S was kind enough to put on while the others slept. As I sipped coffee I watched as S pulled away from the dock to get a line in the water. I hadn't wanted to disturb his peace so I hadn't called out. Once he was well on the way I went down to the dock to have a look around. 

There way off in the distance was S who, like me, was enjoying a little morning solitude. I could not believe the views from the dock. The weather was perfect, there was just enough clouds to make things look interesting, it was a lovely day. 

After lunch L and my wife decided to head into town to feed their cats. Of course they made a pit stop and acquired more booze adult beverages. Meanwhile I was relaxing on the deck, drinking coffee and just plain not fretting about anything. When the ladies returned our host S told me it was time to go fishing. I spent the next couple of hours on the river with a line in the water that was being ignored by the area fish. Well at least S pulled in a nice bass. We returned to the dock and put all the gear away and went in for some coffee. 

Our friends G&W returned and the party began anew. A short time after this my other Bro-in-law P arrived with his little ray of sunshine and then the real fun began. There is just something about a precocious three year old that makes a guy laugh. 

We had another great dinner that was a pot luck. I'm glad I don't eat like this too often because I'd end up the size of a Buick. After dinner we listened to some seriously old music that was all over the map. Everything from Meat Loaf to Al Jolson. I went down to the dock one more time and caught this image in the fading light. 

Then before we knew it it was time to head home. We went home early because I really didn't want to deal with the long weekend traffic on Monday. As it was the traffic was still more heavy than normal 

In the last fading light of the day I grabbed this one last picture before we hit the road. 

So all in all I just have to say this was one of the more enjoyable outings I've been on in a while. A weekend of good food, good friends and good drink that doesn't happen as often as I would like. Well that's it for me so until tomorrow, bye-bye.

Friday, 4 August 2017

It's been a while

I know it's been a while since my last post but nothing really important has happened. I live a very boring life and to illustrate the point here is the worst of things I had to deal with.

I was supposed to play golf yesterday and stupid me I listened to the weathertainers. I got up to a heavy overcast sky and checked the weather network and they were predicting rain. After several text messages between my golf partner J and I we decided not to play. Of course this sent the Fates into the giggles with the result being that a short time later the weathertainers changed their minds and the chance of precipitation dropped to thirty percent. I guess you could say this is whats commonly known as a first world problem.

I did manage to get out for a bit. While I was in town I picked up and XY vise for the table drill. This will give me the ability to use my drill press as a milling machine. I know what do I need with a milling machine? Well... It will be used as part of the SKS project. I have to mill away some metal in the magazine housing of the SKS so a device called a Magwedge can be installed. The Magwedge lets me use AR style 7.62.39 STANG magazines as opposed to screwing around with stripper clips.

I can just feel how your eyes are glazing over so moving right along...

Last night wasn't a great one I found sleep hard to come by and when it finally come knocking I was out for the count. So out that I didn't see daylight till almost noon today. All the plans I had for today were history. I was going to visit Busy Bee Tools and pick up a decent end mill but that will have to hold off. By the way an end mill is kinda like a drill bit but it's designed to cut sideways not bore down.

That's about all for now. There are thunder boomers with the chance of a tornado tossed in for good measure headed our way so I'm going to post this and log off. As per normal no blog posts on the weekend unless something serious comes up. Have a good weekend to you all.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Dealing with a Diva

Today is the day that our cat dreads and when I write dread I mean going into full diva mode. I'll admit I kinda dread it too because our little fluffy kitty turns into such a pathetic little wretch it just tears a guy up inside. 

The Diva
The morning dawned bright and clear and all was well until it was time to get ready. I used a little guile and snuck up on the cat. Then it was game on, you wouldn't believe a tiny eight pound cat could put up such a fight but strength and resolve won the day. I loaded the little diva into the truck to the accompaniment of her pathetic how could you do this to me, cries and we were off. 

The Clinic cat
I arrived at the vets on time with no real issues except for the whining diva in the crate next to me. When I took Puddie Tat inside she chose that time to ramp up the howling. There's this big white cat that roams the vet clinic who decided to come over and see what all the racket was about. Calmly the cat gets up on hind legs and looks inside the crate at Puddie Tat. Then she softly meows twice at Puddie Tat who shuts up. Once peace and quiet were restored the big fluffy clinic cat wandered away. 

The Diva scoping
out the office
Once the vet had finished with another feline she was seeing we went in and when I got Puddie Tat out of the crate she was fine. I had a pleasant chat with the vet, Puddie was checked and was given her vaccinations then it was of for home. Of course our little diva had to do the whining thing when we were in the truck and all the way home. When we got home it took a few minutes and several treats before the trust issues were dissipated  One thing our little Puttie Tat knows is nothing buys bygones quicker than treats. As I write this everything in our little cat's world is back to normal.

Well that's about all for now from my little corner of paradise. This afternoon I've some chores that need tending to but other wise I'm expecting a quiet day. So until tomorrow, bye- bye.