Monday, 10 July 2017

Who knew I had a green thumb?

This past weekend was a good one with some good friends and good food. Heck we eve got some gardening done.

I planted this
all by myself
My wife's capable
Saturday the weathertainers called for showers with the possibility of thunderstorms. What we had was a nice mix of sun and cloud. During the day my wife and I did some gardening. Yes I just wrote that I did some gardening, don't be so surprised. 

While my wife cleared some weeds out of the smaller garden and moved one of her roses I planted a tree. The tree had been a gift from two friends, B and C that had been in a pot for a couple of days. I picked a nice spot for it and got my wife's seal of approval then in the ground it went. Hey look at me, my days of killing plant like a certain cactus (who knew you could over water one?) may be over. Meanwhile my wife took care of planting a hydrangea.

Saturday evening saw us out with neighbors T and L plus our friend S. We went to this little hole in the wall restaurant attached to a motel just north of us called the Northland Motel and Restaurant. The food was amazing as usual, the conversation great and the company awesome.  

This morning I learned we were almost of of the elixir of life AKA coffee so I took a run down to the semi big city for java beans. I know, a forty kilometer round trip for coffee is nuts but these guys roast the beans right there and the taste is heavenly. 

Sightseeing in the
semi big city. I may
be old but I'm not
The semi big city is under construction. Not all of it just certain parts like the roads I wanted to drive down. Not to matter, the sights were OK and as a retired guy I wasn't in to much of a rush.  

On the way home I passed a TSC store. On a spur of the moment I went in and picked up a few things. Some items were vastly marked down on sale while one item that I picked up wasn't. The not on sale item (jeans) I did get a discount on because of the OFAH membership I have.

Then it was time to run for home. Looking around there were a lot of angry looking clouds heading my way. I wanted to be under cover when the rain hit, it if did.I did manage to out run the rain or maybe it gave up in disgust trying to soak me, whatever. I'm home and dry. 

An angry looking sky
Well that's about all from my little corner of the world. It's time for me to put this entry to bed and get some more work done. So until tomorrow live free and have as much fun as you can.

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