Monday, 17 July 2017

The weekend that was

As weekends go this past on wasn't that bad, heck I even managed to get some stuff done. Friday saw my wife and I visiting a local farmers market in an attempt to settle the ever present "what shall we have for dinner" question. 

When we arrived at the market there was one heck of a line up. I'll admit seeing the line we came very close to climbing back into the truck and leaving but in we went. 

The dreaded line up.
Turns out the line up had nothing to do with the market, it was for an event taking place in a week. The local radio station was giving away a limited number of tickets to the Way Home Festival. My wife and I carried on looking at the stuff in the stalls. 

Checking out the dinner options.

The pickings were on the slim side because the owners had started to set up for Way Home. We did pick up a couple of things but in the end I went out for Chinese food. One thing I was disappointed in was "doughnut guy" wasn't there. This pastry baker sells these doughnuts with the center filled with a vodka based cream filling that is simply incredible. 

Saturday while there was a lot going on in the area there was the ever present danger of storms so we played it safe and stayed close to home. I toiled away most of the day in the work shop. My current project is the refurbishment of a rifle stock. 

The stock is from a Russian made SKS
I managed to strip most of the laminate coating off it and then came the sanding. I sanded it three times once with coarse then medium and then very fine grit sand paper.  This afternoon when I finish my running around I'm going to stain the stock then over the next few days I'll give it three coats of spar varnish. Hopefully by Friday I can reassemble it and take it to the range.

The highlight of Sunday was the Bro-in-law stopping by. Truth be told, he wasn't the real highlight it was his little bundle of joy, our niece. I'm not going to write volumes about our little niece, suffice to say she is simply adorable.

Life out here in cottage country goes on. We are well into summer now with the festivals and other attractions in real swing. If it stops raining a bit I may even get the lawn cut... tomorrow. As for right now that it for me. Bye-bye...

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