Friday, 14 July 2017

Puttering around

It is yet another rainy day and I'm board. I know I'm an adult and I can figure out something to do but right now I really don't feel like doing any inside chores. As for the outside chores, the grass needs to be cut. The thought of riding a lawn tractor around in the rain, well I don't believe i'ts the greatest way to spend an afternoon. What I will end up doing is a little work in the workshop. There's a stock that I've wanted to refinish for a while so I'll get on it. 

We are well into summer now and I haven't managed to do a heck of a lot. Whenever a thought about a project or getting out and about comes up I've been tending towards finding reasons not to get my butt out of this chair. I had such high hope for retirement but lately I've been second guessing myself. I know that my situation is a damn site better that what it was but I'm not ecstatic about it. I figure the feeling is due to the time spent dealing with the kidney stuff and the rain.

Where did the adventure go?
After entering the above I had a bit of lunch then actually got my butt in gear. While it was, and is, overcast and rainy outside that didn't mean I should go find a hot bath and a razor blade. 😀

I went out to the workshop and started on a project that I'd been putting off for a while. Last year I picked up a Russian SKS and striped it for parts. There were a few items that needed swapping out on my Type-56 (Chinese SKS) so I did that. I was never happy with the Tapco stock that I had stupidly picked up a decade ago for the Type-56, it just never felt right. To add insult to injury I had tossed the old wood stock out so I was stuck. The stock that came with the Russian gun was... Well let's just say the wood was OK. The lamination, to be charitable, sucked.

I found some old paint stripper and a scraper and went at it. I managed to get around ninety percent of the old laminate off. Once that was done I hit it with mineral spirits and now I'm letting it dry.

The stock before removing all the hardware.

Just about all the laminate has been removed
I'm going to pick it up again on Monday. Then I will rub it down with some more mineral spirits then I will give it a good sanding. With the sanding out of the way I'll give it a coat of spar varnish. On Tuesday I will give it a very light sanding and a second coat of spar varnish. Then on Wednesday I'll do it again and that will be the end of the first step. The second step will consist of installing a magazine converter so the SKS will use AR magazines. To put that into English that's the same magazines used on the AR-15 rifle only mine will be ten round. I could get the big magazines that hold a bazillion rounds but why?

After the stock is done I will be taking it to the range and we shall see what we shall see. As for now, my wife is calling. We are off to the farmers market and I'm looking forward to it. Have to run, no post on the weekend so have a good one and I'll be back on Monday. 


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