Friday, 7 July 2017

It's the little things that make a guy frustrated...

Yesterday was a bit of a nothing to see here kinda day. With nothing to write about I chose to not write. Today the game plan was to pick up the materials for a project and get it underway. 

The project I was thinking about doing revolved around converting a piece of old luggage into a coffee table and board gaming storage sort of thing. With he best of intentions I strode out the door a little after noon. i saw the red flag was up on the mail box so I took a look. One of the bills was from the hospital for the procedure I just went through. I took a look at the bill then amended my plans, first stop the hospital. 

I got there and went to the cash bill paying area and spoke with the clerk. I gave here my ID and the new and improved health card then watched her do her thing. She told me that she had sent a copy of the information "upstairs" and "we shall see what we shall see." Well I guess only time will tell if they have their act together. As for me, I ain't gonna worry about it. If things get ugly I'll deal with it. 

Then it was off the a craft store for some green felt. I wandered up and down the isles for a few minutes than gave up and asked for help. Seconds later the clerk showed me the location of the felt, a location I had previously walked by... twice. 

Felt paid for I was off to Home Depot for the other items. I needed some glue, a two by four, four coffee table legs and a sheet of packing foam. I went up and down the isles looking and found most of the items. The packing foam was a negative as was the coffee table legs.  I asked about these items only to be told Home Depot doesn't carry them. Sigh... I told the guy that I had seen these items at Lowe's but I really didn't want to make a fifty kilometer round trip. I asked if he had any suggestions where I could find these items in town. His answer... "Guess you're going to Lowe's."  I thanked him for his help and handed the other items I was going to buy to him and then I left the store. 

I've taken a look online and I can get the majority of items shipped so that's what I'm going to do. I want to support local businesses but they, it appears, don't give a rat's ass about me.

So there's a day on the trash heap. Tomorrow I'm going to make a list of the items I need and head down to the semi big city. I figure I should have this project done by mid week. 

Yea haw it's Friday! With that in mind there will be no posts until Monday. To one and all have a good weekend. 

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