Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Getting back to normal

This morning saw me start the day around nine or so this morning. Last night's sleep was better but not yet perfect. The misuse that my little friend down below has gone through in the past few days is still being felt but it's getting better. 

Today I've been catching up on chores, clearing up the remainder of the stuff on the deck, filling some holes in the yard and giving the lawn a trim. Right now the lawn tractor is being charged because the unit hadn't been used in a while and the battery was sketchy to begin with. When I first tried to flash it up there was that dreaded rurrr.. rurrr... sound of an engine not wanting to turn over. Before putting it on the charger I took the time used compressed air on the air filter to blow out some of the accumulated dust, dirt, crap and corruption. Looks like tomorrow, if I don't play golf, I'll be doing some mid season maintenance on the beast.

For now I'm taking five and when this break's over I'm going to hit the machine downstairs for a half hour of weights and cardio. Why? Because I can.  It's a nice feeling to not be dealing with the pain any more. While the pain was manageable it was grinding me down.

So until tomorrow, adios my friends.

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