Friday, 17 March 2017

What a difference forty eight hours makes

Roughly forty eight hours ago I went into town for a few items and to get out of the house for an hour or so. On the way home I noted a long lineup of red neck Cadillacs with drivers waiting their turn to go out and drag fish huts off the ice. A short time ago I went into town again to pick up a few things, grab some lunch and get the stink blown off.

One last hut sits
like a little lost waif
On the way home I passed the same spot where the sides of the road were clogged with trucks so I said to myself "Self, this would make a cool comparison photo" and I stopped to take the picture.

Today there was only one straggler left at the boat launch. All the rest of the huts were long gone to parts unknown. 

After taking the photo I drove a little further to where I took the second photo, the one with the pickup with the snowmobile trailer that was sitting on the ice. It looks like that truck is also history. The nice thing about all this is that spring is coming and sooner or later all this accursed snow will be gone.

Just a wonderful day
to be out and about

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