Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Na Na you missed me...

First let me start today's blog by wishing everyone out there a very happy Pi Day. It March 14th or 3.14 which is the opening for the pi equation. 

Yesterday started with a little foreboding deep down in the back recesses of my mind. Aside from the worry about the pain I was going to endure (yes I'm a suck) when I went for the stress test plus the anxiety of dealing with my family GP, there was the weather. 

While getting the stress test done was a little on the pain filled side it wasn't as bad as my subconscious thought it would be. Dealing with the GP was also not as bad as I made out it would be. As I learned years ago, in the absence of major problems minor ones tend to step in and be blown up to fill the void. I guess it works the same for fears.Once again we see that when faced with events of an unknown nature, my mind tends to fill the unknown with little nagging fears. For me these small fears tend, over time, to grow into monsters under the bed.

One of those little nagging fears was yesterday's weather. I know I should never listen to the weathertainers and their doom and gloom predictions but these prognostications were just to good to ignore. They predicted up to thirty centimeters (11.5 inches) of snow on the ground by this morning. Flights were canceled, trips postponed, food and other supplies were stockpiled but in the end where I'm located the storm missed. Not to say the storm was just a flash in the pan, it did cause (and is still, as of this writing, causing) some serious issues south of the border. As for me it missed and that's all I care about. 

That little red dot is where I am and the blue is all sorts of nasty.
I was up this morning with the expectation of climbing into my snow gear and dragging out the snow blower for one last kick at the can. To my delight I looked out and saw this... 

Well so much for the end of the world snow dump in my neck of the woods. I find it ironic that the further south you go the more the snow hit. It tickles my funny bone to think how the gang who couldn't shoot straight down in the big city of Toronto got hammered and we up here in the "snow belt" didn't get belted. 

Time to go out and pick up the trash bins and yes, the trash guys were late as I suspected they would be. Later, if I can talk my wife into it, we'll go in to town for a coffee, but for now Earth abides.

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