Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ice huts go bye bye

After I posted the Ides of March thing earlier I started to curs this personal confuser of mine. It suddenly became slower than molasses running up hill in winter. I said the heck with it and plaid my game for a bit then it was time to shut the beast down. That was when the reason for the slow down reared it's ugly head. The wizards at Microsoft had chosen that time to do a major update.

Time to get the hut off
Once the update was done and the personal confuser returned to my control I turned it off and went into town for a few sundries. It was a little more crowded in town but that was to be expected for we are right in the middle of March break. This is when all the schools close for a week and the kids get a mini vacation.

There's always one guy...
On the way home I went the back roads and was reminded about another thing today, March 15th, stands for. March 15th is "get your huts off the ice" day for the lake I live near. As I drove by one of the boat ramps I noticed around a dozen trucks all lined up to go fetch ice huts. Of course being the intrepid blogger I am and always looking for something to write about, I stopped and took a couple of photos.

One of the nice things about seeing the huts being dragged off is it reinforces the fact that by hook or by crook spring is slowly coming. Oh how I really want this winter to end.


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