Friday, 17 March 2017

Happy St. Paddy's Day

My kind of Irish
Today is St. Patric's day, a time where even if you're not Irish you get to hoist a pint of green beer. Personally, even though I have an Irish heritage, I've never been into green beer. Just the thought of when it comes back up after you've had too much is enough to turn me off. 

Thanks to the long Irish diaspora when the Irish fled to all parts of the globe, St. Patric's day is celebrated all around the world. Some of the exodus was caused by famine, some by war, some because of betrayal. It's no wonder that today the Irish around the world are known for their temper with all this group has been through over the centuries. 

The Bridge of Tears in West Donegal, Ireland.

The plaque at the Bridge of Tears
"Family and friends of the person leaving for foreign lands
would come this far. Here was the separation.
This is the Bridge of Tears"
When I think of the Irish and what they've gone through I can't help but think of the term "Irish Democracy" coined by James Scott in his book, “Two Cheers for Anarchism“: 
Quiet, anonymous, and often complicitous, lawbreaking and disobedience may well be the historically preferred mode of political action for peasant and subaltern classes, for whom open defiance is too dangerous…. One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy. More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called “Irish Democracy” — the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people — than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs.
When a group has been beaten down as often as the Irish yet manage to get back up and fight on they are a force to be reckoned with. So when you think of your Irish heritage, real or imagined, think of this... 

Now get out there and hoist a glass. Happy St. Paddy's Day!  

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