Friday, 10 March 2017

Blast from the past...

My wife wasn't feeling that hot last night so she retired to bed early (for her that is) around eleven. As for me I hung on for another half hour until I could not resist the call from the Land of Nod no longer. Tired as I was once I hit the sack sleep would not come. I just couldn't get comfortable no matter how I twisted and turned. The bed is a queen and with the three if us (me, my wife and our cat) there really isn't as much room to sleep as one would expect. One thing that kept running through my mind was that my tossing and turning was keeping my wife awake. This morning I asked how well she slept and much to my surprise she told me she had slept well.

While in the basement yesterday taking a few measurements for an upcoming project, I checked the water softener. It looked like there ain't that much n the Kenitico as there should be so get salt went on the honey-do list. Don't get me wrong, I really like the water softener we have but it does go through the salt faster than I would like.

The cabin smells nice, our cleaning ladies have done there biweekly task and everything is fresh and new.

After a little lunch I took a trip into town for a visit to Home Depot. The object of the game was to pick up some water softener salt for the Kenitico. After traipsing down a few isles and not finding anything I did the unman thing and asked directions. As opposed to being with the water softeners in the store where I had been looking the salt was piled in a heap at the store exit. Meh, I could use the exercise anyway.

I picked up 4 bags, paid the lady at the cash and left. I had just got on to the ramp for the highway when I noticed a blue Sunbird in the ditch. Being in the ditch wasn't the problem the issue was that the car was upside down and there was nobody standing around so I stopped. At the same time as my stopping some other vehicles were pulling over to lend assistance.

I went to the drivers side and popped the door. Inside the car were a pair of ladies hanging upside down. I talked to them for a few seconds to make sure they were not in any serious trouble injury wise then I called the cops. I have to say that the response time was great, the police were on scene withing 4 minutes and the fire truck was about a minute behind. I briefed the officer as to who I was, what I had seen and what I had done. Seeing there was no need to stick around since the situation was well in hand, I took off for home.

One thing I will say right up front is that this was a blast from the past for me. I have never enjoyed the action of emergency calls and this reminded me of that fact. I will not hesitate to lend a hand but I'm not a glory hound looking for the adventure.

That's it from me for now.

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