Friday, 31 March 2017

Apocalypse deferred

Well the weathertainer's latest apocalyptic event has come and gone. We were to get a dump of snow and the dump we got totaled about a half inch on the ground. The freezing rain that was to be the cherry on top of the cake, didn't happen nor did the rain. There wasn't even enough snow to cover the driveway. But ignoring their warnings is at your own peril I guess. I can remember storms as late as the end of April where we were slammed with almost two feet of snow.

One thing about all this I do find funny is the attitude of the weather prognosticators. They can't accurately predict what the weather will be in a week let alone tomorrow yet they preach about what will happen in thirty or forty years with global warming.

Today I'm going to busy myself in the basement Earlier I had started to get things tided up and a “oh look a squirrel” thing happened so the job wasn't finished. I figure in two weeks, depending upon how the operation goes, I'll do a dump run so now is the time for me to get all the crap ready.

As always if something interesting comes up I'll blog about it. Until tomorrow bye for now

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Two more check marks on the list...

This will arrive in a short while.
This morning I hit the ground running, things to do and places to go as they say. I was up at the ungodly hour of seven thirty and out forty minutes later on a quest to tic off a pair of items from the hospital list. I could have done it a little later but there's some "active weather" heading our way. The weathertainers have put out a weather statement about this storm and the likelihood of snow, freezing rain and rain. All they were missing from the statement was an admission that Planet Nibiru was going to visit.

Since I'm not a fan of of driving in nasty weather anymore and these items were time sensitive, I had to get my buns in gear. It's tee minus thirteen days until I get the kidney stone zapped and there's a time delay from when the tests are done and when the results are in. Add to this the prerequisite that the tests not be older than three weeks and we have a small time window to get things done. 

The line up curse* was evident this morning. When I arrived at the first stop on the magical mystery tour there was a full house. At that time there normally isn't a soul around. It was a pain in the butt but not really a serious issue. Where I thought it would be ten minutes it took around a half hour. Big deal, I'm retired and have the time. Besides it was fun chatting up the nurses. 
There was a meeting and these guys decided to make sure
about getting to the X-ray place before me.
Next stop was to get an X-ray done. I listened to my wife and went to the place where she has gone before because "there's never anybody there. " I got there just in time to be struck by the line curse again. They have six rooms so my wait wasn't that long but still... 

After that was over and done with I headed for the barn and some breakfast. I was hungry since I had not eaten. After I left the first stop I realized I had been an idiot. I'd fasted for the tests which I didn't have to do. Like Pavlov's Dog I've been programed to fast before these visits because every time I go to this place they take a quart or two of the red stuff. This time there was no blood work just urine and an EKG. 

Well now that I'm done with today's blog I'm going to have a little food. Unless something else pops up that's it fro me until tomorrow. Bye for now.

* The line up curse. Every time I have to get in one line or another it always seems that the other line is moving faster. This always happens no matter what line I'm in.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New shiny...

I'm a little late with today's post, my bad. After having breakfast and getting presentable I took the trip down to the outskirts of the big city. The reason for this epic mini adventure was to pick up a new shiny.  

The reason I snapped up the shiny was the cost. Every month I get email fliers from various stores. I look at them for things I can use and when I see something "on sale" and if I have the extra cash I look around the web to see if this really is a sale or just a marketing ploy.  Well last night I got this email flier and took a look and there was the shiny. I looked around and the prices varied from fifty percent higher to well over a hundred percent higher for comparable items. I then looked at the manufacturer's reputation and seeing they had a good rep ordered the shiny. 

The only mistake I made was not having it shipped. The cost of shipping would've been less than the cost of the fuel, time and aggravation for the trip to the big city to pick the shiny up. As for the aggravation, I guess I'm out of the big city offencive style of driving. Several time I was cut off and in one case almost forced into oncoming traffic. When I stood on the horn the lady driver in a Cadillac SUV looked up from her cell phone and gave me the bird.  

One of the projects that I am going to complete is the marking of the electrical panel in the equipment room down stairs. I want to have an electrician come in and install a sub panel that I can hook my generator into for power outages. A leftover from our building the house was that when the electrician installed and hooked up the panel, he never bothered to mark which circuits were for what plugs in what areas. Several times I have wanted to do things and have been stymied by this lack of information and ended up cursing the guy and not doing the project. My fear has been that when it comes time for an electrician it will cost a fortune in extra cash because lines will have to be followed. Well over the next few days I'm going to sort the electric breaker panel out and put that fear to rest.

Warning... Tomorrow I have to go get some stuff done in town and of course there is a "special weather statement" that covers my area and lasts for the next two days. So I may post a little later on the morrow than I usually do. 

Bye for now


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Long distance, next best thing to being there

As it always is the drive up to Parry Sound was uneventful. It was a chance to clear my mind for what was to come. When I arrived at the club there was only one other person in the whole place. I was lucky he had already put the flags up and the warning signs out. 

I drove up to the firing point and off loaded all the assorted paraphernalia that is needed to make holes in paper from a long distance. It was a good thing that I had brought an extra sweater along because, while the weathertainers said it was mild, for me it was still chilly. 

Looking at a long
walk back to the
firing point.
It's along way to
the 8"X11" targets
I started busting caps at the twenty five yard point and only had to go through a pair of magazines (20 rounds) before I was happy with the rifle's zero. Then it was over to the one hundred yard point.

From there I put around eighty rounds onto the targets. The only issue I had was the long walk from the firing point to the target stands. There was still a fair bit of snow/slush on the ground that made the trek arduous.

It's hard to describe what happens when I'm target shooting. There is a sort of calm that descends upon me. Outside of playing golf this is the only time I seem to focus on the task at hand at the expense of everything else. I like longer range target shooting but our club is limited to 100 yards max. I guess that for me one hundred yards will have to do. As for how well I did, you can judge that for yourself. 

10 round rapid fire at 100 yards
5 round slow fire at 100 yards

Rolling the dice

I was up this wonderful overcast morning at the usual time. I looked out the window at the low hanging clouds and said to myself “Self, it's time to get your butt in gear and stop whining.” I then padded off to the shower and as the water tricked over me I started to think about what I could do... Range day! So now after this is posted and I've finished breakfast I'm going to clean the MVP, pack up the old kit bag and smile, smile, smile as I head to Parry Sound.

The only thing that does concern me is the conditions at the club. It's located an hour North of me and nearer water thus while we got a lot of snow they got a lot more. This all adds up to possibility of the range being something like a world war one battlefield where it's a sea of mud. Oh well, I don't care. I'll deal with it if the issue pops up.

Got to run, guns to clean, ammo to pack and all that. I shall post the results of my epic adventure later. Bye for now.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Yipee it's Monday

Didn't really do anything this past weekend. Thanks to the intermittent bouts of snow, rain and freezing rain I didn't even get out to buy some lottery tickets. This drastically reduced my odds of winning from one in a couple of million to zero. In other words I would've had a better chance of getting hit by lightning twice on a sunny day. But if you don't play the game you have no chance at all.

I was going to try to get down to the bike show this past weekend but that too fell through. I announced my plans to go and was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to (a) buy a bike or (b) to put a deposit on a bike. So being the good little husband I am, I chose to stay home, as opposed to wasting my time, and secretly brood about it. I'm starting to think there is a conspiracy headed by my my wife to see that I never get another bike. I've spoken too by several people who are bike owners or former owners, all of whom say don't do it. Could it be there is some sort of secret society, a kinda anti motorcycle Illuminati that my wife runs? I'll have to think about that. 😉

Soon the weather will get nice and they will be back.
After rereading the above, I think I should write a bit of an explanation here in case you are wondering if I'm going to go find a warm tub and a razor blade. I'm not depressed, I'm suffering from cabin fever. I just want the weather to clear and warm up so I can get out and get things done that I've been planning to do. Speaking or rather writing about getting things done, I'm off to the wee small town for a few items that I will need in the coming days. 

That's it for me today, be seeing you.

Friday, 24 March 2017

What the cat dragged in

Well it has finally arrived, I have a cold with the obligatory sore throat. After a night of trying to hack up a lung I feel like something the cat dragged in, thought about, changed it's mind and dragged out again. So while I don't really need an excuse I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day. I just hope this is over by the time I head down to the big city to get the accursed kidney stone taken care of.

Blogging will resume on Monday if I live that long. Hey I'm a guy and as a guy I have the whining rep to live up to. Pray for me...

Thursday, 23 March 2017

All is quiet on the northern font

I just got in from checking the mail. Nothing new in the mail box, just a sales pitch for my wife to renew a magazine subscription. Right now all is calm, I'm alone and will be for the next hour or so. The missises has gone to another appointment in the semi big city and I chose to stay home alone and enjoy the peace of being alone. 

My poor lawn
Snow ain't gone yet
Outside it's a nice sunny day but even with the sun beating down from overhead it's still on the chilly side. The temp right now is a whopping 1 degree Celsius. Looking at my lawn, yes with the melt I now have lawn, I see it's going to need a little work. In a week or three I'll hit it with some grass seed and a little fertilizer to green it up. For now, brown or not, I'm just happy to see it and know the snow is going away inch by inch. 

After this blog post is put to bed as it were, I'm going to put on a parka and sit outside and enjoy the sun. It may be a little cold out but only in the wind. I'll be on the deck in a sheltered spot sipping a hot tea and reading my book. I figure there will be projects a plenty when the snow is all gone in a week or two so I might as well enjoy the quiet time while I can. 

For now all is quiet on the northern font. If anything comes up I will post and if not I'll see you on the morrow.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Short road trip

Yesterday I crowed about how it was such a lovely day and sure enough last night it was windy, cold and there was some snow. I do hope which ever deity that is in charge of the weather will see fit to let spring finally bloom with consistence.  

When my wife announced that she was off for her appointment in the semi big city I thought what the heck and asked if I could tag along. Earlier that morning I had received the latest flyer from Princess Auto about their latest "block buster mega sale." As it turned out one of the items I was holding off getting was on sale for much less then I wanted to spend. I had been looking for a set of tail lights for the new/old trailer that I'm rebuilding. The lights were fifty percent off so I jumped at the chance to pick them up. 
On the way down the traffic was light which was a good thing. Even though the weather Gods haven't made up their minds about spring the construction people have. Several areas along the highway were under repair which caused the meager traffic to slow.   

We arrived at the physio place where my wife graciously surrendered control of our automobile to me and I took off for Princess Auto. A few minutes later there it was, standing tall and proud, a store cheapskates and do it yourself Red Green kinda guys love... Princess Auto. 

I took this pic while driving knowing full well it would make a do-gooder cry.

I pulled into the parking lot and a feeling of goodness swept over me, I was about to enter a store full of "man stuff." On the way in I noticed they were giving away hot dogs so I promised myself one on the way out. No time for food now, I was on a mission. 

Once inside I went to the trailer lighting area and grabbed a pair of lights, that done it was over to the windshield wipers. I picked up a replacement for the wiper on the driver's side of the truck. When we were coming in to town earlier my wife had flicked on the wipers which made a hell of a noise. Upon closer inspection I saw that the blade was broken and I mentally put wiper blade on my short list of things to get. 

I cruised the isles until the time to go warning I had set my phone went off. I went outside only to find the hot dog give away had ended. Oh well I had got what I had came for so all was right with my world. As it turned out the lack of hot dogs would prove to be a good thing.

After picking my beloved up we made a hasty exit of the semi big city. While on the highway I commented that it would be nice to grab lunch to go at The Burger Pit but it probably wouldn't be open. Ever the eagle eyed person my wife is, as we drove by The Burger Pit she commented there were cars in the lot. Upon closer inspection, or as close as one can do while hurtling down a highway at speeds approaching mach, we noted the open sign. On went the turn signals and the brakes and in we went. 

The owners were there and greeted us with smiles. After catching up with the owners  we placed our order. Once the food was done and packed we took off for home. I have to say they make a great burger with the only disappointment being the end of the eating experience. 

Bye for now, I'll post later if something strikes my fancy or tomorrow which ever comes first. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spring, day 2...

I was up today at the crack of... well I was up a little earlier than I normally am. The sun was out with the sky being very blue, but in a happy way. I know we are only a day in but it feels like spring. Now having said that I'm sure that by the weekend we will have another bout of snow.

Yesterday I took care of a little chore that was a holdover from the day before. On Sunday afternoon we went into wannabe the big town and did a little shopping. My wife picked up some items that I had forgot on my previous visit. Note to self: start making a list.

One of the things we always pick up when it's on sale is meat and poultry. On this trip chicken breasts were on sale as was stewing beef so we picked up two large packs. After lunch was done I dragged out the vacuum sealer, made bags then portioned out the chicken and beef. After marking down the contents (nothing like cooking mystery meat for a meal) I stuffed the bags and vacuum sealed them. Once this was history the packages of meat were off to the freezer. 
A while back my bro W told me a few of the nieces and nephews have this vacuum sealer technology but don't use it. Silly millennials, they haven't learned yet that it is always better to be food rich then money rich. While you can eat a hundred dollar bill, the plastic currency we use today will not digest well.  

Later in the day my cell phone wrote me a little message. The message from my cell phone told me there wasn't enough space for updates and I got a little pissed. The major culprit was the amount of crap that the maker and cell provider added to the bundle. So I dived into the world wide web looking for a solution. After a frustrating hour or so I managed to root the phone. What that means is that I took control of the phone's guts. Then I proceeded to get rid of the bloatware. Now the phone is running fine and a lot of crap is gone.   

Today is going to be a peaceful one. My wife is off to see her bone breaker and I'm going to take a hike to the coffee shop for... hummm lets see... coffee.

Until tomorrow (unless something worth blogging about comes up) bye-bye.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring has sprung

Well here we are, winter is finally done and spring has come and not a moment too soon. I'm suffering from cabin fever. I really want to get out and get some projects done. Ironically when I got up this morning there was a light, and I do mean light dusting of snow on the ground. I'm hoping this is winter's last gasp but we are in March which is a changeable month weather wise.

Spring has sprung and the melt is on, I wonder how long until this accursed snow is gone.
On the weekend I had a project forced upon me. Through no fault of my own the latch assembly on my easy chair went south. One of the things I do is sit and surf from the comfort of my easy chair. Saturday evening I sat down to peruse the web from the comfort of my easy chair. Upon placing my big glutomas maximus in the chair I pulled on the release latch for the foot rest as I have done countless times and nothing happened. I tried again and nada so there I was sitting with a feeling of dread in a non functioning lazy boy. 

The release latch,
sort of like an
ejection lever.
First I flipped the chair up to take a look at the underside and see if I could get at the mechanism that way... When this didn't work, I looked at the side of the chair and, seeing some screws that held the latch cover on, took the cover of the latch assembly off. Poof, out popped the guts of the latch. With the guts of the latch assembly in hand I assessed the situation then effected repairs. After drilling a hole in the latch, I fed the cable through and then through a washer so the cable wouldn't get pulled back out of the hole. Once this was done I reassembled the chair and presto we don't have to replace the lazy boy. As Red Green would say "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

Until tomorrow or if any other adventures should rear their ugly heads, be seeing you. 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Posting will resume on Monday

I'm taking the weekend off and I promise to return to the grind of blogging on Monday.  Until this please enjoy this pretty pic...

Remember when you look at this pic, Monday will be the start of spring. See you then...

Friday, 17 March 2017

What a difference forty eight hours makes

Roughly forty eight hours ago I went into town for a few items and to get out of the house for an hour or so. On the way home I noted a long lineup of red neck Cadillacs with drivers waiting their turn to go out and drag fish huts off the ice. A short time ago I went into town again to pick up a few things, grab some lunch and get the stink blown off.

One last hut sits
like a little lost waif
On the way home I passed the same spot where the sides of the road were clogged with trucks so I said to myself "Self, this would make a cool comparison photo" and I stopped to take the picture.

Today there was only one straggler left at the boat launch. All the rest of the huts were long gone to parts unknown. 

After taking the photo I drove a little further to where I took the second photo, the one with the pickup with the snowmobile trailer that was sitting on the ice. It looks like that truck is also history. The nice thing about all this is that spring is coming and sooner or later all this accursed snow will be gone.

Just a wonderful day
to be out and about

Happy St. Paddy's Day

My kind of Irish
Today is St. Patric's day, a time where even if you're not Irish you get to hoist a pint of green beer. Personally, even though I have an Irish heritage, I've never been into green beer. Just the thought of when it comes back up after you've had too much is enough to turn me off. 

Thanks to the long Irish diaspora when the Irish fled to all parts of the globe, St. Patric's day is celebrated all around the world. Some of the exodus was caused by famine, some by war, some because of betrayal. It's no wonder that today the Irish around the world are known for their temper with all this group has been through over the centuries. 

The Bridge of Tears in West Donegal, Ireland.

The plaque at the Bridge of Tears
"Family and friends of the person leaving for foreign lands
would come this far. Here was the separation.
This is the Bridge of Tears"
When I think of the Irish and what they've gone through I can't help but think of the term "Irish Democracy" coined by James Scott in his book, “Two Cheers for Anarchism“: 
Quiet, anonymous, and often complicitous, lawbreaking and disobedience may well be the historically preferred mode of political action for peasant and subaltern classes, for whom open defiance is too dangerous…. One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy. More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called “Irish Democracy” — the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people — than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs.
When a group has been beaten down as often as the Irish yet manage to get back up and fight on they are a force to be reckoned with. So when you think of your Irish heritage, real or imagined, think of this... 

Now get out there and hoist a glass. Happy St. Paddy's Day!  

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Would you like some whine to go with these links?

As I sit here I can just feel the cloud of doom settle over my shoulders. My wife has a cold and since we live together I will, no doubt, catch her cold. Normally this would not be an issue. I would just whine, moan, bitch and complain like all the other tough men do until the clod had been vanquished. This time it's a little more serious, in a few short weeks I'm going under the vibrator for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (say that 3 times fast) to take care of a kidney stone That pesky stone has caused me no end of grief and I want it gone but if I walk in with a cold they may just say "don't call us, we'll call you." Sadly I'm feeling the first signs of a cold coming on and I am not a happy camper. 

It could be worse,
at one time the standard treatment for any sickness was bloodletting.
Well that's about all the whining I wish to share with you this lovely day. And I do say lovely because even though it's still below freezing, the sun is out and the sky is a perfect blue. 

Here are a few links for you to mull over...

Looks like Mother Nature has gotten into the St Patrick's Day mood with this display

Something I learned a long time ago, banks are not your friends and this just reinforces that fact. Sadly a lot of people haven't figured this out and as a result there's a lot who are going to get hurt in the near future because of their trust in bankers. 

TPP was envisioned as a way to keep the Chinese in check. Now, thanks to Trump walking away, the Chinese are getting stronger by filling the gap Americans left when they turned their backs on the deal. Politics , like nature, hates a vacuum.

It's ironic that while the Canadian government pushes forward with free trade around the world Canadians don't have free trade yet between the provinces.  

Looks like the Republicans have got themselves into the quintessential no win scenario over health care. 

Looks like somebody forgot to tell the navy that coffee brake's over in the Mediterranean. 

This reminds me of my short stint aboard a destroyer. At night looking aft from the flight deck one could see a glowing trail kinda like what these beach goers are facing.   

And with that I have to run, TTFN.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Ice huts go bye bye

After I posted the Ides of March thing earlier I started to curs this personal confuser of mine. It suddenly became slower than molasses running up hill in winter. I said the heck with it and plaid my game for a bit then it was time to shut the beast down. That was when the reason for the slow down reared it's ugly head. The wizards at Microsoft had chosen that time to do a major update.

Time to get the hut off
Once the update was done and the personal confuser returned to my control I turned it off and went into town for a few sundries. It was a little more crowded in town but that was to be expected for we are right in the middle of March break. This is when all the schools close for a week and the kids get a mini vacation.

There's always one guy...
On the way home I went the back roads and was reminded about another thing today, March 15th, stands for. March 15th is "get your huts off the ice" day for the lake I live near. As I drove by one of the boat ramps I noticed around a dozen trucks all lined up to go fetch ice huts. Of course being the intrepid blogger I am and always looking for something to write about, I stopped and took a couple of photos.

One of the nice things about seeing the huts being dragged off is it reinforces the fact that by hook or by crook spring is slowly coming. Oh how I really want this winter to end.


The Ides of March

Today is the fifteenth of March also known as the Ides of March. In honour of this auspicious occasion I present to you Rinse the Blood Off My Toga by Wayne and Shuster. 


Posting of the regular blog material will resume later...

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Na Na you missed me...

First let me start today's blog by wishing everyone out there a very happy Pi Day. It March 14th or 3.14 which is the opening for the pi equation. 

Yesterday started with a little foreboding deep down in the back recesses of my mind. Aside from the worry about the pain I was going to endure (yes I'm a suck) when I went for the stress test plus the anxiety of dealing with my family GP, there was the weather. 

While getting the stress test done was a little on the pain filled side it wasn't as bad as my subconscious thought it would be. Dealing with the GP was also not as bad as I made out it would be. As I learned years ago, in the absence of major problems minor ones tend to step in and be blown up to fill the void. I guess it works the same for fears.Once again we see that when faced with events of an unknown nature, my mind tends to fill the unknown with little nagging fears. For me these small fears tend, over time, to grow into monsters under the bed.

One of those little nagging fears was yesterday's weather. I know I should never listen to the weathertainers and their doom and gloom predictions but these prognostications were just to good to ignore. They predicted up to thirty centimeters (11.5 inches) of snow on the ground by this morning. Flights were canceled, trips postponed, food and other supplies were stockpiled but in the end where I'm located the storm missed. Not to say the storm was just a flash in the pan, it did cause (and is still, as of this writing, causing) some serious issues south of the border. As for me it missed and that's all I care about. 

That little red dot is where I am and the blue is all sorts of nasty.
I was up this morning with the expectation of climbing into my snow gear and dragging out the snow blower for one last kick at the can. To my delight I looked out and saw this... 

Well so much for the end of the world snow dump in my neck of the woods. I find it ironic that the further south you go the more the snow hit. It tickles my funny bone to think how the gang who couldn't shoot straight down in the big city of Toronto got hammered and we up here in the "snow belt" didn't get belted. 

Time to go out and pick up the trash bins and yes, the trash guys were late as I suspected they would be. Later, if I can talk my wife into it, we'll go in to town for a coffee, but for now Earth abides.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Lots of running today

I was in bed rather early for me last night, having crawled under the covers around eleven in the PM. I turned in early because today is going to be a "non stop running around" kind and I had to be up early. Of course my subconscious, kidder that it is, had to get me up at a little after four. On the plus side I managed to get the trash out on time for a change which means the trash guys will be late. 

Today I get to head down to the semi big city and see two, yes two, doctors. First on the hit parade will be a cardiologist. While visiting him I will do a stress test where my ticker get to thump at one hundred and fifty beats or more a minute. On the plus side, and there is a small bright side to this, if I have the big one I'll already be at the doctor's office.  

Once the Marquis de Sade has finished with me if I have time I'll grab some lunch then its off to my family doctor. Once in his clutches I suspect, after he tells me the state of disrepair I'm in, he will read me the riot act. Then I shall spring on him the test requirements that the hospital has decreed I have done before the bolder sized kidney stone gets zapped in a few weeks. To say I'm looking forward to being rid of that stone is an understatement. 

I see over the past few days I've been guilty of neglect regarding posting links so here are a few for you to enjoy. 

A long time ago I read a novel called Dune written by a gentleman named Frank Herbert. The whole plot revolves around control of a planet (Dune) where a product called spice is produced. Little did I know that in reality there would ever be a product called spice being produced with all the bad to go along with it.  

I guess that when it comes right down to it I don't have the trust in my fellow man to do this

I guess the cops have to get their last licks in before pot becomes legal but in my view their actions stink.

While I'm glad they caught this guy, this should never have happened in the first place. If this woman had been my wife the guy who used the crowbar would never live to see trial. Oops, was that my outside voice? 

Throw popcorn on me will ya? Well I'll show you... BLAM!

So this is the guy you can thank for all the goodness of the world wide web. Mind you he thinks the WWW can be improved and I agree with his view. 

I was curious to see the results so I did this and was very surprised to find malware on my phone.  

Got to run, things to do doctors to see...

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Time and the law of unintended consequences

I was up this morning an hour later than I usually am. Why, you ask? Well last night at 2 in the morning the clocks in my neck of the woods were supposed to skip an hour forward. When I did get up I went around the cabin and changed the clocks to reflect that we were now on Daylight Savings Time. As I changed the clocks, all four of them. I couldn't help but smile because this act reminded me of days gone by. 

Once upon a time I used to hate these time changes.

I remember the days when I still worked for a living and the time changes were a real pain in the butt. Strangely I never worked night shift for the spring forward time change but always the fall backwards one. The way it was done was if you worked the spring forward time change you were paid for twelve hours even though you only worked eleven. Then in the fall when the fall back time change took place there was no pay for the extra hour worked because of the freebie in the spring. In reality the guys in the fall (like me) were screwed while the guys in the spring got the benefit. The only thing I used to get out of the spring time change was getting up an hour earlier to go to work. 

The supervisors and the manager knew the time changes were screwing over one group for the betterment of another. To make up for this, the supervisor of the guys who worked the thirteen hour shift would give the guys a chance to take an hour off some time during the next month. This time off was off the books and everybody was happy. Then around two years before I retired “it happened.”

I wasn't on the shift that worked the fall back time change that year. A guy with the nickname of Bone Crusher (figures, right?) who worked the time change had the bright idea to put in for overtime. The supervisor was off so the lead hand said what the heck and put the request through. That was when the fecal matter hit the air moving device. The department manager got hold of the over time request and asked why. After being told what usually takes place (in reality he knew but turned a blind eye) he said this wasn't proper and was an act of fraudulent timekeeping. Thus the act of getting the off the books time off for the gang who worked thirteen hours was ended. Now the fall guys get an hour at time and a half and the spring guys have to use up some of their vacation time to make the books balance. This was what is commonly known as the law of unintended consequence. 

Bye for now...

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Oh what a lovely day

This morning started to the sound of my wife, who got up before me, making coffee. The sun was out and the sky was blue plus there was the obligatory snow squall warning from Environment Canada. Oh how I am so looking forward to the day when it's warm enough to sit on the deck and sip a coffee at the start of the day. 

For the last few days I have been compiling a series of projects that I will be on to when the weather gets nice enough to go outside without a parka. The first project on the list is the rehabilitation of my late Father-in-law's large suitcase. 

When items were being distributed to the family after his passing a few of them weren't wanted by anyone. This suitcase was one of the not wanted items. I looked at it and thought it was just too cool to let go and it reminded me of him. For the last few years the suitcase has sat in our storage room while I mulled over ideas about what to do with it. So now the game plan is to install an inside frame and add short coffee table length legs and cover the inside with green felt. Then I will use it to store all the board games we have and it will also be a coffee table.


Friday, 10 March 2017

Blast from the past...

My wife wasn't feeling that hot last night so she retired to bed early (for her that is) around eleven. As for me I hung on for another half hour until I could not resist the call from the Land of Nod no longer. Tired as I was once I hit the sack sleep would not come. I just couldn't get comfortable no matter how I twisted and turned. The bed is a queen and with the three if us (me, my wife and our cat) there really isn't as much room to sleep as one would expect. One thing that kept running through my mind was that my tossing and turning was keeping my wife awake. This morning I asked how well she slept and much to my surprise she told me she had slept well.

While in the basement yesterday taking a few measurements for an upcoming project, I checked the water softener. It looked like there ain't that much n the Kenitico as there should be so get salt went on the honey-do list. Don't get me wrong, I really like the water softener we have but it does go through the salt faster than I would like.

The cabin smells nice, our cleaning ladies have done there biweekly task and everything is fresh and new.

After a little lunch I took a trip into town for a visit to Home Depot. The object of the game was to pick up some water softener salt for the Kenitico. After traipsing down a few isles and not finding anything I did the unman thing and asked directions. As opposed to being with the water softeners in the store where I had been looking the salt was piled in a heap at the store exit. Meh, I could use the exercise anyway.

I picked up 4 bags, paid the lady at the cash and left. I had just got on to the ramp for the highway when I noticed a blue Sunbird in the ditch. Being in the ditch wasn't the problem the issue was that the car was upside down and there was nobody standing around so I stopped. At the same time as my stopping some other vehicles were pulling over to lend assistance.

I went to the drivers side and popped the door. Inside the car were a pair of ladies hanging upside down. I talked to them for a few seconds to make sure they were not in any serious trouble injury wise then I called the cops. I have to say that the response time was great, the police were on scene withing 4 minutes and the fire truck was about a minute behind. I briefed the officer as to who I was, what I had seen and what I had done. Seeing there was no need to stick around since the situation was well in hand, I took off for home.

One thing I will say right up front is that this was a blast from the past for me. I have never enjoyed the action of emergency calls and this reminded me of that fact. I will not hesitate to lend a hand but I'm not a glory hound looking for the adventure.

That's it from me for now.

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