Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November exits, stage right...

This morning the dawn broke to an overcast sky and the sound of rain on the bedroom window. Seeing this I'm sure the sun wanted to turn around and go back to bed as I did. But unfortunately for the sun, due to celestial mechanics and, I'm sure, contract obligations with whatever deity that runs this joint, it couldn't go back to bed like me. A cold dreary, dank start to the day which, come to think of it, is a rather fitting way to start the last day of November.

I will not be simply sitting around on my butt today, things to do, places to go and all that. I'm going to be heading back down to the semi big city in an hour or so to pick up a few things. In case you were wondering that's code for Christmas shopping. I have been checking the naughty/nice list and I will be looking for a discount on a bulk purchase of coal.

I see from the last few entries I've been a little light on the links so without and further adieu here you go...

Just think in a few years you will be able to get in your car after a very long day at work and enjoy being given health and lifestyle tips from an inanimate object. I make this commitment here and now, I will never buy anything with this nanny state tech... never.

We all make mistakes in life. This guy's problem was shooting his mouth off. Remember kids if you ever find a treasure trove of gold don't brag about it. The taxman just may just find out and swoop in, especially in France.

This is sad, money being taken at the shops is no longer being exchanged by the numeric value but by it's weight. Such is life in the sunny socialist paradise of Venezuela.

I read this earlier and all I could think was that it's amazing what people will keep as pets. Like everything else in life all good things come to an end... oh dear.

Looks like our glorious leader Justin "Baby Doc" Trudeau is in trouble again. Now he is defending the MP in charge of bringing marijuana to the masses who was wined and dined by a group of marijuana lobbyists. Don't these fools guys know that while it may be legal the optics look bad and it's the optics which are a big factor in elections? Even the pundits have started to think the bloom is off the rose.

Here's the latest sales pitch from the RCMP. What are they selling? They want to be able to take a peek into your private life online without due process. Personally I don't have any objection to this so long as they GET A WARRANT.  Here's the full text of the RCMP sales pitch.

I'm not sure who said it, but... There is nothing more destructive of respect for a government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.  

Well I see by the clock on the wrist it's time to go. I will leave you now with this last entry for you to wrap your head around. A cat in a crate with a flock baby chicks.

That's it from up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The lights are up...

Yesterday was a strange day. I went down to the semi big city to get some stuff, decorations if you must know, and as one might expect the stuff I wanted was not in stock. Mind you there were a few things I did pickup (ice melter, water softener salt, batteries...) so the trip wasn't a total write off. On the way home I kept thinking how every year I do this, I hold off till the sales and sure enough the items I want are long gone. Oh what a maroon I am. Needless to sat I decided not to do battle with the lights.

This morning, for whatever reason I was wide awake at 06:30 hours. By the way for  regular people that's six thirty in the morning and for you folks who work in security... The big hand is at the six and the little hand is between the six and the five.


There I was with the cat on my chest staring into my eyes, purring. I lay there not wanting to disrupt the moment when our cat decides to leave. Fine, I checked the news and weather and when it became light I got up. While it was still quiet I had breakfast and took a look at the news. Once again I was caught up in the moment. All was calm with the world. My wife asleep and I at the personal confuser plotting what I would try to get done and suddenly the phone rang.

It took a few seconds of panic searching and my wife yelling to me about the phone's location from upstairs before I answered it. The caller professed to be from "Microsoft Support." Let us just say that we were a touch rude in our reply. I know the call was not that early (9 am) but still it was annoying. Whoever the caller was I wish upon her the pox.

 This afternoon I set about getting the Christmas lights up and out. That too some doing. While not as ornate as some around here the lights serve a purpose, they keep the elephants away. Think I'm kitting? Tonight when the lights are on go out side and have a little look. I bet you don't see any.

Well that's it from up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor.  

Monday, 28 November 2016

Adventures in trash removal...

Last night I was hit in the side of the head with an idea, take the trash out now and not have to set the alarm. It seemed like a good idea but as we all know, no plan ever survived contact with the mice enemy.

I took my time gathering my gear. Extra trash bag, coat on, shoes on and I was ready. I grabbed the bag from the trash bin in the kitchen along with the two recycle bins and took them outside. Upon exiting the warm lit confines of my home, I was instantly swallowed up by the dark of the night. Lights, ya. I opened the backdoor, reached inside and flipped on the switch... presto I could see.

I went over to the storage locker I had built a couple of years ago for the trash and opened it. Next I dragged out the partially full trash can and popped off the lid. There he was, the mouse. The mouse at first glance was a Kodiak looking fellow who appeared around ten feet tall. Then reality sank in and there we were. I, a foot away from the trash can and the tiny mouse standing on the rim of the trash can. The mouse stood frozen, looking at me while I stood, frozen looking at the mouse. The only thought that came to mind was if this little thing was strong enough to lift that lid to get inside I could be in trouble.

Suddenly the mouse made it's move. With three hundred and sixty degrees to chose from, of course the little rodent had to pick the one degree of travel that would cause me the most grief. The little rodent dove into the sanctuary of the trash bag. I took a second to wrap my pea sized brain around what had just happened and, with a sigh, I returned to the house to pick up my work gloves. I figured if I was going to go hand to hand, claw, whatever, I was not going to risk getting bit or scratched.

Gloves on I returned to the trash and started to pick the smaller bags out of the larger one. Suddenly there it was making a mad dash for freedom. See ya later pal I thought and continued with putting the small trash bags into the larger one. Suddenly another mouse bolted from the bag, stopped for a second and gave me the mouse version of “the look” then made a hasty egress over the side. Damn that was a close call, I really don't mind field mice, I just don't want them in my house, car, attic etc. but I also don't want these little guys to go to the dump all squashed.

I then muled the stuff to the curb. After putting everything in order so the trash guys would pick it up I stopped for a second to take in the night. All was calm with a little over cast and a slight breeze. I was a classic late fall night. Looking around I noticed that neighbour L had her Christmas lights out. 

A few years ago when they first moved in and we got to know them the first Christmas with them across the street was... different. My place could me seen from orbit while their home was a perfect example of simple understated elegance. So I thought to my self “self, why the heck are you putting all them lights out and having the hydro meter spin like a top?” I cut back on the lights, using way less than I did for the last few years. It was easier to get the lights up and a little less I had to shell out for hydro. 

Which brings us up to last night. L and her husband T have decorated a huge time square sized evergreen in their front yard with all sorts of lights. Dang. After this gets put to bed for the day I'm going to have to go out and do the Griswold Christmas thing. I shall be working way up there on a high ladder, pray for me.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday meandering...

Sunday and the weathertainers got it wrong again. The prognostication was for a simple, overcast and cool night. This morning I got up, stumbled to the washroom, splashed some water on my face and looked out side to a world of white. Yes I know that it's the end of November, yes I know that snow happens at the end of November but here we are with scientific breakthroughs  that have revolutionized the way we live and these folks can't even get a twenty four hour forecast right? 

I'm sorry for being a bit of a bear this morning. I just finished reading our supreme leader's comments on Castro's demise. a couple of hours ago and had to calm down If it weren't for the position of power Mr. Trudeau holds as Prime Minister, I would laugh his comments off as the ravings of an out of touch lunatic. His eulogy for that dictator was nothing short of an embarrassment in the least and and admission of admiration for Castro's rule at the worst. Mr. Trudeau's lionizing of Mr. Castro was akin to writing a eulogy for Stalin that says:

"Mr. Stalin's greatest achievement was his eradication of obesity in the Ukraine through innovative agricultural reforms." 
Castro was nothing more than a thug who managed a rise to power in a turbulent time. A thug who used his position of power to his own advantage having those who disagreed imprisoned, tortured or murdered. Castro hid behind the Marxist slogan 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.' This slogan has been used as a justification for the murder of millions in places like Stalin's Russia

Mr. Trudeau, in his eulogy, seems to be a defender of this thug's actions. Anyone who defends this concept, or any variation of this concept, on the grounds of 'good intentions' is an immoral enabler of the right to rule by the barrel of a gun or the point of a bayonet. If there is a God may Castro's soul be forever consigned to the pits of hell.

Well now that I have that out of my system here are a few links for you. 

It's nice to know that there are still some good people in the world
Turns out that if you live in the UK soon there will be a lot of folks looking at what you do on line. Just remember, it's for your own good of course.  

You think your having a bad day. This guys gets cut off while on his motor cycle, hits a lamp pole, gets up from that with no injuries only to be hit on the head when the lamp pole falls on him.  

I don't know about you but after seeing this, if I owned any Nutulla I'd be locking it up. 

Rob a Chipole and all you managed to get away with was a burrito?  

Lost your job? Lost your home? Hey, it ain't that bad... 

That's all for me on a lazy Sunday from up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday, the weekend's here...

Here we are, Saturday. The first of two days where one can sleep in, relax and not have to worry about the hustle of the world outside. Ah the weekend is upon us. Who the heck am I kidding? As a retired guy my weekends start on Thursday and end on Wednesday.  

This morning with the asleep cat.
I know she is asleep, she snores.
She has noticed her
subject is awake.
Last night was a series of long cat naps. As the evening wore on there was the ever present struggle for bed dominance between me and our beloved overlord, the cat. One thing I have going for me is mass. When I roll over the cat knows to move or be squashed. It never fails to amaze, given the eight pound size of our furry little ball of fire, how big a footprint she has. On the down side I worry about squashing our little kitty, so I try not to. For me, this means staying in the grey zone of awake/sleep.

On the agenda for today is venturing out to the small city and doing a bit of Christmas shopping. We have been invited to our niece's birthday party next week so we will also be picking up a gift for that. I'm looking forward to seeing our niece, she is such a cutie. All I know is in years to come she will one to watch and I mean that in a good way. At three she is already a take charge kinda girl, just like her parents.   

Here are a few links for you to peruse...

Now hear this, now hear this, all residents of the west cost can now relax. The object that was found was not, I say not, a lost nuclear weapon. One more thing, this means the lost nuclear weapon is still out there so if you find a strange bomb like thing underwater leave it alone and inform the authorities. That is all... 

OK take a second and go get some tin foil and maybe a coffee I will hold on. There all settled in? Good. Now take the tin foil and make a hat then put it on. Done? Good, now you can read this

Well since you have the tin foil hat on here's another article you can look at. OK I know how prickly tin foil can free... Um, I've been told that tin foil can feel prickly so please feel free to take it off.

Looks like the UK has made another step in keeping the masses under control. "But it's for their own good" don't you know. I will never understand this fixation for mass surveillance. The only good it does is give bad people the tools to rule. 

Meanwhile in Germany just the opposite of what the Brits are doing is taking place. 

Ah the post American presidential election whining goes on and on, and on, and on...

I wonder if this will become more popular as time goes by. It is a house that one would buy Ikea style, to be delivered to your lot after you have done the pad and assembled by you and a few unskilled friend. My only question, what would the instructions look like?

On that note I have to get going. Over and out from up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Rush, rush, rush...

This isn't going to be a long post, I've places to go and things to do. 

The other day I bragged about how the snow was missing us. Well it turns out that mother nature hates a smart ass. We had about an inch and a half plus some freezing rain as the cherry on top. Right now the exterior temp is on the plus side of zero so things are melting. If I have learned anything at all from this experience, it's that "it's not nice to fool mother nature."

While this isn't a great amount of the white stuff I see it as a harbinger of things to come. One little thing that keeps popping up in the back of my little mind... What have I forgot to do to in my preparations for the winter onslaught? Well what every mama nature throws our way we will deal with it. As an old friend used to say "We shall over come."

Here are a few links for you...

I firmly believe that every day a person will learn something new. Take yesterday, I learned there are some radical smurfs.  

What can I add to what Rex Murphy has said about the Liberals under "Baby Doc" Trudeau, not much. 

Why? Because Florida... 

It's rather ironic that the American democrats have such a hatred for fire arms yet want to see the president elect killed

I wonder at what these guys will be called in the media should this fad catch on. I nominate the following title "corpsesicle." Pretty cool eh? 

I say the announcement yesterday of tolls for some of the major highways in Toronto. The experts are touting how this will help out with city costs for maintaining roads and cut down the amount of traffic. Maybe so, but  I think it will add to the traffic on side streets as people do workarounds. Extra traffic on side streets means more speeders trying to make up lost time and an increase in traffic accidents/ fatalities. Not to worry there will be an election before this goes into effect.

Al little note for all you "the world's gonna end" climate doom prognosticators, you may want to hold off for a moment. 

That's all for now, time for me to go out and get some work done. TTFN from up here North of Disorder and West of Dishonor.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

All out of poof

See this is what happens when a guy can't exercise. I wonder if any of you have ever heard the term  "causal chain of events?" That's when something happens which causes something else to happen and so on until a point is reached where it's serious.  Well I'm in one of those causal chains right now.  

It all started last March, I went to the doc and reported a pain and was sent to have an ultra sound done to see what the problem was. time passes. I got an ultra sound and was told I needed to see a specialist. Time passes. I saw the specialist who wasn't happy with the ultrasound so I was sent for a CT scan. Time passes. CT scan done I went back to the Specialist who informed me of the results and refuses to take any action. Time passes. I found out specialist wass a quack and asked for second opinion. Time passes. Saw a new specialist who said yes to taking care of problem and puts me on list for a procedure and we are at the present time. 

The issue with this chain of events is that during the time it has taken to get to the present, I haven't been working out. Every time I have tried to workout it has ended in a world of pain to the point of having to take pain killers. Now I have fallen into the habit of being a couch potato to avoid the pain by not working out, this is a problem. 

Last night we received a small amount of snow. The total was around and inch and a little bit. So being the proactive guy I am, I went out and cleared off the steps and a bit of the walkway leading to the drive way. After around five minutes of shoveling (more like pushing really) I was done, done moving the snow and done as in all out of breath. 

To say the least I'm not a very happy camper right now. If we were to get a major dump of snow  and I had to deal with it, using the shovel would be out of the question and using the snow blower would be a serious undertaking. Why? because I'm so damned out of shape it's stupid. While I was outside moving snow around and panting for breath I remembered one of the guys I knew when I was still working. He was a little younger than me. I say was because last winter after a heavy snow dump he went out with a shovel and didn't come back. The cause of death was a heart attack. 

He was way too young for this type of death and as for me, that's not the way I want to go. I have always said that when my end comes, I want to be in my nineties and asleep not working my ass off  moving white stuff. 

And we now turn the rant mode off and return to our regular programming up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Ho hum, just another day in the life...

It is a drab, cold dreary November day. Like the world outside I'm feeling a little drab and dreary too. I wonder, is it too early for SAD? I think what's grinding me down is the never ending media assault on normality. There are times when I feel I'm drowning in a sea of whiners.  My lovely wife tells me I shouldn't read this stuff but I'm a news junky. So I'm going to try it her way for a few days and see how it goes.

Here are a few links. Some are political while some are not so much. Enjoy.

If I still worked and did any filing I would say this needs to be filed under I for irony. Sweden, being the liberal open heart country it is, is now finding out that immigration without assimilation is invasion.

Just when you thought you had seen everything about being watched along comes this story about turning headphones into bugs. For me this isn't that big an issue because I unplug when I'm not using these.

More news from the American presidential election that will not die.

Recently I was asked why I had left Facebook. Well for me there were two reasons. The first reason was one of trust, with all the bots and fake news as well as the social media lynch mobs I wasn't comfortable anymore. The second reason was that I didn't like the direction Facebook was going.

Grandma is all bent out of shape because she had a hockey player staying with her who decided he wanted another billet. The player decided he didn't want to stay in a home with a trans gender person. The trans gender happened to be the 18 year old granddaughter who was living in the same home. Personally with the minefield out there when dealing with trans gendered people, I wouldn't even have set foot in the house in the first place.

Back when I was still working and had a long commute I used to be a complainer about the drive. After seeing this I now know that I had absolutely nothing to bitch about. 

That's all I got for now from up here North of Disorder, West of Dishonor.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Bats in the belfry

There I was last night all curled up with a good book in a nice warm bed when my watch cat sprang into action. Using me as a spring board and utilizing her hind legs, feet and claws my sweet kitty raced to the front wall. A few seconds later after the shock and pain (claws... chest...) has subsided I went to when the cat was. Sure enough there was a faint scratching sound. My first thought was squirrels or mice but, after discussions with my wife and listening to her valid points the issue may be bats. 

This morning I went out and took a look at the roof. fore signs of forced entry. The dread being that I would have to go up there and catch whatever then patch the hole. Search as I may there didn't appear to be any access points and the roof looked solid. So for now I'm going to work on the assumption that the issue is bats and I will leave them be until the spring when the become active. Then I will take a page from my brother W, catch the little bast*rds and relocate them. 

I don't blame the little bast*rds for trying to stay warm. It snowed yesterday and last night it was well below zero on the Celsius scale. For the next few months, until the Earth's rotation brings us to spring time warmth, I just hope they don't cause to many issues. Otherwise I will have to deal with them and I don't think they will like it. 

Here are a few links to think about. 

Looks like our boy in Ottawa has taken a page from the Clinton Foundation book.  

Meanwhile the folks in the house of sober second thought are trying to give M.r Trudeau heartburn.

After a decade of war in Afghanistan, 149 Canadians killed and billions spent we have this to look at.

So you want to get in shape by running and have been looking at some pricey running shoes. Well about the top end runners you have been looking at...   

In LA you go to Chipotle's for the MexTex food in big portions. Why else would you eat there?  Sadly you were programmed as a child by your mom not to walk away from food on your plate. The amount of food verses finishing your meal... what do you do, what do you do? 

It's sunny outside so I'm going to wrap this up for today. So from up here North of Disorder and west of Dishonor I bid you good day.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Links day...

Not much going on right now. It's nice, warm and cozy inside while outside there are serious winds howling and it's snowing every so lightly. Since I don't have anything on the books for today I'm just going to cocoon here in the warm. 
The end result of the weather prognosticator's
prediction of snow doom this past weekend.
Last night was a crazy windy one with gusts high enough to shake the house. I'm not a fan of the high winds because there is ever the of one of the trees my wife loves so much coming down on the house. let me say here and now for the record being woke up by the sound of a tree coming through the roof would not be my first choice for an alarm clock. 

Now on to the links. I have a few that seem to have accumulated over the past several days. Most are political so be warned.

My lovely wife wants us to visit the UK and I don't want to. She has asked why and my answer is simple, I would rather read the novel 1984 than live it

Nothing like a little fake news to liven up the political scene in the not so United states. At least the person finally admitted to making the story up but still there are those who will believe the big lie.  

It says a lot about a country when they go after one of their biggest enemies and that enemy is just a guy working in Home Depot

Nothing like being supportive of military families who have lost loved ones in combat. The airline did the right thing. As for the first class passengers being considerate, not so much.  

Have you ever wondered what happens when a group of employees who are worth minimum wage try to get more than their worth?  Well wonder no more... 

We must all be carefully circumspect when reading the news lest we fall victim to the big lie

Well that's about all I got for now from up here North of disorder and West of Dishonor. *

* I have added West of Dishonor to my closing tagline because I feel strongly that those in Ottawa are dishonorable in their quest to impose further restrictions on Canadians freedom.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Na Na you missed me...

I woke up this wonderful day and, remembering what the weathertainers had said in their latest end of the world prognostication, with great trepidation I peeked outside. There was a very light dusting of snow on the ground but nowhere near the predicted amount. Once downstairs I took a look at the weathertainer website to see how these harbingers of doom could have been so wrong. Looks like the snow streamers have, for the time being, missed our humble abode. 

One thing about the weathertainers, they are constant. These prognosticators are too right to be ignored and too wrong to be believed. Looking at the map one thing is for sure, my bro-in-law's place looks like it's being hammered. As for me (looking up) all I have to say is "na na you missed me. Ha!" 

On to a serious note. I'm not sure how long I will be doing this blog. While I do get great satisfaction from my daily scribbling I also post comments on some political topics. One of those areas I blog about is freedom of speech. In Canada the concept of freedom of speech, guaranteed under the Charter of Rights (Section 2.(b)), is now under attack by our millennial run government in Ottawa. Bill C-16 is an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. What that means in plain english is that if I post something and fail to use a gender neutral description of the person whom I'm writing about, that person could file a complaint about me. I could then face a trial and  imprisonment for hate speech. I have no wish to go to jail even if the risk is very small, so on the day this passes I will be ending this blog. 

That's it from me up here North of Disorder

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Last night was a strange one. I woke up after hearing what I thought was the sound of something tapping on a window downstairs. I skinned into my bath robe and went to take a look. Nothing at the front, nothing at the sides and nothing at the back so I had a glass of water then went back to bed. I know there will be those who think I was nuts for doing this but the actual risk was very low. I went downstairs not looking for an intruder of the two legged type, rather one of the four legged kind. While the odds of an encounter are slim, we do have bears, coyotes, raccoons etc. in the area and I was thinking about driving it off if I had found one. And yes mom, I had a big ash walking stick and I know enough not to go toe to toe with a black bear.  

Green is rain and blue is snow.
Sadly a lot of blue is coming our way.
I just Looked outside. I can't help but think of the contrast between yesterday and today. Yesterday it was a sunny blue sky with a warmth that permeated through to the bones and today we have an overcast, grey misty, rainy, damp through to the bones feel. That's the swing that happened during the last twenty four hours to us around here, and it's gonna get worse. Right now the temperature is still mild being 9 degrees C (48 degrees F), within the next twelve hours it will drop to freezing and the rain will switch to snow. The weathertainers have already issued a warning about the white stuff and snow squalls. It don't bother me none, the snowblower is all ready to go, the pantry is stocked so let it rip. 

Late night we joined our friend S for dinner at a new pizza place in town. Rustica Pizza Vino was the name of the place and to say the food was good doesn't do it justice at all. The food was simply amazing. Add to the awesome food was the wine. The wine list was around a dozen pages long with selections galore. The others managed to somehow have desert after the main course but I just couldn't. I was so full that I didn't want to recreate the Monty Python scene where this guy eats a cracker and explodes. Needless to say, last night I didn't test my sugar before bed because I didn't want to bust the machine. 

Here are a few links for you...

I wonder if this union president understands the reasons her comments were wrong? The president of the American National Teachers Union has compared the election of Donald Trump to the Holocaust suffered by the Jews during the second world war.  The comparison of these two events, the rise to power of a business man to the presidency of the United States and the murder of over nine million Jews and others so trivializes the democide that the very thought is repugnant.

I bet the union went right to the wall on this and even threatened a strike. But in the end it all to no avail. No more free beer for retirees.

So you are in a bit of a pickle and need a way out... Not to worry, here's your way out and you're welcome.

This is very disappointing. Joss Whedon of Firefly fame has finally shown his true colors.

The war against free speech continues in the house of commons. I's always nice to see my tax dollars being thrown away like this. When this is passes I will look forward to the first court case and the law being tossed out on constitutional grounds as a violation of freedom of speech under section 2(b) of the charter

Well that's it for today from up here North of Disorder.


Friday, 18 November 2016

Friday... Yay!!!

This morning, just after the sun managed to kick a hole in the darkness, I was up greeting the new day. After the evolution from primordial being to human I helped my wife do a little pickup. She actually managed to beat me up this morning... (That just doesn't read right so let's rephrase that, shall we) My wife managed to get up earlier than my alarm was set (there that's better) and while I was undergoing the transformation she did the majority of picking up. 

Now as the ladies wizz around the upstairs my wife and I hide downstairs. Soon they will be gone and we will be able to get on with the day. For me the big task is taking my wife's truck in for an oil change. While the book says every 6000 kilometres I like to do the oil changes at every 4,000 or 5,000 because it's been my experience that it's better to "kill a vehicle with kindness than not." Right now the truck is a little past due because of the going back and forth to Montreal. 

Today according to the weathertainers it should be well above seasonal temperature wise and wall to wall sun. This afternoon my plan is to get out there. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but what ever it is it will not be indoors. It looks like we are on the precipice of some November like weather. Today, sunny with a high of 16 degrees C (60 degrees F). Sunday the high looks like 1 degree C (33 degrees F) and flurries. I figure I might as well get out while I still can. 

And now here are a few links for you...

A little while ago the imperial rulers of California decreed ranchers and farmers would have to rein in the amount of methane cows produce. Well leave it to some little guy in PEI to figure out a way to do this. Now all he has to do is let the folks in California know the secret. But first he has to buy some seaweed futures

Yesterday there was a story all over the news about a polar bear and a husky. The polar bear was filmed petting the dog in a gentle way. This was a lambs lay down with loins story if ever there was one.  Well today we learn that the lion laying down with the lamb is fine while the loin's belly is full

The investigation is finally finished and it has been determined that you really can't fix stupid

This long after the election we see the Democrats are still looking for ways to stack the deck in their favor

Well that's it from up here North of Disorder.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Off to see the wizard

This morning I was up and at 'em early. I had to make the trek down to the semi big city and see my doc, Dr. K. I make this visit every three months or so to go over the blood work from my visit to the mechanized vampires. By the way I don't know about you but whenever somebody smiles and says "this will not hurt a bit," I figure they are lying. Some of the syringe  wielders are actually very good but but there are others who I figured must have learned their trade at one of those torture academies.

But I digress...

I pulled out of the driveway with plenty of time to make the trek. The first stumbling block was some construction on the highway. Of course there was a police presence to slow traffic to a crawl and there I was wondering if I was going to have to make the "sorry I'm in heavy traffic" call. Then there was the arrival and going round and round the lot trying to find a parking spot. I managed to race an old dude to one of the few open spots and get the car parked. When I got out of the car the old dude gave me "the look." I noticed that when I sweetly smiled back at him he turned a rather nice shade of crimson. Meh, if ya want a parking spot then be prepared to work for it. 

Into the Lion's den
Windows XP, seriously?
While I was in Dr. K's office awaiting his arrival I noticed something that I hadn't seen for a long while. I looked over at his computer and there it was, the Windows XP window saver. I didn't think there was any computers in North America that still ran on unsupported XP but here was one. 
The visit with Doc K was the usual going over the numbers and "you should start to work out" stuff. Hey, I'm in shape. After all isn't round a shape?

After I was done with the doc I was off to one of my favorite shopping extravaganzas, Princess Auto. This store is kinda like a kids toy store but without the toys and the stuff is for adults.  Then it was off for home, lunch and afternoon chores.

Here are a few links for you...

While I'm not really a big fan and I never really was, I like this guy for his "I do things my way" style.

I guess the owner of this place should turn down the heat in the restaurant after he goes home. After all, why else would a burglar do his thing in the nude.

Once again I say that those who enter the AI field should be made to watch all the terminator movies before graduation.  

I guess it's a cast of the Quebec city mayor saying "If Montreal can do it then we should be able to as well." I'm just glad that I don't live down stream from this crap.

Sadly I suspect that being in the Clinton household on election night was not a happy place to be. This story also explains why it wasn't until the next day that Mrs. Clinton gave her "I have lost to The Donald" speech.

And talking about bad losers... Guy brags about voting for Trump, ya that's a reason for a murder

Well enough of this for today. That's all folks, from up here North of Disorder.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mid week musings and links

The sun fought tooth and nail against the dreary overcast sky this morning, in a feeble attempt to bring daybreak to my little part of the world. The result of this little battle between night and day was not the rush of sunlight, but the illumination of a grey shrouded landscape. Last night was a long one as the cat (I shall punish the insolent dogs for leaving me) and human (Oh for God's sake, go the fu*k to sleep cat!) war continued. 
I went to bed at the usual time and was followed by the kitty. I gave the cat some treats and turned in for the night. Then the skirmishes started. Our cat AKA ruler of the world, only likes me sleeping in a certain manner, that being on my left side. Sleeping on my left side is mildly painful so I only do it for short periods.  Several times after thinking my little kitty despot was asleep I'd roll over. This insolent action on my part would wake kitty from her slumber. Then, seeing I was not in the correct position, she would correct this with head butts, nudges and meowing until I returned to the correct position. Finally around one(ish) I must have dozed off. 

The last few days have been a little tiring what with the events in Montreal, the long bouts of driving and not sleeping well. To give you an example, on Monday night I was taking a bath and catching up on some emails, just enjoying a good hot soak. While I was looking at some stuff on the tablet I felt the lightest tickle on my left hand. I must have dozed off for a bit while in the tub for when I looked at the source of the tickle, there was a tiny little spider making a web from my hand to the tub edge. My first thought was: what the hell is a spider doing making a web from my hand to the edge of the tub? This was quickly followed by: how the hell long was I asleep? Ya I gotta get more sleep

Here are a few links for you to take a gander at...

Not that there were more reasons needed to hate drones, here's another one

It's ironic the way First Nations fight every little thing they see as a potential threat to their way of life yet they are surprised when others do the same against a aboriginal practice.

Looks like President Trump has taken a page from the reality show Survivor for setting up his White House. Maybe he could do this with under performers in his cabinet.

Seriously, you think

In the days of carbon tax this and carbon tax that I wonder what the carbon footprint is for these fools. 

This guy has an attitude and skill that I wish most former politicians had. 

There is an old saying... When we do right no one remembers, when we do wrong no one forgets. Well here's something for you to remember... 

I read this and my first thought was, what do they know that the rest of us don't?

My last link for the day talks about Oxford's "word of the year" and how it's so appropriate or the time we live in. 

I bid you a fond farewell from up here, North of Disorder ...

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Revenge is a dish best served cold

This morning, after a somewhat peaceful night, just as the sun was cresting the horizon our cat decided to put here evil nefarious plan of revenge into action. My wife and I were all cosy, snug and warm under the blankets when H hour arrived and the cat struck. 

Her first move was to jump up and land on my chest causing my eyes to snap open, and I was awake. My counter move was to turn over and she saw that her plan had only been partial successful so it was on to the second phase of the operation. She then resorted to the ever popular tactic of loudly meowing directly into my ear. That combined with the hot exhalation of breath into my ear channel was enough, I was awake. For the next few minutes a battle between the queen (cat) and here not so loyal servant (me) took place. My main objective was to counter the cat's moves in her efforts to jump on top of my wife and wake her up. I figured one of up at least should be able to sleep and if it wasn't me then why not her? In the end, as often happens, our little fur ball won the day and I was up. Cat fed, breakfast on and the day has begin in our household. 

Here are a few links for you...

Not quite a week ago the Russians deployed a carrier group to the Med. The object of the exercise was to project power while conducting air strikes in Syria. Of course the first aircraft has crashed

On this past weekend I was in Montreal where the roads are in horrible shape and always being torn up as part of the never ending construction. Quebecois pay some of the highest taxes in the country. For example gas is usually around fifteen cents a litre higher then in my province. The big joke is everything costs more because of the cut the mob gets. Well for Montrealers  that ain't so much of a joke as the last mayor, who was elected on a platform of cleaning up the city from corruption, goes on trial for corruption.

Meanwhile this rube wants to close off the means for people to hold onto a little more of their hard earned money. He says "there should be a law" to prevent people from hiding money off shore and away from corrupt governments.

Recently the Government of India outlawed the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in an effort to crack down of "black currency" AKA counterfeiting. Even though there is a fifty day window to exchange these bank notes there is a lot of chaos. One of the things that has sprang up the the age old art of barter. On the plus side the barter is cutting out revenue that would have been going to the government in the form of taxes. 

Remember all those math classes you took in school. Remember how you were told how much you would need math in the future and how you should hone your math skills? Well just hold on a minute there...

OK take a second and go into your kitchen and get some tin foil... There, now that you have the tinfoil in your hands make your self a hat and put the hat on... There, now that you have done this you can read this story

I hope driver-less cars come soon enough to stop this guy from going into bankruptcy. 

In a strange way I think this is funny. A group of anti Trump protesters chose to walk their protest through an area of pubs where US Marines were doing a pub crawl. The marines were celebrating the 241st birthday of the core. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the police nobody (democrat protesters) was seriously injured. Meanwhile in another part of the country Trump supporters caused a bit of a ruckus at a veterans day parade. 

I will end this section of links with this little gem. Looks like sooner or later astronomers will find another place for the renaming sane ones on Earth to journey to and start again.

That's all for now from up here North of disorder.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Cue the traveling music

Well I am safely ensconced back at home, the weekend's emotional roller coaster ride done with. 

Passing by the Big Apple
We hauled our butts out of our humble abode just a little after noon on Friday. With a quick pit stop for fuel of the vehicle kind we were on our way. From our place we had to go east. We even went further east than the Big Apple, and that's a long way east. 

 Upon arrival at da Bro's place we debussed and went inside. The evening started with a little bit of wine from them and a little bit of whine from me regarding the traffic. Like the accommodations the wine was excellent. To say the least, these guys know their way around a carboy.  Once dinner was done we sat around for a while and shot the breeze After a bit, we went over the logistics of what was coming on Sunday. Here's a little lesson for you kids. It's amateurs who talk strategy and tactics, it's professionals who talk logistics. Once we had everything sorted out it was time for bed. 

Proof I can be up and at 'em before the sun is
Sunday found us up and 'em way before the sun chose to grace the day. Breakfast done, good clothes on, ties tied and checked we were off. On the trip in I wasn't feeling that hot with butterflies fluttering around in my guts. In the end I needn't have worried, it all turned out fine. My big bro had been cremated and this was a wake among friends and family. While it was a sad occasion and I will admit tears were had, it was a good day. Seeing my other brothers after such a long time was nice with some joking, teasing and laughter. It was like we had not missed a day when in reality years had passed. 

Seeing the nieces and nephews was also good with tears and laughter all mixed in. I just have to say these "kids" (my nieces and nephews) have turned out real well. Having worked with people from their generation who didn't have it together like these guys do, makes for a warm feeling and gives me hope for humanity. So I guess in the end my brothers didn't do to badly after all. When the ceremony was done there was a little reception which ended all to soon and it was time to hit the road. 

Once back at the Bro's place we had supper and more wine. It had been a long day so I turned in early for the comfort of big soft sheets and a soft mattress. Morning came all to soon and after the usual standard great breakfast and some chit chat, we got packed and bid our hosts a fond farewell. 

On the way home we got lucky, all weekend the wind was from the west so going down we had a tail wind that saved us fuel. I figured we would pay for it on the way back but the wind had died down to nothing. I would like to think this was the spirit of my big brother Lester looking out for me the way he did when I was a kid by calming the wind down.

Well I'm home now. After an initial "I'll teach you to leave by ignoring you" gesture by our cat everything settled back to state "N" for normal. As for me this finishes today's post from up here North of Disorder.


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Crazy Day...

What a crazy morning. After getting up and getting ready to face the day it was time to fuel the body furnace. Then it was get ready, set and now almost to em to go. I spent the morning getting ready for a trip that I had hoped would be some time in the distant future. I'm off to my brother's place to spend the night then on the morrow I will take part in the burial of my eldest brother.  

Emotionally right now I'm all over the map being sad and angry all at the same time. Sad because he was my brother and I loved him. Angry because at seventy two he was to young to die especially given the medical advances that are available today. Add to this being angry with me because he lived only eight hours away and I couldn't find the time to go visit. Well I'm making the visit now, I guess. 

Needless to say tomorrow there will be no blog entry tomorrow. Monday we will resume regular programming since the election in the not so United States is done, or as done as the Democritters will let it be. 

Time to be off so that's it from up here North of Disorder.  

Friday, 11 November 2016

Lest we forget

It's November eleventh the day we in Canada remember those who paid the butcher's bill for our freedom with their blood. As for me, I served with the Canadian Grenadier Guards, HMCS Donnacona and as a regular force Fire fighter. Today is a day when I sit back and remember the gang I served with. While in the Canadian Armed Forces regular force I was a Firefighter (MOC 651) at Canadian Forces Base Borden, CFB Toronto and aboard HMCS Saguenay

The gang I was with in the regular force are mostly gone now, the two crew chiefs I had and a majority of guys I was on shift with have passed. Mostly it has been various forms of cancer that got 'em and that fact is something I have to live with. 

Today as I look at the ceremony on "The Hill" I can't help but think of the waste in human lives. Canada recently got out of Afghanistan after a long hard struggle with a butcher's bill of 149 good people. After a year the Taliban are moving back in and reclaiming the turf Canadians paid for with their blood. Now the folks in Ottawa want to send "peace keepers" to Africa for three years. This makes me wonder what the butchers bill is going to be this time. 

These days I tend to think there is a detachment from the reality of war by our illustrious leaders. Our leaders who are so free to spend the lives of the brightest and best on their wild goose chases. Personally I would like to see a change in this. Would it be so wrong for a requirement that anyone wishing to run for federal office have served in the military? Would it be wrong if our leaders knew first hand what it's like to hear the crack of a bullet as it passes over head then hear the sound of the gun from where the bullet came from?*

I know I'm just dreaming. It will always be the politicians doing the lying as the troopers do the dying. Spending life is cheap when the life that's spent isn't your own I guess.

Well the sun is almost over the yardarm so I am going to go hoist a glass in salute to all my absent friends, and the unknown friends who went and paid my share of the butchers bill. 

Lest we forget... 

* It has been said you never hear the shot that kills you. This is because the bullet travels faster than the speed of sound. If it misses you will hear a crack as the bullet goes by. That's the sound of the bullet travelling at supersonic speed. As for how I know this...

Thursday, 10 November 2016

My Blog, post American election issue

Not too much going on around here. I woke up this morning and after the morning evolution into a passable form of human I checked on the world at large via the Internet. I guess I had been kinda hoping the last few days weren't real. That I would wake up from a dream like that character (Bobbie?) on Dallas where the previous season was a dream. Alas it was not to be, Trump is real enough. 
If you are wondering why the Democrats lost, it was this guy's fault.
Here are some random thoughts on what happened Tuesday evening... 

I admit when I first saw the Trump results I was filled with dread but now, not so much. Yes he is going to make things a little difficult but there is only so much he can do. While the Republicans did take the day they didn't get a huge sole crushing victory and Mr. Trump made a lot of enemies on the hill. When these two things are added together, the result means there are checks that will come into play to hole Mr. Trump back... a little. Where he can change things is in the areas when Mr. Obama ruled by executive order. ObamaCare comes to mind as something that will vanish sooner rather than later.

Internationally there are those countries who are ready to work with the new administration when they take the national tiller and there are others who will fight them tooth and nail

Then there is the impending "mass exodus" from the not so United States of America. 

“I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn,” said southern Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield, whose acreage borders North Dakota. “He was cold, exhausted and hungry, and begged me for a latte and some free-range chicken. When I said I didn’t have any, he left before I even got a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?”  (From Zero Hedge)

It will be interesting to see who follows through with the "I'm taking my ball and glove and leaving" threat. The ironic thing is if these folks run even though they will be in a foreign country, unless they renounce their citizenship they will still pay US taxes in support of the regime they ran away from. The other bit of irony here is the very country who most of these folks are thinking of running away too may net even want them.

While there are those Americans who see this as the end of the world, there are a few who see opportunity in the midst of the ashes

Sadly for all of you who thought this election ended on Tuesday night, is hasn't. The Clinton email fiasco continues and will continue for a while. Then there is the next election in four years. The ink isn't even dry and the next major contender has her head up and is looking around. 

Now having said all this I will add one link to keep it all in perspective. Remember what ever happens over the next four years, nobody is above the law.

Well that's enough political rambling for today. Tomorrow I return to regular blogging from my perch up here North of Disorder

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Winter is here

Last night I sat and watched the train wreck presidential election unfold until around eight thirty then I went upstairs and ran a hot bath. I went for a bath because, while watching the election results, a feeling of dread had started to settle over me. At that time it looked like there was a serious possibility the Mr. Trump would become the next president of the not so United States. Little did I know as I immersed myself in a dystopian novel what was coming the world's way. 

When I came back downstairs a few hours later it was to a worst case scenario. I had been hoping for a win by Mrs Clinton and all the rest go to the republicans. My thought process had been that the two sides would keep each other in check. As it turned out the Republicans managed to run the table which from my standpoint was a worst case scenario.

The last time the Republicans held the two houses and the presidency was way back in 1928. A year later the world entered into the great depression after the markets crashed. That little historical tidbit aside the leader of the free world is now a man who, in my view, is a narcissist who suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect. A business tycoon who has no political experience, has gone bankrupt before and appears to not like listening to advisors.

Last night while I was on Twitter one of the people I follow, , posted the best line of the night. With just three simple words he totally summed up how I felt: "Winter is here." I don't know how bad the future under Mr. Trump will be. The founding fathers who wrote the American Constitution incorporated a lot of checks and balances into that document, I just hope this is enough to keep the new  president from doing something really stupid.  All I am going to say is place your tables and seat backs in the upright position and fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a hell of a ride.

New shiny

I was going to get my blood work done this morning, so I was up at the crack of nine thirty(ish). After doing the shower thing and making...