Monday, 31 October 2016


I managed to roll out of be this morning mere seconds before my alarm would have gone off. This saved me from getting "the look" had the alarm went off and woke my wife. Then came the task of making myself look a little more human, getting dressed and getting the trash to the curb. I once again cheated the trash guys from the joy of waving at me as the pass by as has happened before.

Next on the list was getting the truck warmed up (hey I'm old and it was cold outside). Being the nice sweet guy I am while the truck was warming up I put on coffee for my wife and emptied the dishwasher. Tuck all comfy cozy I headed out to the lab so I could have the industrial vampires take a few quarts of my precious bodily fluids. 

Then it was off to the grocery store for some candy that I'm not supposed to eat (drat!) and a few other things. The accursed candy is to be given away tonight to the several local children for Halloween. Once I returned home I had a little breakfast and a cup of java. I would have eaten sooner but there is that whole "you can't eat for twelve hours before giving blood samples" thing. 

So here I sit at the personal confuser, sipping my java and chomping down cereal with all the fixings. After I'm done, the next item up for grabs on the to-do list will be taking off the screens and installing the interior storm windows.

Here are a few links for you...

I read this article earlier and I think the writer missed one facet of the problem. The writer, a she, says that the term "be a man" is toxic. Where she fails in this one dimensional article is in not dealing with the fact while boys are told to "be a man" a lot are never told how to be a man. 

Why? Because... Florida

Sadly as Yogi Berra once said "It ain't over until it's over." 

Having had the experience of being zapped by duties and brokerage fees, I feel there is a need for change. In my case a coat costing one hundred and ninety five bucks Canadian ended up, with all the extras, costing a little over four hundred which was silly. What a surprise to learn that I'm not alone in my feeling

Here is something to think about the next time you visit France on vacation

Well the coffee is gone and there are things that need to be done so I must leave. That is all from up here North of Disorder.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Links day

It's an overcast damp and dreary day out there. Some would say as cold as a witch's heart. Today on the agenda is taking down the exterior screens and installing the interior storm windows. I suspect this is going to be the only uplifting thing that is going to happen around here for a while because my mood is about as bleak as the weather is out side. 

Enough about my whining, here are a few links. Some are political while some, not so much.

A little baby step has been taken to get Canada out from under America's thumb trade wise. After the last second hiccup from Belgium’s small Wallonia region was dealt with the CETA deal has been signed. It's a good start however now things like Energy East have to happen to make Canada more self reliant.

They didn't take a majority or even a minority for that matter but ten seats in government is a heck of an accomplishment for the Pirate Party of Iceland, so drink up me hearties, Yo Ho!

Meanwhile in the American presidential election at least one contender has the right idea, shrink government. 

 I'm sure the police had pain killers for the poor guy who, after failing in a home invasion, tried to get away. He quickly entered into woods where he ran into a tree and knocked himself out.

Our immigration minister wants to raise the amount of people that are let into the country. Personally I think this is a good thing and I only have two little things to say about it. First our newcomers need to be given a hand up, not a hand out. And second, the newcomers need to be assimilated into Canadian society. Seeing what's happened with refugees in other places, I feel that immigration without assimilation is a form of invasion, nothing more, nothing less. 

Get a guard dog for the junkyard, nope. it's time to go big or go home...

Here's a politician who has a serious problem with his detractors. It's OK, the protection detail found the hidden sniper rifle, ammo and the RPG. Even more interesting about this is it wasn't an American story.

Well that about wraps it up from up here North of Disorder.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Arrived alive

Well I manged to cheat the jaws of death yet again by traveling the province of my birth and back out again. While I was out and about I stayed with one of my brothers and his wife. My brother W and his wife S have a really nice home out in the country. We had some very good conversations about the price of rice in china and other goings on.

I've got to say I wasn't very pleased with the big guy upstairs because of all the snow/ice/slush that was placed in my path. A trip that should have taken around four and a half hours was almost six. It wasn't a huge storm but with other drivers still in summer driving mode and the slippery snow/slush roads driving was a challenge. 

I'm not going to write a lot about seeing the family and my ailing brother. I will just say things were not so good and leave it at that.

Coming home today I took the back roads back because I wanted a little time. While it was overcast, the snow/slush was all gone making the trip very pleasant. 

Well that's about it from me up here Nort of Disorder.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Road Trip!

Yesterday I found out that my big bro is being a royal pain in the butt to the staff in hospital so I'm off for a visit to Montreal. I was going to get the crap load of little things done but that will have to hold off until my return. Just to make things a little more interesting it snowed last night for real. The amount on the ground is just a very light dusting but it should make the drive a little more interesting.

Right now my wife is off on an appointment so while she is away I'm going to get cleaned up, dressed and packed. I will beginning the grand trek a little after lunch. The trek will take around four hours if the roads are good and the traffic light. With the way my luck has been these past few months your guess as to how long it will take is as good as mine.

The trip should be interesting, there are some who I am looking forward to seeing and others, well... not so much. Then there is the fact of entering bandit country as I like to think of Quebec. This is a province where the police play by their own set of rules, just like any other third world country. Oh well, as my old boss used to say "we shall over come. 

While I will try for a post tomorrow, needless to say things are fluid so it may or may not happen. That's all from up here North of Disorder.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Up at the crack of dawn...

The house is back to normal now with the leaving of out guest. Yesterday we had a sleep over guest in the form of my Sister-in-law. Having her stay over is nice because there really is no downside. First there is the fact she is family, added to this, she is a friend and to top off the cake, as a person she is generally a nice, kind human being.  

That was the only down side to her visit, I had to roust her this morning at a quarter after eight. I was up, showered, her rousted, had the java going and the cat fed by eight thirty. I had almost forgot how early that was. Even the sun wasn't totally up and beaming when my alarm went off. 

Looking at today's weather prognostication from the weathertainers I see it will be not so bad with plenty of sunshine. Tomorrow is another story... There is a very good chance of snow. Yes I just wrote the dreaded "S" word. So in the very near future I will mule up the interior storm windows and put them on plus get the screens put away. On the agenda for this lovely cold day is a call to order tires for my wife's truck and a buzz around the yard to get rid of more leaves. My wife on the other hand says I should blow off some steam at the range so we shall see how much I can get done.

Here are a few links for you...

Not to be out done by the insects and the animals in Oz which get all the press, amusement parks get in of the action too.

All right let's not all rush up the the counter at the same time. If you want a last kick at the can please line up.

I don't know about you but after reading this article about canoes I will never look at them the same way again. As a mater of face I may just have to go out and buy one. 

Years ago I got into several heated discussions about how useless facial recognition was with my old boss. Looks like I've been finally vindicated.

Nothing like a guy trying to get elected by illustrating a problem that has to be fixed right now except that it isn't a problem.

Here is a little story that can filed away under C... for cool.

Well I see by the clock that time is slipping away and I have things to get done so  that's it for me from up here North of Disorder.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Knocking off more to-do items from the list

As opposed to the last few days which were crappy today started with a bright blue sky. When I got up, I wasn't in the mood to appreciate the beauty of the day. Last night I slept poorly, tossing and turning with my mind racing. Two things were fighting for mental dominance last night. 

Yesterday I found out that one of my brothers is in the hospital. His condition isn't too serious but still there is the guilt factor. I haven't seen the guy in a long time and I was suddenly hit with the fact that we are all getting older. In a few weeks I'm planning on remedying that with a road trip. 

The second thing that was playing on my mind was the snow blower. When I brought it from the summer storage to up front where it will be kept and used, the damn thing would start fine but die within a few seconds. The thought of taking it to a shop and for them to look at it then tell me it was a silly little thing, was just annoying. I tried to get it running again today and it still would only run for a few seconds then die. So I returned to the house and turned to the handyman's secret weapon... YouTube. After the video was done I went out and cleaned the carb. With fresh gas the Toro worked like a charm. I don't have a garage so working in the driveway is a bit of a pain, but the job got done and the unit works well. 

When that was done I came in and cleaned up then it was off downstairs where I serviced the humidifier.  That to isn't a huge job but it can be a little time consuming. Today was a good day with a few more things knocked off the to-do list. 

Hopefully tonight I will sleep a little better now that these two things are off my mind. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I'm going to take another spin around the yard with the lawn tractor and mulch some more leaves. From the look of the yard it doesn't appear that I have done anything. I'm figuring tomorrow and once more in a week or so and that's all folks. 

Speaking of that all, for me from up here North of Disorder that's all for now. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday musings

It's another one of those drab fall days. I woke up this morning to see that it had rained, the sky was grey and the leaves a washed out brown. Looking in the yard it doesn't seem like I mowed the lawn and mulched the leaves at all yesterday. Oh well, I'm going to do the mulch bit at least two more times of face the consequences in the spring.

Yesterday I also moved the snow blower up from the shed. When I added some fuel and tried to flash it up I found that I had made one mistake when I put it away in the spring. I had left some fuel in it and hadn't closed the fuel valve from the tank so now the line and possibly the carb are gummed up. I'm hoping some additive I put in the tank will clear this up but I know in a few days I will probable have to clear the line myself. I'm not looking forward to that.

This afternoon I have to do a little pick up because the gang is coming over tonight. Let me rephrase that, my wife's book club gang is coming over tonight. I asked my wife what the book for this month was and after she told me I looked it up. Like the other books they have read over the years this one has failed to raise any interest on my part. I guess that when it comes right down to it I'm a stick in the mud cultural infidel.

Here are a few links for you...

Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Well odds favour that you are under the microscope. While I don't have anything to hide there is the fact that 21% of the government employees who see this stuff will use it to their own advantage as will the companies who use this software.

So close and yet so far. One little province in Belgium will not back down on it's opposition to CETA so the deal is dead.  Once again the protectors of the weak and incompetent who cannot compete win.

That last major cyber attack the other day used a lot of the "Internet of things", all those devices to make your life easier by being controlled via the Internet. Well a Chinese company has stepped up and taken some of the responsibility. While they are recalling product to fix the passwords they also blame users for leaving the simple factory passwords on the devices.    

Nothing like getting into one of the toughest fights of your life and starting by leading with your face.

Once again I ask: why even lay criminal charges when with all sorts of evidence pointing to their guilt the judge let's the bad guys walk?

That's it for now from up here North of Disorder.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Lazy Sunday

Just finished checking the twitter feeds and I just have to say that for a quiet day there are some really upset people out there. Of course I just had to add my two cents and stoke the fire but that has become tiresome. 

Yesterday my wife and I went out for a bit of food shopping and I picked up some water softener salt. It was a nice day so the way home we stopped at the corner store and had an ice cream. Yes I know, it's almost November but in my defence the day was mild, the sun was out and it just felt right. One of the things I noticed while I was in the store was this sign for "penny candy." I have seen the sign before and each time I look at it I think of the irony: Penny Candy - 25 cents each or 10 for a buck. Talk about inflation...  

So now here I sit at the personal confuser sipping my morning... er, afternoon coffee and  wondering what to write. Well seeing it's a lazy Sunday I'm not going to write about that much. Things are progressing with the fall to-do list and will progress further this afternoon after lunch. Because of the impending rain and the fact that rain will melt me, I'm going to be working inside.

Here are some links for you to enjoy. Today in honour of it being a lazy day none of the links are political so enjoy.

Next time you are in the not so United Kingdom and want to do a pub crawl you may want to think about extending your vacation. Maybe this lady should think about doing the pub crawl, it sure looks more fun than walking across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail.

Speaking of England, I don't know who the owners of this coffee shop are but I LIKE 'EM!

Goes out has a couple of bottles, hopped into his car gets caught by the cops who do a breathalyzer. What next? The police let him go.

Remember all those B movies and third rate mystery books about secret Nazi bases in the arctic? Well those plots may not have been that far off after all. I smell "movie of the week" here. 

When I was a kid there was always the nagging about the amount of TV I watched. Now as an adult all I have to say is where the hell were these guys then?

And now a little note about firearm safety. Rule three says, and I quote: Never touch the trigger until the sights are on the target.

The question that is on everybody's lips... What do the scary clowns really want? Well not mine, per say, but...

I know what I really want and that's to get going and get some work done. Outside fall progresses as normal with the leaves falling and the sky being over cast. So it is time for me to bid you fair thee well until tomorrow. That's it from up here North of Disorder. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday agenda

This morning I fought my way back to the land of consciousness a little after nine, then it was up and get ready to face the world. Dressed and looking semi human I stumbled to the kitchen where once the cat was dealt with food wise, I put on a pot of java. Sitting down in the comfy chair as I sipped my coffee and munched on breakfast I tarted contemplating the days ahead. That was when the bold of lightning struck my thick noggin and it hit me, I need an agenda.

Right now the sky is grey and the leaves are changing to a washed out brown from their golden orange and red colours. Every time there is the slightest hint of a breeze they fall like big dirty flakes of snow. Fall is progressing down that slippery slope to winter and I have things to get done.

Though the individual tasks which need to be done over the next two weeks are simple, there are enough of them that I can space them out one a day. The down side to all this is the need for some organization so I don't end up like a team of horses pulling a wagon in several directions at once. Once this blog is put to bed for the day I will start planning my course of attack on the tasks at hand.

Without further adieu here are some links to look at. 

On several occasions my wife and I have received calls from people claiming to be working for the Canada Revenue Agency. When I was getting the calls I would keep the caller on the phone and play with him for a while. I even called them back to chuck the brown stuff at them Well sadly those days may be coming to an end since the police in India have caught up with them.   

Speaking of scams... During the time that Stephen Harper was Prime Minister he initiated a program when First nations Band Counsels would submit financial filings of where the money they were given went to. Things like this came to light. There was a major cry against the practice by First Nations so under Justin Trudeau the practice stopped and now we see this.

Here it is Halloween night. Kids walk up to the house and one of them presses the door bell. The homeowner opens the door to a chorus of "Trick or treat" only to answer the children by asking for proof of age.  

And then there were none...

What a difference, in other countries people who are angry with the political leaders tend to use firearms. Up here North of Disorder, not so much.

Speaking of North of Disorder that's all I got from up here on this cold overcast fall day.  Things to do, places to go.


Friday, 21 October 2016

Links day

It's Friday and here I sit in the cellar as the ladies toil away up stairs. Last night sleep was elusive due to that old regular pain in the side. I think sleep would have been better if I had been on a spit and continually tuned. If I lay on my left side the cat's happy but I hurt. I flip over to the right side and the cat is pissed and starts to walk on me and my wife., Compromise and lay on my back, there's breathing issues aka snoring with the obligatory elbow to the ribs. 

OK whining mode is off. 

Today my wife is hitting the road with a neighbour to spook and gack so I will be on my own for a few hours. Ah what mischief... 'er good shall I do this day? The outside options are limited, it'd overcast with rain and I'm not a big get out of the house and get soaked kinda guy. It's OK I'm a big boy we shall over come and figure it out. 

Here are a few links for you to look at and, I hope, enjoy. 

Working between the two most likely causes for this being incompetence or Machiavellian duplicity, I'm just going to go with incompetence.

First it was driverless cars that are going to put taxi drivers out of work. Then it's was AI's like Watson doing the job of doctors. Now it's the sex workers who should be looking over their shoulders.  

Recently there have been a flood of sensitive data thrown onto the web for anyone to look at.  Now here for you is the who and how of this big hack. 

I never knew that being a swim wear model could be so dangerous

Looking at the rest of the links that I have gathered up I see they are all political, and right now I am tired of political. Thus ends today's post not with a bang but with a whimper. So until the morrow bye-bye from here, North of Disorder.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Close encounters of the strange kind

Today is one of those lazy fall days. It started this morning being overcast and morphed into rain. I awoke to one of those phone calls that nobody likes to get, the dreaded "We are in your area, would you like the ducts in your home cleaned?" After hanging up on this intrusion into my peace and quiet the phone rang again. This time it was a caller from the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons about the email I sent. "Was it a complaint?" "No." "Would I testify?" "Yes." "Your email will be passed on to the investigators, thank you for your time." So with no chance of returning to the Land of Nod I was up for the day. 

Contrast this to the events of yesterday. Where today is overcast and the clouds weep upon the countryside yesterday was mild, sunny and overall simply beautiful. After I finished the blog it was fish or cut bait time. I was going to head off to the range but with the way the outdoors was I chose to head over to Scout valley for a long walk.


After around an hour and a half I figured it was time to head for the barn. Since I'm still learning the trail system and I'm easily turned around I carried a compass. I dragged it out and found north then I started to head that way. After around fifteen minutes I started to hear construction noise. I knew there was construction going on having driven by it before getting to the parking lot. Not being that concerned I kept going and because I really was just enjoying the day and not paying that close attention to my surroundings before I knew it I was at the construction site.  

I stood there taking in the action as any four year old would when the area supervisor sees me and comes over. "May I help you?" he says by way of introduction. I looked at this taller than me, able to mop the floor with my broken body, guy and simply said "No, I'm fine." Then the man ape asked me how I had come to be at his construction side and I explained about the Scout Valley trails. Next the ape who looks like a man, says that I must leave. I simply said "OK" and continued to watch the action. "Right now!" Mr. Man Ape says, so seeing that the fun from this encounter was quickly evaporating I smiled at the guy and sauntered back into the forest. Before being totally enveloped by the woods I stopped, turned and took the above photo. Later I texted my wife and told here about the encounter. She asked why I didn't stay on the trail, to which I answered "where's the fun in that?"

Here are a few links for you.

Once again we see how it's all fun and games until a leg is broken and the lawyers get involved.

The federal Liberals in last year's election campaign said they wanted to change the way we vote. Well it looks like of all the systems the way we already vote is fine. The alternatives being pushed will have less accountability for those in power and will cost more.  

Looks like I missed a great debate between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton last night... Just kidding.  One thing that did come out last night is once again Mr. Trump has managed to put a scare into the GOP

Here is another indication the inmates are running the asylum. I just hope the people who demand others pay for their babysitting aka day care on this side of the pond don't catch on to this. 

Ah North Korea... another day, another missile launch and another failure.

Libya, after interference from a whole lot of countries and the death of Moammar Gadhafi five years ago... mission accomplished.

One last poke at the Clinton team... It must be hard for them to be living under the sword of Damocles

There it is, my contribution to the clutter that is the Internet for today. Bye for for now from up here North of Disorder.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

What a difference 24 hours make

Taken yesterday during a "sunny" period.
Taken this morning.
What a difference 24 hrs
Hello and welcome to today's blog entry. Unlike the last few days today started with actual sunny blue skies making the fall colours of the leaves spectacular. After this blog is put out there I'm planning on heading out to the range to bust some caps. With the way the weather had been it's just too lovely a day to sit at the personal confuser.  So for your entertainment here are a few links. 

Being someone who likes classic designs I looked at this and my first thought was ... count me out. These designs do nothing for me.

Earlier I was reading this story about the Clinton emails and why there isn't a greater outcry. While it is a good article there is one thing missing, the fact that the media are in her corner

Looks like somebody in the Customer Service department was having a bad day

While I agree this is a threat, I'm not sure that right now the threat is as big as this person wants it to be. 

I may not agree with it but I do understand the need for emotional support animals. I have a cat that I sometimes lean on and I'm sure there are dogs that fill this role as well. But a duck on an airplane?

Remember those old WW2 movies where the sonar guy looks at an officer and says "Sir, I think we have a sonar contact." Well this ain't no movie and it looks like the contact is real.

Aside from the inevitable day when a voice from a speaker says something about humanity being the disease, I think this is a good thing.  

Looks like Singapore is on the right track about public transit with these tests. The folks in the Philippines, specifically the police, should take note about these driver-less transports.  

After all these years somebody in a religious position in Malaysia noticed an issue with the name Hot Dog so now the name has to be changed. 

Well that's about all I have for the wonderful day with one exception. Back when I was still working one of the things I used to enjoy on Sundays was listening to The Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. I had not listened to the show since I retired because of the time it was on, so I didn't know that July 2nd was his last show. While he has passed the reins on to a younger chap, I'm sure he will be greatly missed. 

From up here North of Disorder I bid you good day.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

I'll huff, and I'll puff...

A short time after the last post I made yesterday Mother Nature tried the "I'll huff, and I'll puff" bit. I must admit when the storm struck it was a little disconcerting to see the wind blowing things past the windows at a right angle.

By the way I shot this little snippet when it was safe enough to go outside on the front porch. The wind had died down a bit and it was just starting to clear, but the hail and rain were still coming down. 

Soon the worst was over and done with. Turned out it wasn't as bad as the weathertainers said it was going to be. While it wasn't so bad here, they got hammered with a down burst over in collingwood Ontario,

All this has reminded me of one thing I have forgotten to do, get the chainsaw sharpened and pick up some chain oil and two stroke oil for the gas/oil mix. One more thing for the to-do list.  

Here are a few links for you to enjoy...

Here is a Halloween vacation you would never, ever, no matter the perks see me doing. I have watched way to many horror movies to even think of doing this.

Adding to the Halloween hijinx are the clowns dresses as... clowns who go out and frighten people. They are here, they are there, they are everywhere. They are even causing a marketing conundrum for retailers. If the powers that be would only place a bounty on these fools like the way coyotes are dealt with, things would get straightened out real fast.

 Looks like the bloom is off the rose for our illustrious leader Justin "Baby Doc" Trudeau. It took a while, however there are now signs the unions have caught on to his political wiles. 

The Chicago police chief recently made the claim this police officer in this story didn't shoot the bad guy who beat her up because she was afraid of the bad press. I watched the video in this story a number of times and after rereading the article I call bull sh*t. With any potentially bad situation one doesn't start off by escalating, which is just what she did.

Here's a question about judges, how do they decide how long a person found guilty should be locked up for? No worries, there an app for that.   

I just could not go without posting at least one link about the forthcoming American train wreak of an election. Here is one question to think about, who does ISIS want to win in November?

When I read this I thought this was a flash mob that I really would have liked to have been be part of

And so ends today's blog entry. I hope you enjoyed the links and that's it from me up here North of Disorder.  

Monday, 17 October 2016

Oh my...

So there I was at the personal confuser when outside became ominously dark. While nothing near a TEOTWAWKI situation, it looks like I'm going to be experiencing a little shake, rattle and roll courtesy of old Mother Nature. On the plus side at least this time God and the angels were nice enough to have their game of bowling during the day and not roust me form a sound sleep.  

Well the thunder boomers are moving in so it's time to disconnect the personal confuser and the other dainty electronics from the power grid. Why? Because it is a real chore to get the insurance company to cough up cash to replace things that were destroyed due to a lightning strike. 

From up here North of Disorder, over and out.

That was a close one...

Oh dear, I almost forgot to do a blog today since everything is so quiet around here. Today being Monday it's the ever popular trash day. Being the ever proactive (not) guy I am, I even managed to get the trash out. Just to change everything around I didn't put the stuff on the curb this morning, it went out (with a little help from me) last night.

One of the cool things that city dwellers will never know is the quiet out here. When I took the trash to the curb I stood there for a moment and simply looked around. The rain had stopped and the sky had cleared, the wind had died off and it had turned into a really nice evening. 

Even though I live in the middle of nowhere with farms all around I'm in a little subdivision of around a dozen homes. Unlike the rest of the area we actually have a few streetlights. Looking at the way the light shown through the trees out front I couldn't help but take a picture. 

A little earlier today I was out getting the trash can and other paraphernalia in. When I was in the back of the house I noticed the trees in our yard were changing. While a majority look a little washed out there are two that look cool. One is a subdued red and the other a soft orange. Sadly the clouds have returned so the photos look a little faded but you get the picture (pun intended) I hope.

I figure in a couple of weeks the leaves will all be down. When that happens the final preps for winter will get done. I will go over the lawn with the lawn tractor twice at the highest setting and cut the grass and blow the leaves off to the edge. Once that is taken care of it will be time to take the blades off and sharpen them then do an oil change and put that puppy to bed for the winter. Next will be the servicing of the snow thrower with a change of the oil, fresh gas and a lube of everything that can be lubed. Winter is coming...


Sunday, 16 October 2016

What a difference 24 hours makes

I was up this morning to be greeted with an overcast sky and rain with the occasional crack of thunder tossed into the mix for fun. Sometime last night I was jarred awake by a peel of thunder that sounded like it was in the next room. I listened to the cracks of thunder for a few minutes then safely returned to the land of Nod. 

One thing I remember from my days as a waif still living at home, my Dad explaining what thunder and lightning was. He told me that it was just God and the angels enjoying a game of bowling. Well I was too young to say it then but I will now. I understand that he created everything and all, but to play a game of bowling at oh-dark-thirty and disturb a lot of folks like me is very inconsiderate. 

Now contrast all this to yesterday. It was a  mild day that was bright and sunny. The kind of day a guy just hates to wast so I took off for a few hours to my new favourite place Scout Valley. 

When I got to the parking lot I found that the idea of going for a walk wasn't mine alone. As the down homers say "There were thousands and thousands of cars in the lot, yep maybe twelve in all." After getting the car parked and my stuff sorted out I was off.

While on the trails I kept running into families out with their kids. About half of the people I met had dogs with them. At one point I ran into a friend and his mutt. His "mutt" is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Scout. This little lady weighs in around a hundred pounds or so and just loves people. I swear if you had one of these you could put a saddle on it and go for a ride. As for my friend B like me he's retired and liking it with similar gripes and such. Well after a few minutes we parted ways and I was off exploring. 

A short time later I came upon a family with their two dogs out for a walk. The reason I mention this encounter was how one of the dogs struck me as funny. There he was a little bull dog all foaming at the mouth ready to do battle to protect the family it just made me smile. While I don't own a dog or want one because of the up keep I like most dogs. Here was a little fellow clearly 6 or maybe 7 pounds soaking wet ready to do battle to protect his charges. A companion like that, you just have to respect. 

Sooner than I wanted to, because the washrooms were locked, I had to hightail it for home. In case you were wondering, I made it home in the nick of time.

Looking out the window at the rain and the grey sky has reminded me that it is fall. We will not see the sun until Wednesday as per the weathertainers. So until then I'm going to have to be content on staying warm and dry at home. 

That's it from up here North of Disorder.  


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Links day

I've been up and at 'em since around 9 this morning. May batteries have been recharged with coffee and I am ready to rock and or roll. After this I'm outbound to places unknown. It is simply too nice a day to let go and do nothing . Winter will be here with it's cocooning aspect soon enough so these sunny days should not be wasted.

Here are a few links for you. 

Looking down south at the train wreak presidential election at least one pundit thinks this is normal while a host of others are doing the TEOTWAWKT thing. 

Well at least one guy has come forward to say hold on a sec about Mr. Trumps grab fest on an airliner decades ago. And another pundit (female) talks about her experiences from back in the day when Mr. Trump was all hands with women. By the way if you think Mr. Trump was bad look at what this boss does every day

Looking across the pond at what the Russians are doing and it don't look so good. Since I care about my readers where ever you are here is a little public service announcement. Should things go south here are some pointers about what to do

Remember that saying "No good deed will ever go unpunished", well it's true. 

Why do I get the feeling this new company producing these will eventually be called Skynet? 

I saw this earlier after having breakfast and though no thanks, not for me. I probably thought that just because I wasn't hungry enough.

Enough for now, it's time to get out there and enjoy the nice fall weather while I can. From up here North of Disorder I bid you farewell until the morrow.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Blowing off a little steam

What an absolutely wonderful day this day turned into. After lunch I gathered up the gear and loaded the grey monster with the paraphernalia, then it was off to the range. The drive over was a little sketchy because there were a lot of dark clouds. I hate range time in the rain. When i was still working it looked like the bosses would check the long range weather and always pick the worst day. 

I got to the range and had the place to myself After getting the place opened up for use a family showed up. After introductions were made, targets placed the fun began. I would have taken pics of the fun but my cell was all but dead. Once I had run out of ammo I cleaned up the brass at my station then I was on the road for home. My mind was clearer than it has been in a few days which is a good thing because I was starting to go down a dark path. 

On the way home with a little bit of juice in the cell phone I stopped and took a couple of pics. As you can see fall is in full swing with the leaves turning color and falling. 


While driving today I was happy the grey monster has been holding up as well as it has been. In a few weeks I'm going to put the trickle charger to the battery so I can use it in emergency. Then it will sit out the winter.  One thing I did notice is the brakes, they need a service. Once again I'm in the do or not to do quandary with the beast. The car has over 330,000 on the odometer so is any cash I put into it worth it? Meh, I will worry about this later now it's time to relax.

Well that's it from me for the day. Until tomorrow bye from up here North of disorder. 

Happy Friday

Well, I went in and saw the Doc yesterday and it went about as well as I expected. In short they haven't got a clue as to what the pain issue is. Meh, it's all fine I will simply put up with the inconvenient minor pain until it becomes a major issue then I will deal with it.  You know what they say, another day older... another day closer to death. 

And on that cheery note here are some links For you. 

Being a science fiction kind of guy I find this rather disturbing. I want to see moon bases damn it!

The reason I want moon bases sooner rather than later is because sooner or later this will get out of hand and humanity needs a place to go.

I can see this case going before the supreme court of Canada. I hope the little guy wins for a change.

This is one of the reasons I preach self reliance to others whenever I get the chance. Always have a plan B because when you call for help you may encounter someone like this on the other end. 

As Stalin once said "It's not the votes that count, it"s who counts the votes." Ah better cheating through better technology.

Ah Kathleen Wynne our esteemed leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and Premier of Ontario. She is raising the cost of living for us mere mortals and to justify it she says it's all our fault. Sadly there are those who will swallow the horse shit explanation. If she can get enough of these fools to believe her in a couple of years she will win again.

Well at least there is one group that puts the interests of the owner first, Mercedes. 

Well that's it for me today. I'm off to get some milk, cream, cat food and other sundries. While the day may be a little overcast and cool I'm going to take advantage of it and go for a nice ling walk. Hopefully that will clear my head of the nasty thoughts bout the medical profession that still linger. 

Bye for now from up here North of Disorder.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Fall is here

I was up this morning at the crack of ten after a night of tossing and turning. Breakfast and coffee done, I was sitting at the personal confuser. There I was wondering what evil or good I shall do this bright and shiny day. 

After some consideration I made a short road trip to the semi big city. While down there I picked up a HDMI cable and a couple of other things. Among the other things was the first Christmas gift. I know it's short sleeve weather and I'm Christmas shopping. Well I saved a bucket of cash since the item was on sale, so there.

 On the way down to the semi big city and on the way home I took the back roads as I normally do.  Of course I played leaf peeper along the way. The colours are well on the way now even though it is shorts weather.

I know that there are times when I moan, bitch and complain about the area where I live. In reality it's a case of "there ain't no real big problems so take the little ones and blow them out of proportion." I really like where I live in this backwater slice of heaven. Now I will just have to remind myself of this in a few months when it is sub zero and I have to get the driveway clear of the foot of snow that has fallen overnight. 

Here are a few links for you...

The anti oil hypocrites are at it again. I call them hypocrites because they use oil every day and think nothing of it. The drive cars, eat produce that was delivered to the supermarket, use things made of plastic yet they want oil pipelines stopped. 

Speaking of oil here's what the carbon tax is going to cost. Personally I think the author is a little light on his computations. Businesses are not charities and will pass along the cost of the tax to the next link in the chain until it ends up with the consumer. who will pat the whole tab. 

Looks like somebody in the west has noticed the Russians are moving things around and they don't like it. Meanwhile Russia is not happy with the West's plans for missile defence. The most disturbing sign of things not being great in Europe is this little move by the Russians

On the plus side the folks at Twitter, FaceBook and  Instagram have cut off the police trolling for suspects.  Now being the suspicious guy I am I wonder if this is for real or for show.

Looks like the crazy clown hysteria has caught up with Ronald McDonald. Sadly, for the time being you will not see Ronald McDonald at any events.

On that happy note I leave you to your own devices. Bye-bye from up here North of Disorder.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The post Thanksgiving let down

Thanksgiving is over and done with for another year.  For the next few days we will be living on leftovers since, once again, everybody brought something to add to the meal so it was a feast. The children played, the adults chatted, catching up with all the goings on, and a good time was had by all. 
Fall has arrived

One of the nicest surprises of the day was the arrival of two old and good friends we haven't seen in a while G and his wife W arrived on their motorcycle in the afternoon. I fed him a beer because, well... beer and I made tea for her. Yesterday was chilly and poor W riding on the back of the bike was seriously cold. It took some of the best sales pitches my wife and I have ever made but in the end they succumbed and stayed for dinner.  

Well this brings me up to the present. Today we get to disassemble the big table and get everything back to some sort of normal. I guess the next big gathering will be around Christmas when we have the family over for dinner.

Here are a few links for you. 

It's nice to see that my tax dollars aren't thrown away and are being used in a responsible fashion

Speaking of tax dollars I see another loophole is being closed. As I see it we have taxes taken off whatever we earn and the more we earn the more the tax load is plus tax is added to what ever we buy. If we rent a dwelling part of the rent goes to tax. If we buy or build a home that is taxed. If we live in a home there are property taxes to pay as well as land transfer taxes if we sell. Then there are the hidden taxes folded into the manufacturing of goods that are pass on to us. In sum cases we pay tax on taxes. I shudder to think about the amount of tax the various levels of government take out of the economy. It would be one thing if we were getting value for money spent but in some cases we are paying salaries to those who support oppressors.

At least here is one group who are voting with their feet regards the tax load in Ontario. 

OK now that I have made my self mildly anger I do believe I shall go out for a walk. Bye from up here North of Disorder. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Style

Today is our version of Thanksgiving. As for me the first thing I shall give thanks for was being able to drag my sorry old butt out of a nice warm bed and getting the trash and recycles to the curb. I admit it was a near thing the trash guys came by around 5 minutes after I got the stuff to the curb but the trash was picked up. 

Yesterday was a series of running around getting things done. I got the lawn mowed while my wife went into town for the stuff she forgot the day before. I then went into town to pickup the stuff she had neglected to pickup. Meh, in the end it all got done.

This morning while I struggled to get the trash out, my wife got the turkey in the oven so in a few hours the house will reek of that heavenly turkey smell. As for me, one of the jobs that needs doing and that I have been putting off was the first stage transfer of the summer stuff to winter storage. What that means is I get to lug eight wood chairs to the back deck. In a few weeks when I'm sure the grass has stopped growing and most of the leaves are down will be put in winter storage.

Well enough of this drivel here are some links for you.

Did you watch the US presidential debate last night. I chose to forgo that pleasure and watch a movie. This morning I was catching up on what the Battling Bickersons were up to and here is the one thing that stands out, a fly landing on Mrs. Clinton's face. So I guess the debate was a flop if this is news.

Across the pond things are still getting silly. In France for example a group of people firebombed a police car while the police were still in it.  In Germany police arrested a guy and a short time later some of his friends went to the police station to do an old fashioned jail break.

Meanwhile in the Middle East somebody took a potshot with a missile at the USS Mason and missed.

Yes it looks like things all over the world are starting to come to a boil

Well I've managed to run out of time today. You know, things to do and all that. Bye for now from up here North of Disorder.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Time to get up, take two...

Last night was a strange one. I woke at 05:04 by my watch and figured I would go back to sleep after a few minutes. Eventually (around and hour later) I did drift off back to the land of nod. My wife's making coffee at 11 was what finally brought me back to the land of the living. I have a list of things that have to get done today in preparation for the gang coming over tomorrow and here I sit at the personal confuser trying to clear the grey fog out of my brain. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, it's our Canadian Thanksgiving. We're having around a dozen friends and family over for a big turkey dinner with all the fixings. I'm looking forward to seeing the nieces and how much they have grown. Yes I suspect a good time will be had by all. 

As  for me, sad to say I have to cut this post short. Things to do (lawn to cut) and places to go (pick up the stuff my wife forgot when she went to town yesterday). So that's it from up here North of Disorder.  

I feel bad for such a short post so here's a pretty dog picture for you...

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Up and out early

This morning was one where I almost managed to greet the dawn because I was up with the chirping of the birds. I know you know have a hand to your mouth in an effort to stifle a gasp. But it's true, I was up an at 'em early. 

I had committed to helping friend S with getting rid of a pile of junk at the side of here house. While she hadn't said as much I had the feeling that here neighbours were planning on a "storm Frankenstein's castle" event in the near future to get her to get rid of the pile of junk. The "do it early" part was because it's a long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) and this is when a lot of folks get rid of stuff from their cottages. 

I was over at S's place for a little after nine and we had the trailer loaded and secured in twenty minutes flat. After making sure the load was secure we set forth to deliver our our stuff. That's one of the trailer things I am very finicky about, the secure the load part. Just the other day a chair came off a trailer on the highway and the guy behind swerved. Presto there was a multi vehicle pile up and a major clean up involving a tractor trailer, dump truck with the obligatory load of gravel plus a few more vehicles. 

We pulled into the dump at a little bit after ten and much to my surprise there was nobody there. I had visions of the way it went the last time I did a dump run on a weekend. Just to get to the weigh station from the road took almost an hour. Today we simply went in I told the lady what we had, dropped it off and and paid. Then a second run in was made to drop off the free stuff, cardboard, wood and metal, and finally we were outbound for home. All the while I kept thinking the other shoe should drop at any time. Lucky for me the shoes staid right where they were supposed to be.

I managed to arrive back home once again, thankful I had somehow was able to cheat the jaws of death on the highway.  This afternoon I'm going to mow the lawn if it dries out enough. For now however I'm just going to sit here at the personal confuser, get this blog done and relax. 

Here friends and neighbours are a few links for you. Be warned some are political. 

One of the worst things about governments is how the individuals in power take money from one group (producers) and bestow it on another group (moochers). Because the government officials are spending somebody else's money they really don't care about how it's used. Here is a case in point where tax dollars are being used to give tax breaks to TV talk shows

The train wreak that is the not so United State presidential election continues. Mr. Trump is being tried again in the court of public opinion over the latest release of some very nasty comments made several years ago. Is he going to quit? No, he says he's in it for the long haul. The comments were so offencive even the guy on the receiving end is being savaged in the media

I read this story about a police office who was badly beaten and refused to pull her service issue firearm even though she said she thought she was going to die. When asked she said she didn't want her family to go through all the media circus other cops have for shooting a black person. I just don't know... People just don't attack others without some sort of provocation. I suspect the assailant was pumped over having just been in an accident. However there are deescalation techniques that will stop these types of behaviours before it begins. Having worked in security and being unarmed I have experience with everything up to and including having a gun pulled on me. I know deescalation works because I'm still here and writing a blog.    

Meanwhile across the pond Russia continues to flex it's muscles.

One of these days this will get out of hand. I'm surprised nobody has gotten hurt doing this stupid stunt especially in the not so United States where some people carry guns. As for me I like to go out for walks. While I don't carry a gun I do have a 45 inch long ash hiking staff that can be used against a perceived attacker.  

Well that's all I got for now. From up here North of Disorder bye for now. 

Friday, 7 October 2016

Happy Friday!

I'm back, just made a quick trip into the not so big city to pick up my wife's medications and have a stroll around the park. The day was warm, bright and sunny and it would have been a waist to not take advantage of it.

This morning the ladies paid us a visit. While they went about their business upstairs I was hiding in the basement. When they are here I usually go hide because I don't want to disturb their concentration and when you're the only guy in the place and a lot of women prowling are around can be a little disconcerting. 

Since I made the appointment with the Doc I've been counting the days until the kidney stones are taken care of. Last night even though the kidneys wanted otherwise I had a decent night"s sleep, exhaustion will do that I guess. Oh, oh time to get off this track, nobody likes a whiner. 

Prior to hitting the road this morning I did something I don't often do, I actualy had a second cup of coffee. Recently I started taking my coffee black. Yep, no double double for me. I don't want anything to stand in the way of my body's absorption of that drug called caffeine.  

I see I'm rambling, lack of regular good sleep will do that to a guy. So in an effort to cease this I shall post a few political links. Please heed this warning and read responsibly.

I bet that when this lady arrived at emergency, after telling the admitting paperwork person the problem, she was asked "Would you like this removed or shall we just change the battery?"

Nice seeing our fearless compassionate Foreign Affairs Minister St├ęphane Dion in action

Lately I've been reading how all the First Nations tribes are all for one and one for all about fighting oil pipeline construction. Well it looks like the First nation leaders hadn't checked with everybody before making that announcement.

Sadly these guys all come out of the woodwork, raise everybody"s hopes then fade away like sunset.

It's all good, this guy is a socialist Liberal or one would think this was actually a real issue. Ah Liberal MPs, the best money can buy.

The reason I describe the American election as a train wreck is no matter who wins the people of the not so United States loose

I don't know about you but if I lived in the land fall area I would be concerned and making tracks for high ground

Once upon a time I used to look up to these guys. Lately I have come to the understanding that the first rule of dealing with police is not to.

While it has been a little on the grim side for oil exports at least there are options.

Annndd that's a wrap from up here North of Disorder.

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I was going to get my blood work done this morning, so I was up at the crack of nine thirty(ish). After doing the shower thing and making...