Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Parting is such sweet sorrow

The house is still now. My wife and I are the only ones up. The gaggle of guests are still in bed which will only last for short time. When the kids hear my wife in the shower they will burst out of their room then reluctantly their father, P, will lumber forth to greet this new day. 

Last night sleep was elusive for me and with the amount of times my wife was up, for her too. I know what her issue is, pain, but as for me who knows why my mind was generating the strange dreams it was.

I hear the kids stirring now and I know their dad will not be far behind. As for me I will have to end this entry quickly lest I face the onrush of children wanting to play with the personal confuser.

This morning the goals are simple, get the gang fed. Next comes the packing and the inevitable searching for lost little items which we already had a taste of last night at the Sister-in-law's. Then will come the short relaxing wait until it's time to go. The drive to the jet port down in the big city, one last coffee and the tears/hugs/laughter of the farewells.

Well I hear the little ones coming down the stairs so I have to run, wish me luck. From up here North of Disorder I bid you good day.   

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The final days

I've been sitting here with breakfast and coffee musing at the way things have been. These last few weeks have seen us with a gaggle of guests under foot. There were good times and these vastly out weighted the minor inconveniences. My only regret is not having done more for them. 

Yesterday we were all at my Brother-in-law's place for the afternoon. It was a nice time with the kids running around and us adults talking adult stuff. One real good thing about the visit was I got to borrow an OBD II reader so after everything settles down I will take a look at the old grey beast and find out what ails it. 

Today it's off to meet up with them at my Sister-in-law's new/old cottage. Then later in the day we will be off to dinner with the crowd at a fancy Japanese restaurant. The kind where the chef cooks the meal with a great amount of ceremony, flames and all, right in front of you. All that will be missing is some samurai sword play.

 Finally it will be back here for the last night. I'm planning on making a round of Monte Christos to sip on as we talk about life, the universe and everything on our deck, or inside if the little buzzing vampires are too numerous.

Links time. Warning, some politics will be involved. 

When we got home last night I went on the personal confuser to check the news and my email. One of the first stories I came across just smacked me right between the eyes. One of the screen greats, Gene Wilder, has passed away. He was eighty three years old and was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It was complications from Alzheimer's disease that led to his untimely demise. 

I came to the conclusion early in life that even though Quebec was part of Canada, the province was nothing more that a third world wanna be. There are many reasons for thinking this, the language laws are a good example. Then I see something like this which only serves to confirm my feelings. 

Hey do you like to BBQ? Are you sad you have to leave your vegan friends off the invitation list? Fear no more friends, help has arrived.    

UFO on positive track... Or at least the radio signals are

Like cat and mouse the electronic war continues. First it was the radar gun and the countermeasure developed was the radar detector. Then came along the laser guns and now we have, as a countermeasure, a device that will defeat the laser. If it were not for the cost I might be tempted to try this out. When I say cost I mean the cost of the unit and the cost of the fines if one is caught. 

Enough with this I must be going.  I shall endeavor to blog again on the morrow. That is all from my little corner of the world up here North of Disorder.  


Monday, 29 August 2016

No plan ever survives contact with the enemy

For the last few days I have been watching as the planning for our gaggle of guests has changed and shifted and been rearranged by other members of the family and it has made me smile. I think it's cool that we are a group of people who are flexible enough to adapt to various situations.   

There is an old military maxim that says no plan ever survives contact with the enemy and that is the situation around here. The original game plan was for us to meet with the gang at a nice restaurant for some Japanese food tonight then tomorrow at my brother-in-laws place and finally back here and off to the jetport.  That has morphed into our meeting the gang at my Brother-in-laws place after lunch today and tomorrow we will do the Japanese food thing. In addition to the restaurant we will spend a day at the cottage of my other brother-in-law swimming in the river. Then after all that it's back here then off to the jetport. 

Looking at the way things have evolved over the last two weeks with our house guests, like a schizophrenic I'm of two minds about their upcoming departure. One part of me loves having them here and they are a lot of fun. The conversations with P have been a real eye opener and the kids are adorable just as most eight year old kids are. On the other hand the getting up at sunrise seven(ish) in the morning is a killer. Oh well only two more days then the tears, hugs and farewells. 

Links time...

It looks like the weiner is at it again. I guess it will be another round of media frenzy with this story. It's not like Anthony Weiner hasn't done this before. On the plus side this sort of thing makes for good TV drama.

This is a group of people whose hearts are in the right place but their brains aren't. These self centered hypocrites don't want Energy East built for the sake of the environment. Meanwhile these fools will drive around in their gas fueled cars and use oil in hundreds of ways every day.

Then there is Montreal mayor Denis the Hutt who is only protesting this in order to shake down the federal government and the pipeline corporation for more cash. Sadly there are those in power who will actually listen to these fools while people in Alberta starve. 
Oh what to do when you escape custody and the authorities publish a pic of you that is very unflattering. Of course the answer is simple, send them a better pic.

Nothing like visiting the fall fair and sitting down to a big dish of deep fried... what?

Space in the newer condos is at a premium these days. The bigger the unit the more you get to fork out. Well here may be an answer to little condos.

You think there may be problems with the internet now? Just you wait until the UN takes over.

That's all I got so until the morrow that is all from up here North of Disorder.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday ramblings

I have an admission to make, I'm on Twitter (@MJR7). I take around a half hour per day looking at the tweets of the 38 people I follow. This is where I find some of the best political and satirical links. Sometimes, like yesterday, I get to watch a melt down. 

One of the people (Michelle Rempel, MP) didn't like a post by a comedian (Mark Critch) about her old boss, the now retired Stephen Harper and she went at him. She was very upset, even using the f-bomb and calling him an a**hole. By last night it was all over the media with stories on line, on TV and even the radio. Today I looked again to see it the story was still circulating to find it's all but dead. 

Seeing the melt down in real time by a member of parliament was enlightening. I guess they are only human too. I have had my moments on line and I've learned not to post anything when I'm angry for at least twenty four hours. This is my version of anger management. I have a feeling that Ms. Rempel is going to have (or already had) a talk with her boss, Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose. The subject of this conversation... probably anger management.

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day where I said to heck with the chores. The highlight of the day was first hearing the Wright Cyclone engines, then seeing, for a moment as it flew over, a fully restored second world war B-17G Flying Fortress bomber. For the past few days it's been located at a nearby airport where the staff have been giving tours and, for a few bucks, giving people rides. As much as I would love a ride in a heavy the price is just a little too high. 

Last night I was in bed late so I was up late this morning. I see by the clock that I have frittered away half the day already so today is going to be a repeat of yesterday with my being in relax mode. As for tomorrow, I'll worry about it when it becomes today. 

Here are a few links for you. Spoiler alert, some are political in nature.

There are those who say that the more adult we are the more need there is to play and let off steam. I, for one, would never stand in the way of a person having fun even if he kills himself doing it. I'm sure the guy who did this is going to be nominated for a Darwin Award in the near future.

If Chuck Norris takes a stand against it the problem must be serious.  

The Olympics are over and done with. The athletes have gone home to their respective countries, to homecomings some of which were good and some... not so much. I remember hearing stories about losers reporting back to the former USSR and getting punished but I always thought they were just stories. Then there is Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe who wasn't happy with the results his athletes had. So what's the answer, order the whole Zimbabwean Olympic Team members arrested and detained the over dismal performance. I guess life under Rhodesian prime minister Ian Smith doesn't look that bad now, does it?

That's about all I got for today. That's it for me from North of Disorder.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday musings

I was up this morning not because of the dreaded alarm clock but because of the dreaded bladder. Once that issue was dealt with I returned to slumber land for another hour. Yes our gaggle of guests are with my sister-in-law for the weekend.

Right now as I churn out the blog I'm sitting here with the personal confuser resting in my lap sipping a coffee and enjoying the lack of rushing about. Don't get me wrong I like the kids and the cousin more than I can admit to, I just like the peace and quiet as well.

Once I get a little motivated and cleaned up (morning's half gone and I'm still in my bathrobe) I am going to tackle some chores. The lawn and a few other things have been left wanting. But for now I'm just going to relax.

Links for you to look at and wonder about. Spoilers... some are political in nature.

When I read this story a little earlier this morning it brought a smile to my lips. The last Prime Minister (Harper) was a fan of the big stick and loved to have the Ministry of National Defence deploy combat troops all over. Our bright shiny brand new Prime Minister (Trudeau) campaigned on a promise the military would be used for peace keeping not fighting. To that end the Minister has announced a commitment of a battalion sized force to one of five locations in Africa. There is only one tiny little problem with this, the good folks at the UN want these guys for "peace making" not "peace keeping." Peace making is a nice way of saying this will be a combat mission. I wonder how big the butchers bill will be this time. 

The mayor of Montreal and the PQ are at it again. They are calling for the hearings on Energy East to be suspended. Once again there is the attempt at a shake down of the federal government as the mayor tries for more money and the PQ tries to show it is still relevant. Who cares about the damage to thousands of lives in Alberta as long as Montreal gets a bigger cut of the action. I wonder how they would feel if the Feds said yes to their request then reallocated funds from transfer payments from Quebec to Alberta? 

This story reminded me of a chat I had with an old friend about cleaning out portable crappers and finding cell phones. Looks like this guy couldn't wait for the clean out crew to get his phone back. Once again  we find in reality you can't fix stupid. 

With this my last link in today's blog I give you an awwww moment

I have to go and turn myself into a human being so that's it for now from me up here North of Disorder.

Friday, 26 August 2016

A moving experience

Today we were all up early. We were up by dawn's early light for breakfast and getting the crowd on the road. It's relocation day. Later we're off to my sister-in-law's place where our guests will spend a few days. It's kind of bitter sweet for us, I know we will see them over the next few days but I was just getting used to getting up at "oh my God it's early." They return to our humble abode on Tuesday for their last night. No we are not going to off them, they are home bound on Wednesday. 

Last night I was checking our some links while there was a lull in the action. I found a story about an app I use regularly, WhatsApp. Two years ago the owners of Facebook bought WhatsApp. At the time I saw news about this purchase I had a little trepidation but I didn't think too much about it because of two things. First when the announcement was made the two companies stated for the record that nothing would change regarding the privacy of users.
The second thing was that I'm stupid.

Stupid for actually entertaining the idea that a company would not be callous enough to treat it's customers like chattel. It was bad enough when I had to deal with FaceBook issues for using an adblocker, now to find out that WhatsApp is as bad as MS messenger regarding personal information privacy is a bit of a kick in the chops. Well at least I'm not alone in being pissed.

Now it looks like cash comes first and privacy comes second to the Facebook crowd. I know there will be some who read this blog and will think meh but the simple fact of life today is information is currency.  So now I'm on the hunt for anither messanger app that will not use my information as a bartering chip. The two biggest questions that I have to ask are who do I trust and who do they serve? 

OK enough already with the tinfoil hat stuff for this morning, here are a few links for you. 

I said it yesterday and I will say it again today... Change your password and run your antivirus and while I'm at it, stop downloading and running stuff you haven't scanned.

So it's dinner time and you feel like a little KFC however you don't feel like going out for it and they don't deliver. Oh what to do, what to do... Well you could always make your own and just for you here are the eleven secret herbs and spices. Yes the secret ain't so secret any more.   

Note to all those who come to our fair shores in search of a better life and end up driving a cab, you may want to think of a plan B because it looks like your days may be numbered. Sorry. 

When I was a kid one of the lessons that was beaten into imparted to me was to play nice. The reason for playing nice is twofold, civility is the grease that lubricates the gears of life's interactions and if you piss off somebody they may just do this.

Some times I have to simply stop and reread what had been written in a story because of the silliness that is involved. This is one of those stories... 

Oh dear me, look at the time... have to run. That's it for me from my outpost of sanity up here North of Disorder.



Thursday, 25 August 2016

Just another day in the life...

The morning started well enough by my pretending to be asleep and letting my wife get up first. Before you say anything, yes I am a nasty, evil husband but in my defense I did clear the dishes after a wonderful meal... so there.  

While my wife got the first meal of the day sorted out, I had to make a fast trip to the corner store for maple syrup. You see I had failed in the 7P principal and not made sure that we had enough for the pancakes. Ah yes we had blueberry pancakes this morning. Tomorrow I am leaning towards french toast but that is a decision for another day. 

As I write this the kids are upstairs watching one of the pirate movies. The funny thing is they love these movies but the movies are in English and they only speak German. Later today when my wife returns from getting her hair done we are going to venture forth with the gaggle of guests to a nearby beach. This seems to be what the kids like to do the most and if it makes them happy, I'm happy.

Well so much for the update, here are a few links for you...

A few weeks ago I ended my association with Facebook. This got me in a little hot water with the Misses but ended it I did. The reason at the time was how FB dealt with my use of an ad blocker. Now it comes to light there are other reasons for ditching this service.

In the past whenever I have traveled I have made it a point to become as familiar as I could with the local customs. This guy is a practicing Muslim (the religion of love and peace) so of course he never bothered.

Every now and again as a libertarian I come across something like this and it makes me smile and fantasize.

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, change your password.

Not being a woman I keep hearing the whining what a hectic life women and mothers in particular have. I guess multitasking was the reason this moron mom was seen doing this.

Cheaters never win and when they do win it is only for a few years.

I don't know who these folks are but I like 'em because they have the same sense of humor have. The only difference is he is more mechanically inclined than I am. 

That is about it for today from up here North of Disorder. So until the morrow TTFN.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The automotive slippery slope...

I have an old car. It isn't only old in years (bought new in 2008) it is old in kilometers (just turned 329000) which means that things can and will go wrong with it. A few weeks ago I had it e-tested so the environmental weenies would get their couple of bucks and feel better about themselves. When I got the grey beast done I was surprised that it actually passed.

Night before last I went out to fetch dinner for the crowd since my wife and I were in no mood to cook. About half way to the chicken place I noticed the yellow check engine light had come on. Not one to panic at the sight of a check engine light (it's yellow not red) I held off dealing with it until the the gang was gone yesterday afternoon. Since I don't own and OBD II reader and I really don't want to spend the bucks on a car that could be thought of as an octogenarian, I did the simple thing. I reset the system by disconnecting the car battery for a few seconds then hooking it back up again. This was the equivalent to turning it off and on again. 

The fix lasted until I went in to town yesterday afternoon. Around ten kilometres into the trip I noticed the check engine light was on again.  I checked with my brother-in-law and sure as the sun rose this morning he has an OBD II reader. Now after the guests leave in a week I'll head over to his place and borrow it to see what the problem is. I'm not too worried, odds are the issue is something to do with the emissions plumbing. If it's not a critical issue and I can run the car for a while all the better. But if it's serious and the beast is living on borrowed time then it's time to put it down.

Here are a few links for you...

Our bringer of light and truth The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau  is bound and determined to bring marijuana to the masses. I think the next step, if he gets wind of  this, could be "far out man."

A  lot of the folks whose blogs I read are totally opposed to voting which is fine given the actual odds of changing the outcome of any political race. The only issue is when one lays down and does nothing, this happens.

Other folks are adamant that if things in the (not so) United States go south they will "rise up" just like in 1776 and all will be put right. The only tiny issue with this fallacy is the other side may just have a plan for that.

Here you are, a home owner who finds a B&E when he gets home and calls the cops.  One little thing, the home owner is Black and this is America. Can you guess what happened?

There are certain localities where the authorities use an item called a boot on cars. A boot is actually a clamp that prevents the car from being driven away. Like most things done by the authorities if someone puts their mind to it, like this car owner, there is a work around

When I see things like this, I can't help but wonder what kind of seasoning this guy used.

Well I think that's about enough frivolity for now. I have a group of travelers to attend to so that's it from up here, North of Disorder.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

They travel and I make or mend

Yesterday saw us travelling down to the falls, Niagara Falls that is. The day stated well enough and was OK except for a few minor things. For a while it looked like there was some sort of conspiracy afoot to slow us down. For example when I gassed up the truck and we all got going, my wife (the driver of record) started towards the exit to the highway. Withing seconds we were cut off and had to stop then almost out another vehicle tried to intercept us. This was the sort of behaviour that was encountered time and again all the way down to the falls and back home. It was a good thing my wife was driving and not me, I would have lost it around the second incident and did something really stupid. My wife handled the driving chore very well. 

last night was a movie night. We sent the kids upstairs to watch  some Pirate movies and our guest P asked to watch Firefly. We watched a couple of episodes and the movie. The only issue was I could not for the life of me find the remote control so I had to do a work around.  I hadn't watched Firefly for a long time and had forgot what a refreshing serious it was. Tonight it will be round two of firefly for us adults and round two of pirate movies for the kids.. 

This morning I was up at the new normal of seven (I can't believe people get up this early) AM. I was at a total loss about what to fee our hungry hoard and I almost panicked. After assessing the options we had bacon (hey everybody likes bacon OK) and cheese sandwiches. After clearing away the dishes and assorted foreign objects and debris I sat down, coffee in hand to write this blog. 

Today I managed to get out of the travelling to the beach, we are a little short of supplies and a laundry needs to be done desperately. Outwardly my wife is OK with this, inwardly I'm just not so sure.  I know, I'm an evil person and at some future date I will be reminded of this

Here are a few links for you...

It isn't really a party until a few hundred drunk people who are drifting down a river get blown off course and into another country. There were police, coast guard, customs and a few other agencies involved in the rescue of these poor drunk fools. A few, not wanting the hassles of going to another country, tried to swim back and almost became Darwin statistics. In the end a good time was had by all, well at least from all the party folks. 

"If you pass this I will quit." Ummm... "If you pass this I might quit." Ummm... "If you pass this I may stay and deal with it." Indecision may or may not be the Canadian Green Party leader's problem

Poor Mrs. Clinton, when you do right nobody remembers but when you do wrong nobody forgets. Then again there has been so much wrong that she has done verses so little good it's a wonder she has any support at all. 

Remember playing "hide and go seek" when you were a kid? Well these guys certainly haven't forgotten.

I remember watching one of those old Indiana Jones movies (The lost Crusade) a long time ago. In the movie one of the characters drank from the wrong cup and died horribly and the knight guarding the treasure says "He chose poorly." Well that statement just about sums up what this guy did.

Here is another example of "ya can't fix stupid." I thing that is this guys wife is like any other normal wife this event will be something he will never live down. 

Time to hang it up for the day I got work to be done so that's all from up here North of Disorder.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Road trip...

Yesterday I was a little under the weather. I had come down with an ailment commonly known as the twenty four ounce flu. After managing to get the bomb detonation site formally known as my home back in order the gang went of to parts unknown. My response to “Hey lets go out for a while” was simply to say no. There was a short attempt at trying to convince me to go but each argument that was raised garnered a simple response... no.

Before they left while I sat there wallowing in my own personal misery because of the evil drink and the never ending pain in my cranium, our God daughter brought me a treat. She gave me a plate of blueberry pancakes. These pancakes look soooooo yummy and I would love to eat a couple except for the fact they are made of play-doh. Well at least the thought was there.

A little later the gang returned to the abode and I was reminded that I had committed to going over to one of the neighbours with the kids so they could try the zipline. How cool is it that one of my neighbours has a zipline? I remember him putting it up back in may and testing it out. He ran the line over a fountain and sure enough didn't leave enough height to clear it. The video is nothing short of classic with all the chills and spills one would get from any adventure.

On today's agenda is a road trip to Niagara Falls with two kids of the eight year old variety who don't speak english. It should make for an interesting time. Well my wife is giving me the eye so I got to wrap this up. That's about all from North of Disorder.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The day after

All my fears came to nothing yesterday. I always get a case of the nerves just before the event starts. A little voice in the back of my head starts asking if anyone will show up. 

We had a good turnout with lots of fun being had by all. The pig turned out fine and with very little left over. The guys playing giant jenga were a hoot. Every now and then as conversations were going on and the music played there would be this amazing crash of the fifty four giant blocks coming down. These blocks were made of two by fours that are a little over ten inches long so when they fall everybody knows. 

This morning saw me recovering from the drunk fairy and her two by four want to the back of the head last night. After the scotch/bourbon/beer/whisky last night for some reason I'm not as functional as I normally would be, not that I am that functional the start with. A short time ago I choked down some breakfast with a side order of very strong coffee and extra strength aspirins. All that did was make the inside of my scull a little more habitable. If I can survive the next few hours all will be fine, pray for me. 

Yesterday was very memorable with so friends that I hadn't seen in way to long. My wife's godfather was here and it was good catching up with him and his wife. He may be in his late eighties by he still has all his marbles. My golf buddy was here with tails of his new home. One of the things he has now is a boat. With him the game plan is simple, after our house guests leave in a couple of weeks I'm going to join him for a day on the river fishing. being the lazy squeamish guy I am, it will be catch and release, but that's OK. 

So as for me the aspirins are kicking is so it's time to get my little humble home back to normal. Until tomorrow that about wraps it up from up here North of Disorder. 



Saturday, 20 August 2016

The countdown is on...

The sun is up on this fine day and, so far, things are going well. Today is the day of the pig. Not the political or police kind, the roast kind. Right now it's the calm before the storm. As soon as the blog is done I'm going to spring into action. There are the little details that have to be taken care of like going to get the pig to be done but having done this many times all will be fine. Weather wise there is a chance of rain but nothing that can't be worked around.

Tomorrow I will have a few pics to post but until then here are a few links. 

When you are going to take a topless pic of your self it's a bad thing to post it on the internet, doubly so if you are an officer in the RAF

Here is a guy who was simply sitting on a bench when the police were called. His crime was being in Knight's Armour.

I have a long way to go but when I hit the big one hundred I hope I'm like this old gal.  

One thing about the American election a lot of folks, there is always a choice

Those people in Quebec, having grown up there I always said they had no sense of humor.  

Well that's about it from me up here North of Disorder. Duty calls and I must go.

Friday, 19 August 2016

One step forward, one step back

Today I was up and that's a good thing. This getting up at a time I very seldom see is starting to grind me down. I keep telling myself it's only for a short time so I shall prevail. In this  I'm not alone my wife, who is also a late riser, is in the same boat and suffering as I suffer.

Yesterday I was at the Doctor's office and, as I suspected he would, he tossed me another curve ball. One the one hand I do have a kidney stone, just one not two. It is lodged inside the left kidney and it's a big one at a little over six milometers in size. The stone is not, in this lifetime, going to pass. On the other hand this stone is not the cause of my woes. The stone is not obstructing anything and I don't have anything in the tube to the bladder.

I asked him what could be causing the pain and his response was one that almost sent me into low earth orbit. After hemming a bit he made a few suggestions and I called him on it. I simply asked what was the most likely explanation. His answer was a shrug and to tell me he was a urologist and that wasn't his field but I should, however, still drink a lot of water. He wants me to have an ultrasound in April of 2017 to check on the stones progress. One thing about the stone, if it ever starts to travel I will be in one big world of hurt. Deal with a kidney stone proactively before all the pain? That is not the way it works my friend.

So here I sit a day later and still in pain. The anger has subsided but for a while I will admit to thinking some seriously bad thoughts. Thoughts that, if I were to share them here and anything happened to this chump doctor would make the authorities put under a microscope. It's a good thing that I really believe in the Non Aggression Principal.  Oh well, it sucks to be me I guess. So it's time for me to stop bitching about this and start getting on with things.

Today the gang is going to the beach and into town foe a little shopping while I get to stay here and do house work. Tomorrow is the pig roast and I will be glad when that's over. I always think the worst (bad weather, nobody shows up etc.) is going to happen. I guess it brings out the pessimist in me. 

It's time for me to get boots on the ground and get some work done. That's it for me from up here north of disorder. 

* Housekeeping note: Tomorrow's blog will be a lot late or not at all due to things beyond my control. Pray for me...

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Another dawn, another early day

Another day of up and at 'em at "oh my goodness it's early" in the morning. I honestly have no idea how my house guest P does it. This morning my wife and I took the easy way out and took the gang to a good old fashioned diner for a big breakfast. Stupid me I was so tired I just pulled a couple of bills out and paid for the meal. The owner caught me a couple of minutes later and asked if I really meant to tip so well. Turns out I had given her a 50% tip as opposed to the 15% tip I had planned. That's one of the nice things about being a regular at this place, the owner is not only the one who brings the food she is a friend and friends don't screw friends over.

Now I'm back at home while my wife takes the gang out to some touristy spots. While they are off gallivanting I will be doing some house work and getting ready for my trip this afternoon to the doctor's office. 

I am feeling a little trepidation about this visit, every time I have seen this quack doctor he has managed to do something totally unexpected. For example when I saw him in May I fully expected to be in an OR within a week to take care of these damn stones. Not happy with the ultrasound he sends me for a CT scan. 

Time passes... 

I got the CT scan a week and a half ago and today I should find out if when I will be free of the pain. This weekend we have a good old fashioned pig roast with a lot of guests. My big fear is he will tell me the procedure will be Saturday and I will be well and truly screwed.  My biggest mistake with all this was not going to emerge when the pain first reared it's ugly head. The last time I had a stone  it was dealt with within hours. Well you live and learn or you don't live long I guess. 

Here are a few links for you to look at and think about. 

A pedal powered car should be good enough to get
around Ottawa with for the MP's.
One thing I have always hated about those few who govern us many is the "do as I say not as I do" attitude. The push is on from the provincial and federal governments for us to go green and start using electric cars. At the same time the ministers responsible don't want electric vehicles because they don't have charging stations at their offices. I guess that with all the people at their beck and call, not one knows how to install a plug. From their lofty positions I don't think, they even realize there ain't enough charging stations for us peons too. 

It's starting to look like there may be a few who don't like Mrs Clinton  and are under the opinion that it may be a bad thing with her at the top.

In your guts you know Montreal politicians are nuts. They are starting another crackdown on dogs in Montreal, pit-bulls to be more precise. Like guns it's always easier to demonize an object (guns or dogs) then to correct the behavior of individuals who do wrong. A dog takes it cue from the training  it gets. If the dog is mistreated it will do bad things just like if a firearm is mistreated it will do bad things. Time to deal with the cause not the symptom of the problem.

Funny thing about being in a foreign country, when I judge orders someone not to leave the country they usually mean it. Why is this happening? When a story that puts the authorities in a bad light comes out, the authorities may want to know the truth. The main issue here is how the stories from four people are filled with discrepancies.

Venezuelan police are chopping up guns. The reason, to fight crime and where are these guns coming from, those who are not criminals. It's win-win situation. The government get to be seen cracking down with the side effect that the overthrow of the government is that much harder. The criminal have less to worry about when committing an offense when the public is disarmed.  

That's about all from me up here North of Disorder. 

BTW please feel free to let me know in comments if your are not happy with the politics of my links.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Our little B&B

Yesterday my wife and I split our resources, she had the hard part and went to meet our guests at the airport and I was in charge of dinner. After a little delay with entering the country or as our house guest P put it, customs was "a re-enactment of nine eleven", my wife whisked them away and brought them to our little bead and breakfast (and lunch and dinner and snacks etc.) in the country. Yesterday I enjoyed the last quiet respite I will have for the next couple of weeks. Joking aside I love having them here, P is one of the coolest people I know and his two little girls are wonderful. .

Shopping with the gang
This morning we were up at seven (oh my God it's early) o'clock with the kids and so it began. It was shower, shave and shove off time and we hit the road running. First stop was the deli, then a quick visit to the druggist, a world wind trip for some groceries and last (but never least) a stop for ice cream. All this was done before eleven this morning. 

I haven't a clue about how my friend P does it with two eight year old kids. I suspect that if I were in charge there would be a string of visits from the child welfare people.

Right now we adults are in recover mode with my lovely wife and house guest having a little nap. After I finish with this I'm going to join them. This getting up at "Oh my God it's early" is for the birds. 

So here are a few links for you .

It is starting to look like democracy is in trouble around the world. With what is going on in Europe added to the happenings in the United States and  (not to be out done) in the middle east, it sure does look like there could be issues with the way things are going. I think the media is going a bit chicken little in the quest for market share but that's just me. 

Then again while it may not be the end of democracy it might be the start of a zombie apocalypse. After all what else would explain somebody doing this?  

Speaking of zombies here is an example in nature if it happening. Lucky for us, it's not people... yet. However the end result could be just as bad seeing it's the honey bee that's effected.  

It has been said that justice moves slowly and from personal experience I can attest to that fact. Here is an example from England where this guy had been on the enforcement radar for two decades. All it took was one stupid mistake then on go the steel bracelets and he's off to the crowbar hotel. So remember kids if you are going to do something silly only do it once or the authorities will take notice and come get you. 

Looks like the IT guys don't take their own advice so here is a reminder... Change your password!    

You can give a guy a fancy title and the training to go with it but in the end we all know ya can't fix stupid.

By the way my guest has spoken up about this blog and says I should be a little more political so I am going to add a few political links with commentary as time goes on.

That's about it from me up here North of Disorder.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Want to make God laugh? Tell 'em your plans...

Today is the big day, arrival. I have to admit wile I'm looking forward to it the thought of two rambunctious eight year old kids who can't really speak english is a little daunting. Oh well as one of my old friends used to say, we shall overcome.

Here's a riddle for you. How can you make God laugh? Tell him your plans.

The last batch of house guests we had was back in March. It was cold, wet and miserable and  there was even an ice storm during the visit. The damage from that ice storm was in the millions with lots of trees down including one that took out my brother-in-laws power. This time around I'm hoping for better luck with the weather but since I can't salt the clouds all I can do is hope and, well you know, hope some more. Do I detect a faint giggle from up above? As for me there are a few last minute things to do around the place and then it will be time to relax until my wife picks up the gang.  

So here are some links for you...

 I read this story and found it to be a little puzzling. I get to pay the bank for the bank to keep and use my money to make themselves more money?  I wonder how long it will be before banks on this side of the pond catch on to this. 

Here is a perfect example of the "opportunities are everywhere all a person has to do is think outside the box" adage being true.

There are few things that I like better than to sit in my comfy chair with a good book and have some nice soft music on it the background. While I have been known to have spent a few bucks over the years on my sound system, this is crazy.  

Like listening to good music and reading good books java is something I am also fond of. However like the aforementioned link there are limits to what I will do. While buying this isn't crazy it's borderline stupid which is something the hipsters love. 

First there was flat Stanly, then there was the traveling gnome and now there is a runaway rubber ducky? Where will this madness end? 

Oh dear look at the time, I have to run so that's it for today from up here North of Disorder.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Don't panic

The time has come for this typical guy to get off his butt and get things done around here. I have successfully managed to fritter away all but this day of lead time for the arrival of our guests. So once this blog is out it will be time to hit the big red panic button. In reality I've been here before  so it ain't no big deal. All this means is that today will be a long one. 

Today is the 15th of August which was the day that my dear departed Mother-in-law came into this world. It's funny but I miss her just like I miss my Father-in-law. Those two were better parents to me than my own were. This afternoon my wife and I will visit her resting place, leave her some flowers and cry a little the way we do every year. 

Here are a few links for you...

Remember when you were a little kid and sat too close to the TV? Remember how your mom would yell at you and tell you all about going blind?  Well friends it's worse than that

Since we are on the road down memory lane here is another one for you. Remember at work how your IT guy kept bugging you to change your password on a regular basis? Remember how you blew him off? Well here is a person who wishes desperately that she had listened.  Actually it's the whole group that wishes they had listened.

Thinking about computers and hackers and the issues involved here is another one to think about. What happens in a few years when you get into a driver-less car, punch in your destination card, feed in your credit card. The car drives away with you in the back and soon you find that you have been hijacked remotely

Here is a heist of gargantuan proportions and I for one would love to know how these guys are going to fence their stolen goods.

Have you ever watched a friend self destruct? That's the way I feel whenever I see stories like this and I'm seeing more and more of them. It saddens me greatly to see a great country devolving into third world status

Well the end has come for me from up here North of Disorder for today. It's now time for me to get some work done.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wasn't that a party

Yesterday was a day of merriment. Today is Sunday a day of rest and recovery. Well not that much rest, we have visitors due in later on Tuesday and as "they" say - things to do an places to go. 

The recovery part comes from being over at Doctor J's place last night for a party and BBQ. Let us just say I may have had a little to many wee drams of malt. I was drinking single malt Scotch with a hint of water and by the time my lovely wife extricated us for the event I was feeling no pain what-so-ever. One piece of knowledge that comes with age is there really ain't no such thing as a free lunch. This morning it was time to pay the piper (get it? Scotch - piper) but it really wasn't that bad. I just suffered with a very mild headache and a slight feeling of lethargy.

In case you were wondering the remedy for a hangover is simple, first don't drink gut rot and second have at least two big glasses of water before bed. It's the gut rot that is nasty with a lot of evil toxins in it and the water helps to flush out the system and hydrate you. You may have a bit of a hangover in the morning but it will be a lot less than normal.

Doctor J throws a heck of a party with all sorts of merriment, plenty of good food, drink, music and  conversation. Where I draw the line is... games.  I'm the guy you always see at any party with games standing off to the side laughing at the crowd. Last night the first game I watched the good folks play was water balloon toss. Simple really several pairs of intoxicated guests play catch with water balloons.

What could go wrong there?

What makes it interesting is after every two tosses the pairs get farther apart so things get a little dicier with each throw. I watched (and laughed) when neighbours R and V managed to do several tosses and V finally missed. The water balloon impacted right in the centre of V's chest. For several seconds she just stood there while here husband tried to look innocent then the smiles and laughter. On the good side their home was only a short distance away so off she went to change. As for the others who got soaked and were not close enough to go home and change, well nobody forced them to play.

This morning I was up at the crack of eight thirty-ish and after coffee (the morning elixir of life) and some sustenance I was hard at work doing the final touches to my personal confuser. I successfully managed to import all my Firefox bookmarks and all the old files from the old HP. I will admit at first I was a bit miffed ("Am I going to have to take this piece of censored and smash it with a hammer to get it to censored work?!?!") things were a little harder then they should have been. This morning I did the un-guy thing and looked up the process with the aid of the help function. Oh my goodness it was just so easy. I just may have to break down and use help more often.

My bad I didn't really take a look for links while I was dealing with file and settings transfers so I ain't going to post any today. My excuse, well I don't really have one so suck it up. I promise to do better on the morrow.  

That's about for me from up here North of Disorder.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Yesterday's over my shoulder

Yesterday is dead and gone. It's time to stop looking over my shoulder. Time for the head to be up and eyes forward as I forge my way ahead. As birthdays go it was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Actually it wasn't that bad after all. On the good side my wife was nice enough to let me be moody and pout a little. After all these years she is well used to my antics and lets me run only so far. Then with a subtlety only long married women have, she reminded me of what I have to look forward to.

As the song says: "I've got to stop wishin', got to go fishin' I'm down to rock bottom again." This Thursday I'll be visiting with the Doc and ending my wishing for these two stones to be gone. Right now the pain is just enough to bring me to rock bottom. Soon I will be finding out when I will be free of these kidney stones. When that is done it will be time to get on with living, on with enjoying life.
I feel the need for speed...

On the bad side my personal confuser died. Well only the part that connects to the Internet died but that was enough. I could have went in and picked up a USB plug in replacement and saved a lot of bucks but hey it was my birthday so I picked up a new one. This personal confuser is stronger, faster etc. than the old one. My old personal confuser has been on it's last legs for a while now. Back in March with a house load of guests present I managed to drop it off my lap and it was never the same since.  Gravity is not a friend to sensitive electronics. At it's best the old personal confuser was slow on the Internet. Then there were the typing keyboarding issues. It was regular for there to be double letters. Ever wonder why I would write thee as opposed to the? The issue was the old keyboard. As for my new PC, well a picture is worth a lot of words.

Here is a pair of links for you. 

Over the past few days I have actually started to watch some of the Olympics. Watching these kids (hey I can call 'em that, I'm retired) do their thing with all the agony of the losers and the joy of the winners is cool. This morning I was reading the statement that a American soccer goalie had made after loosing in a shootout. Oh boy was she mad and when angry one should never talk to the media.  

I was just reading this story and my first thought was good for this guy stepping up. Leave it to a guy to step forward when no women wanted to compete for the title of wine queen. I think he will be a good one as long as he shaves his legs.   

That's all I got for links.

On the agenda this afternoon is to find a way to transfer all my files, my pics, docs, Internet links, everything from the old PC. It makes a big difference when I look for the funny stuff to post and I don't have the go to news sites to glean from. Then there is the party lifestyle that I have to live up to. My neighbor Doctor J is having a party today. Lucky guy just got married and retired. It should be fun time with all the other neighbors attending. As for me I shall be my normal self with a glass of scotch in one hand being oh so social. 

That is all for now from up here in the wilds North of Disorder.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Suns up, evertythings, OK I have survived into another day.

Happy birthday to me... Well here it is my birthday. The weather is kinda the way I feel with pop up thunderstorms in the offing. Summed up it's rather unsettled out there the same way it's rather unsettled between my ears. Well at least according to the death clock I will not be dropping dead any time soon. The predicted day that I am to be shuffling off this mortal coil is Sunday October 18, 2042 that is unless I do something real stupid. After all I have hopped trains in my youth and even ridden a moped off a pier the second year I was married so how knows what will get me. Who am I kidding? That was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

It's early yet so I'm not really sure how I'm going to spend the day. One thing is for sure, I am not going to sit here at the personal confuser and waste more of my life force, I don't have that much. Next week we have some house guests coming to stay for a few weeks and I have a bucket of things to get done before that happens. Screw it, today's my birthday and I don't wanna do anything. I will take care of the to-do list on the weekend. Right I'm thinking about going out and having a look around. Tonight I will be having a nice dinner with my lovely wife upon whose shoulder I can lament all my troubles. The poor girl, I have way to many things to lament about. 

Looking south I found another story about the cop in Florida who killed a seventy three year old woman during a training exercise. Turns out the senior staff knew that this guy was a fucking moron fool.    

Here is a guy who drinks blood, sleeps in a coffin considers himself to be a vampire yet wants to be treated like everybody else. Well here is a thought, if you want to be treated like everybody else then stop acting like a fool. 

When I was a kid a long time ago some of my friends complained about the way they were treated by the nuns. Being a non catholic I was never subjected to the corporal punishments they were. Well here are a group of nuns that would make my old friends pee themselves.  

This just in from California (granola country)...  The government in the land of fruits, nuts an flakes is in silly mode these days with plans to limit the methane generated by cows. Just how this is to be accomplished is beyond me. This is a case of creating a problem so as to be seen dealing with the problem which is something government employees are renown for.

Here is a public service announcement, memes are dead so stop it. That's right stop using them. 

Well that is all he wrote as they say (who are they that say this anyway?) from me to you from up here North of Disorder. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Oh what a silly bunt

Well don't I feel like a silly bunt. I finished yesterdays blog entry only to forget to publish it. If this is what growing older is going to be like I'm not sure I like it. Then again on the positive side one could say that everything old is new again. 

This fine day saw me up at the usual time after a toss an turn kinda night. We don't have AC and right now we are in the middle of a heat wave. One could say we have a little crotch pot cooking going on. 

Earlier I got to call my sister-in-law and wish her a  happy birthday. The poor thing has to work today. I can't feel too sorry for her or her husband, they live very well in cottage country employed in pretty good jobs that they like, so for them life is good. 

Tomorrow is that one day a year where I am reminded how things really are. There is a song titled Time by Pink Floyd. The last verse of this song in one of the most telling about aging:
Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over,
Thought I'd something more to say.
Time is one of the most telling songs ever written about aging and it reminds me of my own situation. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my birth and like the protagonist in the song I too am one day older, one day closer to death.  

Anyway that's enough of my whining, at least for today, and on that cheery note here are a few links for you...

A few days ago I sent an email with a link over to Clair Wolfe about a security flaw with Android which gives hackers the ability to spy on you. Today I was looking at the links on her blog which were dealing with more privacy issues. Then while I was looking at news stuff I came across this story about how even vibrators are spying on you.

I see our esteemed leader Kathleen Wynne is in the news again. Ms Wynne (with the help of her predecessor Dalton) has managed to successfully make Ontario more in debt than Quebec. Meh, it's just a payment that the other overachievers are going to have to pay. As for me, I went Galt so I don't really care.

After reading all the stories by authors like Robert A Heinlein and Carl Bussjaeger I'm happy to see some progress in making space exploration, moon mining to be precise. In the near future if this "takes off" (pun intended), mining the moon and asteroids will certainly shake things up with those dirt side.  

The other day I posted a link about a police officer who shot and killed a seventy three year old librarian during a shoot/don't shoot exercise. Turns out that this isn't his first fuck up mistake. He has quit other police forces before over excessive force issues. You would think the recruiting people would do their due diligence and look at someones past records when they are looking to employ somebody.   

Well I've about had enough so that about raps it up from up here North of Disorder.

Thumbs down...

Well the deed is done. I have officially cast Facebook adrift from my universe. I reviewed the  content and looked at the various issues such as spam ads and privacy. I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the headaches. I know that this means I will loose contact with some people but that's life. I may go back to the Facebook world sooner or later but right now the content is a waste of time for me. I honestly can't bring myself to care what others had for lunch or what hotel they are staying at or the new gizmo they just bought. I found that the amount of time I was spending on Facebook verses the amount of enjoyment it was bringing was a loosing proposition. 

Here are a few links for you.

I see in the news that the American fixation for misusing firearms continues. An eleven year old girl gets off her school bus, walks the short distance to her home and gets shot. In reality it turned out when she entered her home her dad shot her then he tried to cover up his mistake by rearranging things and lying to the police.

Then there is the issue of police training with firearms. How in Gods name does a bystander, who has nothing to do with a training exercise, end up being shot? When I was a member of the firearms team where I used to work we were not even able to bring real firearms to any training drills. On the rare times where we did, we certainly didn't have ammo with us.

The attacks from one side on the other in American politics continue. Recently there was a group of national security officials  posted a letter about how Mr.Trump would be reckless as a president. Meanwhile the Director of the FBI testified that the United States faces real threats from criminals, terrorists, spies... and Hillary Clinton

It's all fine with the Democrats, they are an inclusive party unlike the conservative Republicans. Just look at the fact the father of the mass murdered who killed forty nine in Orlando was invited to a Clinton function

Here is a curse that I would like a crack at breaking. It's too bad that money can't fix stupid. 

In the event that you may be looking for a new ride might I suggest this...  The builder only wants three million five hundred eighty three thousand and four hundred forty dollars. Hey, it's just a payment. 

New shiny

I was going to get my blood work done this morning, so I was up at the crack of nine thirty(ish). After doing the shower thing and making...