Saturday, 30 April 2016

Weekend Musings.

Well I actually managed to get a few things done today. Up and at 'em this morning and  the evolution into a human, done Then a peruse around the world wide web where I only noticed  a few things of interest. After which it was out and about. While on the scavenger hunt to complete the pick up list I managed to acquire a socket. A big socket, a socket so big it was big enough to swallow a... OK, sorry... getting a little carried away here. Anyway I needed a 1 1/8 inch deep socket to swap out a trailer ball on the back on my grey ghost. FYI I call my car the grey ghost because it is very near going to the bone yard and being turned into one. I would normally just swap out the hitch receiver but I have left it on so long the damn thing is rusted on. Before you ask, I could get it off with a little heat but then there is the melting plastic bumper and gas tank going boom thing to worry about. I have gone through several cans of penetrating oil to no use. I even had a guy at a garage give it a try and he failed.

The first store I went in was one of them big box types and it took a while to find that they didn't have any. I started to leave when one of Santa's little helpers shows up and asked if I had found what I was looking for. I told her no and I told her what I had come in for so back to the socket isle we went. With a great smile of accomplishment she points to a set of sockets that I had already seen. I look at the set and the price tag ($89.95) and explain again what I was looking for. "I'm sorry we don't have any individual sockets that large in stock." was here reply. Rather then being snaky for her wasting my time I smiled and left. I did manage to find one at the next place I stopped at and I bought it but I have to say for the price I paid ($11.95) this socket had better still be fully functional when the sun goes nova in a few billion years. BTW this may look like a lot of money but it's in Canadian funds so it's not that much.

After picking up the rest of the items on my list I returned home and swapped out that hitch ball. Funny how the right tool makes the job so much easier. 

Looking at the  web today the only thing I saw was the reaction to the beer smuggler who was acquitted yesterday. Looks like the Feds have jumped on the free trade withing Canada band waggon. Well better late then never I guess.
Who knows there may actually be free trade within Canada in my lifetime. I kinda doubt it with all the protectionists out there who would rather see limited sales instead of free commerce. After all it's a lot easier to sell a produce in a market with less competition.

Well I have to go and get the brats onto the BBQ. Relax,the brats were something I picked up at the deli. I don't have kids and I don't condone the eating of same. Anyway that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Good News Everyone!

Well my wife is out and about doing wife things while I sit here at the personal confuser. Relax I have already been out and about. The snow blower has been officially put to bed for the season with an oil change and re-position to the summer storage location. The lawn tractor is ready to go as is the little lawn mower. Add to all that I swept up some of the lawn, not a lot but some.  

I noted earlier while on the world wide web that in American news it looks like the Republicans are having a WTF moment. Every time I think I have a handle on the mud slinging that goes on in American politics I see something like this. All I have to say is that it's a good thing that dueling is not in vogue. If it were then a majority of this name calling would not happen. What was it that Heinlein said? "An armed society is a polite society." 

In Canada each province has it's own monopoly on the adult beverage business. For example if I want to buy a case of wine from British Columbia I can't. I can't drive out there and pick it up to bring back and I can't have it shipped. I must go through the Liqueur Control Board of Ontario and see if they will import it for me at additional cost. This is true with all the provinces and it's not limited to alcohol. There are a host of issues with inter-provincial free trade. There has been a movement to get these trade barriers struck down but they have had little or no effect... until now.
Gerard Comeau of Campbellton, N.B got caught bringing beer and wine home. He was fined and his beer and wine were taken. He fought the fine and today won his case. It turns out the Provincial law violates the Federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms according to the presiding judge. I'm not going to bore you with the minute details. Just click on the link. Personally I thing this is a step in the right direction. I have always wondered how Canada can have better free trade with other countries via treaties like NAFTA then we do internally. 

Well that's about enough out of me for now from up here North of Disorder.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Deliver us from Deliverology

Well it looks to be another nice day and the chores are going to be done in a short while. For now though here I sit at the personal confuser. I was looking at a few things last night and once again I came across the term "Deliverology." 

Our esteemed Prime Minister "Baby Doc" Trudeau is simply enthralled with the concept having not once but twice brought from the UK international governing guru Sir Michael Barber, the founder of the deliverology movement. Simply put it is a management strategy that gets more bang for the buck out of civil servants. On the surface, given the amount of cash public "servants" drain from the coffers, working on an ROI* system is a good thing. In reality deliverology has it's drawbacks as witnessed in the UK and in Ontario. The main actor in the Ontario debt saga was Gerald Butts who was the Principal Secretary to Dalton McGinty then head of the Ontario government. After Butts folded up his tent and left, Ontario had the highest debt in North America. Ontario debt is even higher then some states in the United States that are all but bankrupt. Now Mr. Butts is Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Justin "Baby Doc" Trudeau. 

While I was hunting around for an explanation on what deliverology was I came across this which pretty much sums up my fears...
“Who’s problem does ‘deliverology’ solve? The answer, to me at least, is obvious. It is the politician’s problem. They want to get re-elected. Moreover, they don’t want to think too hard and have a clear ‘position’ on any of the immensely complex issues they have power over  So if they can bluff their way along without upsetting anyone, regularly taking the political temperature, that’ll do nicely.
What’s this means for the rest of us is another issue. Critique and debate is neutralized by process. I suspect only when we become sick of the process itself and the state of our democracy will there be any kind redress. The politician’s problem is not everyone else’s problem. The politician solving their problem usually involves giving everyone else new problems. There’s positive feedback brewing with growing inequalities under the guise of democracy and ‘freedom’.”
 While I will be the first to admit that I am still a little fuzzy about how deliverology works, I suspect that it will not be good in the long run for Canadians. I see the implementation of deliverology is a direct invitation for the violation of Campbell's Law:
"The more any quantitative social indicator (or even some qualitative indicator) is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor."
Seeing the amount of debt that Ontario has to deal with in the wake of  Dalton McGinty and Gerald Butts and knowing Butts is the right hand guy for "Baby Doc" Trudeau I'm not that hopeful for our future. 

* Return on Investment

As for me that's about enough doom and gloom from up here North of Disorder.

“Who’s problem does ‘deliverology’ solve? The answer, to me at least, is obvious. It is the politician’s problem. They want to get re-elected. Moreover, they don’t want to think too hard and have a clear ‘position’ on any of the immensely complex issues they have power over  So if they can bluff their way along without upsetting anyone, regularly taking the political temperature, that’ll do nicely.
What’s this means for the rest of us is another issue. Critique and debate is neutralised by process. I suspect only when we become sick of the process itself and the state of our democracy will there be any kind redress. The politician’s problem is not everyone else’s problem. The politician solving their problem usually involves giving everyone else new problems. There’s positive feedback brewing with growing inequalities under the guise of democracy and ‘freedom’. ”
- See more at:

“Who’s problem does ‘deliverology’ solve? The answer, to me at least, is obvious. It is the politician’s problem. They want to get re-elected. Moreover, they don’t want to think too hard and have a clear ‘position’ on any of the immensely complex issues they have power over  So if they can bluff their way along without upsetting anyone, regularly taking the political temperature, that’ll do nicely.
What’s this means for the rest of us is another issue. Critique and debate is neutralised by process. I suspect only when we become sick of the process itself and the state of our democracy will there be any kind redress. The politician’s problem is not everyone else’s problem. The politician solving their problem usually involves giving everyone else new problems. There’s positive feedback brewing with growing inequalities under the guise of democracy and ‘freedom’. ”
- See more at:
“Who’s problem does ‘deliverology’ solve? The answer, to me at least, is obvious. It is the politician’s problem. They want to get re-elected. Moreover, they don’t want to think too hard and have a clear ‘position’ on any of the immensely complex issues they have power over  So if they can bluff their way along without upsetting anyone, regularly taking the political temperature, that’ll do nicely.
What’s this means for the rest of us is another issue. Critique and debate is neutralised by process. I suspect only when we become sick of the process itself and the state of our democracy will there be any kind redress. The politician’s problem is not everyone else’s problem. The politician solving their problem usually involves giving everyone else new problems. There’s positive feedback brewing with growing inequalities under the guise of democracy and ‘freedom’. ”
- See more at:
“Who’s problem does ‘deliverology’ solve? The answer, to me at least, is obvious. It is the politician’s problem. They want to get re-elected. Moreover, they don’t want to think too hard and have a clear ‘position’ on any of the immensely complex issues they have power over  So if they can bluff their way along without upsetting anyone, regularly taking the political temperature, that’ll do nicely.
What’s this means for the rest of us is another issue. Critique and debate is neutralised by process. I suspect only when we become sick of the process itself and the state of our democracy will there be any kind redress. The politician’s problem is not everyone else’s problem. The politician solving their problem usually involves giving everyone else new problems. There’s positive feedback brewing with growing inequalities under the guise of democracy and ‘freedom’. ”
- See more at:
“Who’s problem does ‘deliverology’ solve? The answer, to me at least, is obvious. It is the politician’s problem. They want to get re-elected. Moreover, they don’t want to think too hard and have a clear ‘position’ on any of the immensely complex issues they have power over  So if they can bluff their way along without upsetting anyone, regularly taking the political temperature, that’ll do nicely.
What’s this means for the rest of us is another issue. Critique and debate is neutralised by process. I suspect only when we become sick of the process itself and the state of our democracy will there be any kind redress. The politician’s problem is not everyone else’s problem. The politician solving their problem usually involves giving everyone else new problems. There’s positive feedback brewing with growing inequalities under the guise of democracy and ‘freedom’. ”
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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The first Phase Has been Completed

Today has been a nice sunny cool one with the temps in the low teens (Celsius) so I started working on some outdoor projects. First on the list was an oil change for the generator. That done and the next item on the wheel of outdoor stuff was to make a sawbuck. Being the cheap guy I am I simply took a rather straight birch tree and lopped it down. Then cut into manageable lengths and hauled it over to my workshop. Using the table saw outside (I love portability) I cut the birch into rough 2x4x34 lengths. Lastly I simply assembled the wood into a sawbuck. I don't know how long it will last but with the price being $0.00 I don't really care. 

Tomorrow will be phase two. There are a number of smaller trees that need to be dealt with. Once they are down I plan to chop them up into manageable lengths and take them off to the dump. I'm planning on doing the other right of spring, an oil change and plug gap of the snow blower then an oil change and plug gap plus sharpen the blades on the mower. Yes spring has sprung and the grass has riz so I gotta get off my duff and get things happening. 

I saw that The Donald managed to crush his opposition even though the tried to team up against him. Personally I am not going to get too worked up abut it for a number of reasons the first being I'm Canadian not American. 
The second and major reason I can't get too worked up about trump even though he appears to think he has been sent here from the Gods he doesn't grasp that it's the senior mandarins that actually run the show. They are the ones who selectively carry out the orders. These are the people who for example feed the president the information they want not necessarily what the pres wants. Trump is an outsider that truly doesn't have a clue on how things are run in Washington so if he does get elected.      

Well that's about all from up here north of disorder.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Nooo... Not the Drops!

This morning I arose as I do every other morning in late April and looked out to see the dreaded fat fluffy flakes falling from the sky. Seriously, it's April 26 for God's sake, enough with the snow already. 

The view from my front door.

By the time I somehow managed to turn myself into a semblance of homo erectus the snow had all but stopped. Remember kids if you live in Canada it's always advisable to leave the winter tires on the car until May first. 

Then it was off to town for my annual visit to the eye doctor. On the plus side the Doctor says I don't need new glasses. In fact my vision is actually getting better. Personally I think the Gods are setting me up for something but what that is I don't know. I'm sure what the fates will work something out for me and that it will be a doozy.  On the downside he had to put the dreaded eye drops in. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the evil gleam that I perceive to be in his eyes.   

When I managed to safely return to my roost there was a little chore that had to be taken care of, filters. It's one of those two second jobs that is so easily forgotten. I changed the furnace filter and added salt to the softener so all is right again with my little hunk of heaven.

Well as soon as my eyes loose that grey haze I'm going to head back into town. That's the one thing that I really dislike about seeing the eye doc, the damn drops. Every year it seems like it  takes longer for the eyes to get back to normal. I know shut up and act like a man. Well I don't wanna... 

That's about all for today from up here North of Disorder.. Things to do places to see and all that. 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Boat Drinks

One of the things I have learned over the years is not to trust Mother Nature. Take today for example, it's the twenty fifth day of April and well into spring. So far this month I have even actually managed to make some groundskeepers cry by playing a round of golf. You would be surprised to see how far one can make a large clump of earth travel by hitting a shot fat. But I digress...  Now we Fast forward to the present. Today, as I look out the window I see big fat fluffy flakes of snow wafting down from the heavens. 

Looking at my tiny workshop the white flecks are not from a camera issue, they're snow.  

It's nearing the end of April and I'm nearing my end of patience with this white manna from hell. Maybe it's time for a trip? 

Naaa, looking at the long rang weather the temps should be back to normal by the weekend. I have to say the thought of hopping in the car or on a plane and heading south is very tempting. Now if there wasn't the pesky issue of Danegeld. It's all OK. The sun, somewhere beyond the dark overcast, has to be past the yardarm somewhere so I may just have to make myself a fruity boat drink and think warm sunny thoughts. Now where did I put the tonic water, gin and lime?

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

Sunday, 24 April 2016


For the last few hours I have been following and adding to a debate on Twitter. Yes before you ask I will admit that I have not life. It's overcast and chilly outside and this is keeping me entertained. 

But I digress...

The discussion has been on Mayor Naheed Nenshi and his saying that the boss of Uber is a dick. One thing that the mayor fails to get is the cost of his regulations of the taxi industry. As I understand it the city issues a limited number of taxi license plates. These are owned by taxi companies who in turn rent them to cabbies. The folks who own the cab licenses get an average of $36,000,000.00 a year as a return on their investment from drivers working ten or twelve hours a day to scratch out a living. Essentially the system is set up along the same lines as the land owners and serfs of old. 

My rebuttal to those who say the system in place for taxis is needed to prevent unsafe conditions on cabs I called BS on. When I was challenged to show a better way I posted this...

To which I was met with a defining wall of silence... Who knows, I may have just shut them up for now.

Well that's about all for now from up here North of Disorder. 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saturday Rambelings

I have told folks on numerous occasions about the 7P principal (Popper Prior Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance) and sure enough I didn't follow my own advice.  One thing I forgot to do last night was turn off my alarm on the cell phone. The result was being accosted in my sleep by this infernal pocket machine. All is good I hardly need more than five or six hours of sleep anyway. 

Today I was going to get some actual work done but... The day is sunny and cool and here I sit at the personal confuser as oppose to being out and about. I would transport the PC out to the deck but it is still a little too cool for that. 

Earlier this fine day I had a text conversation with one of my old friends from where I used to work. For a few moments there it felt like old times but bitching about bosses but as fun as it was that phase of my metamorphosis is done. But it was still nice texting with her. 

One of our old neighbours (F) who moved away last fall dropped by. Being the good host I fed him a beer and we swapped lies for an hour to two. F is one of those instantly likeable guys who just loves to have fun. his wife is a good counter balance to him but she can be crazy too which is fine by me. Knowing that he will probably never see this blog I can, in truth, write that I miss his being around. 

Oh one more little thing before I forget and hang this blog up for the day. This is a public service message to all you wild and wacky Americans. If you are heading north with a hand grenade in your car, even a fake one, don't be too surprised if the customs guy freak a little bit at the sight of it. That is all...

Well that's about all for now from up here North of Disorder.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Links Day

The day started as this time of year is want to do by being overcast and grey. I will not say it was a cold day having just finished with winter. Anything above freezing for me is warm and mild. Around here life goes on.  So no sit back and check out these links.
Capt O says "Just sit back and relax while you read these."

I was looking at some links earlier and these little gems caught my eye. It appears that a man ran afoul of the police in a domestic violence case between him and his parrot. I had to read this one twice to understand how some neighbours could have been stupid enough to call the police, telling them there was a domestic disturbance going on.. Remind me one day to talk about solving the do-gooder problem.

Looks like the folks who are building the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have a wee bit of a problem. The aircraft's brain may be busted. Meh, it's only a few billion to fix. It's OK the government presses will simply have to take up the slack and print money faster.  

I remember being with my big brother in a sporting goods store around a decade ago. I was looking at some of the compass selection that was on display and my big brother asked me how they work. As I'm telling him the guy comes by listens for a second then says "Hey you do know about GPS don't ya? It's a lot better than the crap you are playing with." So I looked at him for a moment and asked "So how well does the GPS unit do when it's dropped and hits a rock, lands in the water or the battery fails?" He replied that he always takes care of his gear and then he stalked off in a huff. Well it looks like some folks have caught on to the issue with GPS, it's dumbing us down and getting us used to being tracked. I'm sure George Orwell would approve. Personally I like the KISS value of a compass.

Next time the kids are out playing and there are dust devils maybe you want to be a little concerned. Looking at the photos I think Marry Poppins has nothing on this kid.

Then there is the story of this guy who wanted to get rid of a wasps nest. Luckily for him he didn't make a fuel out of himself

We have all seen the boozers and how much alcohol can damage a person's skin. Well there is a answer for that. 

So this guy breaks into a family members house and goes on a rampage causing $50,000.000 damages. OK it's a lot of stuff that was broken and smashed but the one thing the police left out of their report was the answer to the simple question... Why was he naked? Enqueuing minds want to know.

Do you remember the first rule of fight club? If memory serves it was "The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.. Well the second rule of fight club has been changed. It is now "You do not let your Kindergarten teacher set up fight club so the kids can burn off some energy."

Well that's about all the silliness that I can stand for the day. Until tomorrow that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Drum Roll Please...

Being the political news junkie that I am I have been loosely following the trial of Senator Duffy. Ya I know boring but for me it's entertaining to see how the masses want to storm the castle with their clubs and pitch forks as I am seeing this morning.. 

Senator Duffy is the one on the right.

 So far the presiding judge has found him not guilty on the first two of the over two dozen charges. It's looking a lot like the townsfolk are going to have to take down the cross and dismantle the bonfire that they so badly wanted to burn him at the stake on.

As for me the issue that has been bugging me recently has flared up so today I will be taking a rest and sucking back several pain killers to deal with it. I should have known better to go play golf with a stuck dime sized kidney stone. But it has been such a long winter and the course so beckons to me...

That's about all from up here north of disorder.

Addendum... Well the verdict is in and Mr. Duffy walked on all 31 charges. As I write this I am sure that the prosecution team is out somewhere looking for a warm bath and a few razor blades.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Golf, a good walk spoiled

The sun was shining, the sky was crystal clear and there my friend and I were on the first tee. I gave my friend the honours and he cracked the ball around 190 yards. Stepping up to the tee, pre-swing routine done and boom the ball was launched into the lower stratosphere managing to somehow come to rest in the centre of the fairway around 240 yards down range. And with that swing the winter hibernation was at an end. 

The fifth hole. A short 127 yard carry over water to a sloped  green
The course was in excellent condition seeing that it only opened on Friday.  I would love to tell you how well we did but we didn't keep score. I figure that golf is only a game so we never keep score until after May has ended. All rounds up till then are for practise. I think that is the secret to enjoying any game or life for that matter is to only take it as seriously as is necessary.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

For Want of a Nail

Yesterday when my lovely wife came home from physiotherapy she told me about the progress she was having with the physio guy and the prognosis was good. Then she added a little bomb. The physio guy showed her some things she could do with one of those blow up exercise balls. So I sprang into action driving 15 kilometers to the nearest store that carries them. Purchase made then it was the 15 kilometer trip home.

Screaming into the drive way I was out of the car almost before it stopped and getting ready to blow the ball up with my compressor. Meanwhile I had neglected to have lunch and was starting to feel the effects of low sugar but I pressed on. Well of course I dropped the plug stopper thingy and there I was my efforts having ground to a halt because I was in a hurry, not paying attention to the minor details. Look as hard as I may the damn little plug had vanished into the twilight zone.

Well there I was for want of a plug, stopped. Arrrggggg! 

So I had some food and, after my sugar returned to some semblance of normal, I went out for another search. Nada. Next was checking on line to see about a replacement. After visiting several sites that stocked the plug I was angry. It was looking that I would be forking out another twenty bucks for a exercise ball because that was cheaper than ordering a plug. In one place the replacement plugs retailed for a little under twenty dollars plus another nine dollars and twenty two cents shipping Mind you that was for thirty plus a tool to get them out of the ball but I only need one and I don't ever want to have to take one of these little plugs out.

Well this morning, head down doing the walk of shame out to my car feeling like a complete fool I decided to have one more little look. Sure enough under some stuff in my storage shed next to my compressor there it was. It had tried in vain to hide behind the front left leg of the compressor. All this drama over a little hunk of plastic and the fact I had been a dolt and not bothered with lunch. Well at least it ended well. My wife isn't mad at me for snapping at her and I'm not out another twenty bucks. 

So all is well that ends well up here north of disorder. 

See Gun Control Works and Other Sillyness

So there I was looking at a few news stories on the World Wide Web and this jumps out at me.

It appears that some construction workers in rival Chinese construction companies had a little disagreement. Seeing as China have very strict gun control of course they used the next best thing their heavy equipment. It's kinda fun to watch especially the tiny little cars trying to scoot around the action. All that was missing was the cry "Auto-bots Activate!" 

Looks like one of the Senators, Colin Kenny, has got his hand caught in the cookie jar using staffers to take care of his personal tanning business. Now will start the three step process. Step one, act surprised. Step two, look concerned. Steps three deny everything. 

Well as for little old me there are things to see and people to do, er, see and be done by. This afternoon I get to find out how much we owe the tax collector. My how times have changed. Once upon a time being a tax collector meant one's life was in peril every time you set foot outside the castle, today not so much. Somehow I suspect tonight I shall have an intimate rendezvous with a good bottle of 21 year old scotch to ease the pain of the cash-endectomy. I know there are servicies that I receive which I pay for and there are others in need but why must it be a hand out to the needy and not a hand up? I guess it's easier to keep the needy hooked on the handouts so they will vote in favor of whoever will keep the handouts going but it still bugs me. 

Well that's about all from my little slice of the world up here North of Disorder.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Links day

Well my chores are mostly done. I have only to go out into the glorious sunshine and do a few errands and that will put paid to the list for another day. Before I head out into the great unknown that is the shopping world (my wife is the shopper, not I)  there is the matter of today's post.

I was looking around the world wide web and one of the things that caught my limited attention span was a story about the love of our monarch the Queen.  Turns out that most Canadians (not I) love our Queen the biggest issue that most have is the question "Who does her hair?" Seriously if the Queen's hair style is the worst thing that can be said about her then the general public are a lot more simple minded than I thought. As the guru (Col Jeff Cooper) once said "We are truly living in the age of the common man."

So you think that when you text, email or talk on a cell phone your communication is private? Well no matter what the various cell phone companies say it just ain't so. Lately the safe and fort Knox secure Blackberry proved not to be that safe. Add to the the police use of stingray to intercept communications and we have a not so safe form of communication. Now comes along another cell phone hack that lets anybody with the right gear access your cell phone and all the data stored inside. So the long and the short of it is to practice operational security. If you don't want to see a copy of your text or a recording of you phone call in the media, don't text or say it on the phone.  

Looks like the Russian game of hard ball is continuing. Last week two fighter bombers buzzed the USS Donald Cook coming within a few dozen meters of the ship. 

Latest reports talk about a Russian fighter aircraft doing a barrel role around an American reconnaissance plane. I will only say one thing these actions are going to get out of hand. It's like two school yard kids taunting each other except these two children have the ability to wipe out all life in this little mud ball we call Earth. 

Well that's about all today from up here North of Disorder.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Political Rambelings

I've been sitting on my duff here having my morning cuppa Joe and looking at the news in wonderment. How can some of the brightest people be so silly? Yes of course I will give you some examples. 

The NDP have managed to once again come to the conclusion that they might actually be a force to contend with in Canadian politics. Seeing winning as a distinct possibility they collectively pulled out their trusty hog leg and shot themselves in the foot. Once again they have managed to grasp failure and rip it from the jaws of victory. Personally I think this is a good thing since I am not a collectivist.

I look at people like LEAP authors Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis plus his father Stephen Lewis with disdain. These folks will never miss a meal or loose a home or watch their families suffer from the stress of job loss. Why is it that socialists seem to always want more out of the system then they are willing to contribute? Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis preach of the necessity of LEAP. Necessity has always been the creed of anyone in power who wants to place limits on or take something away. Whenever I have seen that buzz word used alarm bells have gone off in the back of my head. 

Another situation I have been following is what's going on in the northern Ontario First Nation of Attawapiska. There is an emergency of epic proportions going on there. So far in March alone there were 28 attempted suicides in this little community of 2,000 people. Some folks have been vilified for suggesting that maybe it's time to relocate the band and integrate thing into the real world. What a sh*t storm that has caused. 

As for me, I'm starting to think this is a shake down. In a community so small there are so many attempts at suicide one would think there would be some success but there isn't. Maybe it's just me however given that some of the highest paid, if not the highest paid, politicians in this country are in the First Nations this looks a little sketchy. There have been instances where kickbacks for doing various things like being paid to protest have happened. If you look at the Marxist credo of  "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" and the amounts of cash involved this situation is suspect. Now there are demonstrations by First Nations at federal offices across Canada demanding that The Right Honourable Justin "Baby Doc" Trudeau visit the reserve to see for himself what things are like. Personally I would like to see the money trail. The soap opera continues.

Well that's enough from me for now. It's time to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather up here North of Disorder.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

I Got Nada so it's a Link Day!

So here we are it's a beautiful Saturday with mild temps a soft breeze and it's spring. While it could change as soon as I take a peek at the news, right now I have very little to complain about. So I will flood this blog with a few well chosen tidbits of news and views from around the World Wide Web.

I see that in parts of Colorado the weathertainers are calling for up to four feet of snow. I just don't understand this. Colorado is not part of Canada so this should not be happening. I hope for their sake they haven't taken the snow tires off their trucks.

Funny thing about nature you can do your best to build cities and ignore it but in the end nature may not ignore you. Let this be today's lesson kids, we are all part of the food chain. 

Meanwhile in Orlando... RUN! 

I guess this could have been worse, This person was fined for trying to kill himself. Wasn't it back in the old days the penalty for attempted suicide was death?

So when you are setting out onto the water do do a little fishing first thing is to do it in a boat not try to set sail in a freezer with the door taken off. If you do the Coast Guard may be called and you will wind up on this blog for being the fool everybody knows you are.   

On a closing note let's all thank Swiss Scientist Albert Hoffman who, on this day, discovered the far out properties of LSD. In his own words:

“Last Friday, April 16, 1943, I was forced to interrupt my work in the laboratory in the middle of the afternoon and proceed home, being affected by a remarkable restlessness, combined with a slight dizziness. At home I lay down and sank into a not unpleasant, intoxicated-like condition characterized by an extremely stimulated imagination. In a dreamlike state, with eyes closed (I found the daylight to be unpleasantly glaring), I perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense, kaleidoscopic play of colors. After some two hours this condition faded away.”
Of course he just had to return to the lab for another hit to confirm what had happened. All in the name of science you understand.

Well that's about all from me for now. It;s time to get out and enjoy some of the wonderful weather.

à la prochaine my friends...

Friday, 15 April 2016

I Could Get Used to This

What a day, wall to wall sun. I have to say that I could get used to this.

The day started out as it usually has these last few weeks with my wife stirring first. She is up early because of the pain she is in. That''s one of the joys of getting older, things begin to wear out. In her case it's a lower back issue. On the plus side she is getting it looked at.

For me it was the usual struggle to return to the land of the living. I'm in pain now 24/7 and it will be around another month until my issue is sorted out. I have a kidney stone around the size of a dime that is hung up and will not pass. The pain isn't great but it is slowly wearing me down. The only way to describe it is to say that it's like a person is jabbing a slightly rounded stick into my side.

I tried to find out what the lighting issue is with my utility trailer. I checked the wiring and didn't see any pinched wires. All the grounds that I could find have good connections and the ones that didn't I have taken the wire off, scraped the metal for better contact then reattached the wires. It should have no issues but the lights are sketchy.

Speaking of lights one of ours fell down. My wife and I were reading in the living room when all of a sudden there was a loud crash. It startled me out of a months growth and mad my unflappable wife jump. We had an antique light pole that was held in place between floor and ceiling by tension. The light pole was around 50 years old and I really like it's retro look. Tomorrow I'm going to try and find a replacement for the glass that shattered.

The day was a sunny one with a nice and mild temperature when I had the trailer jacked up it was a pleasure to be out. I don't want to jinx things however it may just be that spring has finally arrived. If that is the case and things run true to form then it should be in the mid to high seventies by the end of the month. That's the funny thing up here we tend to have a very drawn out winter then a flash forward kind of spring then a long hot blistering summer followed by a long fall. Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with the short spring it makes me appreciate things all the more.

Today I received one of those emails. Last year I retired from a job that, with a few exceptions I hated. I worked in the Safety and Security branch of the company. On the plus side there were several very likeable people in the organization and I actually miss them. On the down side there were a few who were nothing short of fascists with the attitude that there were only two types of people, the criminals we hatch and the criminals we haven't caught... yet. The email was for the “retirees and staff appreciation day.” Not sure if I will go. There is a free lunch and I will see some old friends but there are the fascists...

Well that's about all from me up here North of Disorder.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A day of Change

I woke up with the alarm this morning. Alarm? Me a retired guy with an alarm? Yep, things to do and places to see. I was off to the big smoke aka the city of Toronto for lunch with a friend. I have got to say it was a gorgeous day for it. Wall to wall sun and a temperature that I didn't have to measure in Kelvin. 

The drive down was not so bad until I got to the outskirts then silliness ensued. From the border of the city to my destination downtown took 45 minutes since it was all stop and go, well actually mostly stop. Remember to get to the outskirts from my abode took an hour and fifteen on the highway and then it was stop, go, stop, go.... I had not been downtown in a while, years actually and I had forgotten how stressful  the drive was. 

I met my old friend R at his place, a beautiful seniors residence and after chatting a bit we went out for lunch. That was when the fun began. I am a big fan of making sure not to fail the 7P principal* whenever I can and that was what this lunch was all about, planning. Next month we are going to visit his trailer for a few days. Get in some sailing, do some chores maybe a camp fire or two and the planning for that grand adventure started today. 

*7P Principal... Proper Planning Prevents Prevents Piss Poor Performance

With the details sorted out  (timings, food, etc.) it was back to his place. I picked up some gear that he had asked me to bring. The issue is that he has lost his drivers license and doesn't have a car any more so things like his outboard motor and cooler came with me. I also took his pressure washer because he wanted me to look at it. I warned him that I knew nothing about pressure washers but what the hell. 

The drive home was a bit of a chore again the heavy traffic was a serious factor. It was an hour just to get out of the city using the express way. When I left the city behind it felt like the world was taken from my shoulders. If you would have told me, a city boy born and raised, that I would come to despise that ants nest I would have laughed in your face.

After my arduous  journey (window down, tunes blaring) when I finally reached my safe harbor it was time for my happy hour. For some that means having a couple of drinks but for me it means having a nap. When I returned from the Land of Nod I went on Facebook to check out what my distant friends were up to. Same old, same old... Looking at the various posts I started thinking what the hell am I wasting my time looking at this stuff for?  How many posts about what a person had for lunch or other such drivel can I look at? Well that ended this afternoon. I downloaded a copy of all the things I had on Facebook then killed my account. I suspect over the next few days there will be the withdrawal issues but I will deal with it.

On tomorrows agenda is my utility trailer. Novice as I am I plan to chase the wires to see where they are pinched. After doing all the checked I could pinched wires look to be the only thing left. The weathertainers are calling for a nice warm sunny day. I only hope that Mother Nature cooperates.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.        

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

What a Nice Day For a Change

I was up and at 'em at the crack of 10:30ish. After making myself presentable I had to do a little house cleaning over at FB. Then it was a visit to the Twitterverse (@M_J_R_7) to reply to some earlier comments about a post. Now I'm here on the blog. Yep sure was a lot of travelling for simply coming downstairs and turning on the personal confuser. 

I will be going out a little later to knock off a couple of items on the "honey-do" list but aside from that there ain't nothing on the agenda. As I write this the day is beautiful outside. Who knows this winter shut-in of a moth may shuck the cocoon and go for a walk. Ah retirement, the world is my oyster. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I will be travelling down to the big smoke and seeing an old friend for lunch and a beer, or two. Hopefully the weather will stay as nice as it is now but time will tell. 

I was kinda pissed the other day. Some time ago my gray beast of a Toyota took a stone chip in the lower passenger's side windshield. Seeing that the Toyota is over engineered I chose to not worry about the chip since it was very shallow. Well of course I noticed the crack inn the windshield yesterday. Arrggg! I guess the freezing temps at night which the local  maple syrup producers love caused contraction added to the mild temps during the day causing expansion equal crack.  The game plan is to use the beast until the sticker is due then scrap it. Well the beast has served me very well with well over three hundred on the odometer. 

Looks like Seattle is going to the dogs. The city is licensing food trucks for dogs. Seriously.   I saw this today and was reminded of the food truck wars with the the City of Toronto. Personally I think of the west coast (Canada and the States) as granola country, the land of fruits, nuts and flakes. This story just proves my point.

Then there is this little item that jumped out at me...
I wonder who was holding the beer.

And speaking  writing of road incidents I will leave you with this little video. It took place in Florida and is a video of a run in between some bikers and a motorist.. The bikers  leaned that, crazy as it is, Florida is a "shall issue" state. This means it is the police responsibility to prove an individual should not have a concealed carry permit not the citizen to prove he should so a lot of people carry a guns.

Always remember this when you are in the sunshine state or, for that matter, most of the United States.  As Al Capone said: "You get a lot more from a kind word and a gun than from a kind word alone."

That's about all from up here North of Disorder.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Life is humming along

After a nasty night of staring at the ceiling and trying to prevent our cat from jumping upon my wife I was up later a little than I should have. Looking out I noticed the ground was all covered with a lovely blanket of snow. Memo to those who wanted snow for skiing give it a rest, it's April already. But I digress... I was up just in time to watch as the trash guys  went by. Meh, there wasn't that much anyhow. 

My wife and I went out so she could get funky things ("This will only hurt a bit Ma'am.") done to her back. After that was completed we stopped at a nice little diner for some high fat that's gonna clog you arteries and kill ya good ol' diner food. Personally I actually do watch what I shove into my gaping maw but I'm not religiousness about it. Then it was back to our little roost. 

Upon arriving home I felt like having a coffee so I put on mask, cap, gown and rubber gloves then performed a coffee-maker-endectomy. Low and behold even with my ham fisted repair attempt the coffee maker actually worked. Yes I'm as gob smacked about that as you are. Now I sit sipping java as I write this blog. Life really is good...

From the "Spring has sprung and the grass has riz" department... 

When we arrived back home my wife noticed that some of her crocuses are up while I noticed the first hardy little yellow weed. Looks like it is going to be one of those summers. Oh well... as has been said to me by wiser heads, what's green is green. 

One teensy weensy little thing from the political scene on the weekend...

I noticed a few interesting things on the  political front. This weekends NDP convention has brought down the conservative in socialist clothing leader Thomas Mulcair in a stunning loss to him. It's not really surprising when you look at how much the party lost at the end of the last election while his hand was at the tiller. There are some in the NDP who are not happy about this especially in Alberta. The Albertan NDP are incensed over the LEAP Manifesto. I don't blame them given the 164,000 jobs that will be lost.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

What a lovely Day

After a reasonable sleep I was up and at 'em  around 8 which for this retired bum is early. I had to take a trip to the outskirts of the the booming metropolis of Gravenhurst Ontario.  Recently I joined a new gun club there and today was the safety briefing. I have to admit that while I do have a lot of years and experience with firearms it was good to have the short refresher on safety. The guys I met today are a good bunch. We had a few laughs and we handled some guns and all all was good. For the next year I will be overly blessed by being a member of two clubs. It will be hard come December to have to choose what facility that I will use. Stay tuned...

Now that I'm home my butt is firmly planted on my comfy chair at the personal confuser as I watch the final round of the Masters. I know there will be a few who will role their eyes while thinking that watching golf is akin to watching paint dry. 

That's OK, my recommendation to you is simple, don't watch it. This is the only golf tournament that I watch. I watch it for the drama. Unlike any other golf tournament there is so much riding on this for the players that the drama is almost palabable. As for me I know that within two or three weeks I will be out on the links making grounds keepers cringe.

Looking to the news...

Under the "change your damn password" file there is this explanation on how the Panama Papers were stolen. Looks like the firm that was hacked passwords were not a real big concern with some being generic and others not being changed for years. An other issue was users with third party add-ons.

 “The more extensions and third-party software a site uses, the more difficult it is going to be to protect it.” - Jérôme Segura of Malwarebytes
So remember kids...  Change your damn passwords regularly.

I see that the Canadian dollar has started to recover which is nice. The economy added a few jobs and everybody is happy. Things like LEAP aside there is a lot of potential for Canada however that all depends upon how interfering in the economy the federal and provincial governments will be. Relax I'm watching the masters as I write this so I am not going to jump on the soap box. 

Well I am going to concentrate on golf so that's about it from up here North of Disorder. 



Saturday, 9 April 2016

That Sinking Feeling

Yesterday was one of those days where are the end of it I went to bed and couldn't turn my brain off. Some of the issues that kept sleep from me are my insecurities and some of the issues are political. The personal insecurities were thoughts about monetary strategies for a time when (if?) the social pendulum swings so far to the left our investments become at risk.

Being a little bit of a political junkie I was following the NDP "party of the people" convention via twitter last night. I looked at their Socialist Caucus Federal Conference Resolutions and to say they are disturbing is an understatement. Of their 29 resolutions I only have issue with 24 so there is a bit of good, not much but some. In today's Rex Murphy article Mr. Murphy  points out that today's NDP is:
...more of an urban, yuppie, trend-driven faction than the party that once championed the “working class.” The current NDP will get more worked up over “de-gendering the bathroom” than job losses in Alberta, or anywhere else.
Then there are the comments made by their leader Tomas Mulcair has been saying at the convention. Mr. Mulcair is saying that he supports the LEAP Manifesto but it doesn't mean shutting down the oil sands. There is one little line in LEAP that says:

...we want energy sources that will last for time immemorial and never run out or poison the land. Technological breakthroughs have brought this dream within reach. The latest research shows it is feasible for Canada to get 100% of its electricity from renewable resources within two decades; by 2050 we could have a 100% clean economy.
This sure reads a lot like a group who would do away with the oil sands and the jobs of the people who work there. While it is a little less now because of the economic down turn, in 2014 approximately 133,053 people were employed in Alberta’s upstream energy sector which includes oil sands, conventional oil, gas and mining. That is a lot of people who have families to feed

What bothers me is not the radical NDP but the radical Liberals. There is a faction withing the Liberal party that would leap... er... jump at the chance to implement LEAP. 

It bothers me because they are in power and Canadian parties in power love to spend. Something a lot of people don't realise is when you give someones money away to someone else it ain't charity so the giveaways need to be better regulated. I suspect that Canada will be going through the same issues as Sweden during the next decade.

Like Sweden Canada is going to go through a period of pain before returning to a workable balance of free enterprise and socialism. I just hope the metamorphosis isn't one that Canada can't recover from.  

I came across this story about the Saudis Well it looks like the Saudis are on track to double the number of executions over last year. Wow and just think Canada helps by importing 634,000 barrels of crude a day from these guys. To all those who don't like Energy East I say Good Job! 

Well here is some good news. SpaceX has managed to land a rocket on a floating barge after using it to deliver materials to the ISS. While it may be boring to you it is the stuff of science fiction to me. It is a little step in the ability for the human race to get off this mud ball.

Well that's about enough of my rants and ravings from up here north of disorder.

634,000 barrels of crude oil,
634,000 barrels of crude oil,

Friday, 8 April 2016

First World Problems & Othere Nonsence

I was up and at 'em early this morning because... well I just got up earlier than my normal that's all. After the morning evolution from neanderthal into homo sapient male, went down stairs and made coffee. We have this golly gee whiz bang coffee maker that will do just about anything you need except drink the coffee for you. We picked it up back when my wife and I were making serious coin. Well after having it three years and making countless pots of coffee it looks like the grinder thingy has gone south. I have been forced to (get out the hanky) actually grind the coffee in a separate grinder. Later today I'm going to look under the hood and check the grinder to see if the flux capacitor might have failed.  

It seems that the more advanced an item is the greater the risk of failure. Take my vacuum cleaner. It is a one year old LG that is as advanced as one of the Apollo moon landers. Once again bought before the income scale back. About two and a half weeks ago it died. I was smart enough to have registered it with the company because of the replacement cost and the warranty was five years. So my wife called customer service and I schlepped the vacuum down to the warranty center. I figured it would be a simple matter of leaving it for a couple of days and picking it up fixed. Ya, I forgot the higher the tech the longer the repair time. 

When I spoke with the receptionist/dispatcher/girl Friday I was told that it would be a while. You see the "vacuum repair specialist" only works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the soonest he could look at my technological marvel would be the following Friday but that was Good Friday and he had the day off. OK. Well my other option was to find somebody else and pay for the repair which was not going to happen. So I called on Monday three weeks after I had dropped off the vacuum to see if any progress had been made. Well the "vacuum repair specialist" was off sick and it would be another two weeks before his return. I asked about having another person take a look and was told that they were reluctant to take a service person off the road for this. I suspect this translates into LG doesn't pay as much as their prices are to regular customers. Well I have set a date where I will call back and if it ain't done then I shall have a terse word with the customer service folks at LG. So there!  

On to the real world....

The NDP are having their convention out west this weekend. It is shaping up to be a very interesting match up between the NDP loving union members who mostly work in the oil patch and the activist zealots who want change in the form of LEAP while will destroy the oil patch.

The LEAP Manifesto makes for some very interesting reading. The biggest issue with LEAP is the logistics but there are a lot of celebrities who just love it. These are the people who will not suffer if LEAP comes to be the law of the land. It will be the people caught up in the grinder of job loss, of shortages of food and of other necessities

One of the first things I noticed about LEAP is how they intend to pay for implementation. The words that are used are "aggressive taxation." one thing the rocket scientists are forgetting is the tendency of people to actually want to keep more of what they earn. There has already been one billionaire who has moved out of Canada taking all his wealth, including the jobs he created, with him. How many more will join him? When billionaires leave the bottom line for taxes tends to change. 

Well that's about all from here North of Disorder.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sad News

Late yesterday I learned that one of my favourite country singers had passed away. He was a solo artiest and a member of a group known as The Highwaymen. His name was Merle Haggard. He was born on April 6, 1937 and he passes away 79 years later on April 6, 2016. He will be missed...

This morning was a little interesting. As I was finishing the chore of becoming human I received a panic phone call. One of my friends had a card eaten by an ATM machine and needed a little help. Luckily they weren't that far away so I hopped into the grey ghost (I call it that because it is very close to going to car heaven) and made the made dash.  A short time later I got to my buddy's location, paid the bill told my friend that I now owned him then left. Funny how it is with people you have known for a long time. My friend would do just about anything for me and I for him. 

Looking in the news I see that another Canadian merchant of death is exporting death machines. Unlike the weapons sale to the House of Saudi this one was going to a nation that is on the good guy list, England. The Marine unit that is responsible for guarding England's nuclear weapons is changing the rifles that they use for Canadian manufactured ones. Up until now these guys have be stuck with using the SA80 rifle which has been a hunk of junk from the get go. The rifle that will be used is the Colt Canada C8 Carbine

One thing to note about this change is the Royal marines are not the only UK unit to use the Canadian rifles. They are in use by the Royal Military Police, the Pathfinder Platoon of the Parachute Regiment and the United Kingdom Special Forces.

On to other things in the news. 

Think back, way back to the dim, dark days of the 2010 Toronto G 20 summit and the protests.  Well it's back in the news. A class action lawsuit has been given the green light and there are a few nervous people people out there.
"It is important to remember that the police cannot sweep up scores of people just in the hope that one of the persons captured is a person who they believe is engaged in criminal activity," the Appeal Court noted.
So it looks like there will be some explaining to do by the guys in charge and the coppers who got a little carried away. 
The guy that I really want to see on the stand is Liberal MP Bill Blair because he was in charge of it all and has never answered for his actions. Well now it looks like the time has come to pay the piper.

Well that's about all from up here North of Disorder. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Oh good, Spring has sprung and the snow is here.

This morning I was up and at 'em at the crack of 9:30, hey I'm retired with a lite agenda so don't judge. With my return from the Land of Nod I gave an old friend, R, a call. We are going to get together next week for lunch and a little gab fest. It will be a meeting to discus logistics for our up coming trip. In May I'm off to his trailer with him for a few days and now will be the time we sort out the details. As was once said "armatures talk about strategy, professionals deal with logistics.

Right now as I type this it's snowing... again. There is actually a winter storm in effect and the weathertainers are calling for the end of all life... ER... around 5 to 10 cm (1.5 to 4 inches) of the white fluffy stuff. Just to toss a little wrinkle this will be changing to rain later.  One of the nice thing about being out of the rat race (BTW yes the rats won) is that I can experience all this and the resulting car chaos via the television and my personal confuser.

I was looking at the "This day in history" page as I do every morning. Today's entry was bitter sweet with two momentous events, one bad and one good. On this date in 1862 one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War began, the battle of Shiloh.

Hidden in hollows and behind clumps of rank brambles were large tents, dimly lighted with candles, but looking comfortable. The kind of comfort they supplied was indicated by pairs of men entering and reappearing, bearing litters; by low moans from within and by long rows of dead with covered faces outside. These tents were constantly receiving the wounded, yet were never full; they were continually ejecting the dead, yet were never empty. It was as if the helpless had been carried in and murdered, that they might not hamper those whose business it was to fall to-morrow.    -- Ambrose Bierce American satirist, critic, editor and journalist
The butcher's bill for this battle was 13,047 (1,754 killed, 8,408 wounded, and 2,885 missing) for the Union. On the Confederate side casualties were 10,699 (1,728 killed, 8,012 wounded, and 959 missing or captured). It was a Union victory.

On the plus side of the ledger in 1853 Emil Jellinek was born. While this is not a household name what he started is. He was an businessman who had engineer Wilhelm Maybach design the first Mercedes automobile, which was named after daughter.

The company he founded still, to this day, produced some of the best cars in the world. The only issue I have with his company is that I can't afford one of his cars.

Looking at the news I see the NDP are poised once again to become the party of the jealous. In the NDP the looters and moochers are rearing their ugly heads. They have all sorts of ideas on how to strip wealth from those who produce and give it to the ones who don't. All of their goodies are to be paid for with "robust taxation."

One thing that never fails to amaze me is the attitude that people who create wealth will simply go along with working harder and getting less for their work. The other day there was a story about an entrepreneur who has walked away leaving Canada to live in London England.  God help us all if these bandits ever get power because the trickle of  producers leaving will turn into a flood.

One more thing before I go... It turns out that in England there are a lot more bastards running around than was thought. In fact the ratio is one in fifty fathers don't realise they have a bastard child. So the next time you are walking around and see a kid that looks suspiciously like you stop and think about any transgressions you may have done in the past.

That all from up here North of Disorder...


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