Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The call...

This morning I was woke up at the ungodly hour of eight forty five with the phone chirping away. Before my wife could cover the distance and grab the receiver downstairs (being an early riser she was up around eight), I had the phone to my ear. It was the call I was dreading from M the owner of the car fix it place.

M regaled me with a good news, bad news story. The bad news, there were issues getting the parts from Hyundai so the car would not be ready until tomorrow. Lucky for us I had decided to keep the grey monster so this really wasn't that big an issue. Then the other shoe dropped... The ball park price was going to be around $200 for the fix. The issue was a hose that had rotted out and needed to be replaced. Of course this type of hose "never rots out" so it was hard to get one.  While he wasn't too happy with the price I took it as good news. In my mind I had placed the parts and labour at $250 for a power steering pump (that's what I thought the issue was) and another $100 for the labour. Added to this would be the addition of 13% Danegeld to the province and the feds. The total I was thinking was going to be around $400 give or take. 

Once again I was delightfuly surprised. In the past when I would take the truck into the dealer (back when I had real income) where the bills were a little higher in quantity and the work a little low in quality. I dealt with the dealer because I was looking for potential resale value. One of my former coworkers, a friend who once worked at a dealer, told me all about and the games that dealers play. Now I just look for value in the work that gets done and these guys deliver in spades. 

On to the links portion of the broadcast... 

So did ya watch the debate last night? I'm going to admit right off that I didn't watch that particular dog and pony show. Looks like Mrs. Clinton did the pit bull thing and went right after The Donald. I'm not sure that her performance made that much of an impact on the voters though. I guess it all depends upon your political bent in the end. 

If I was an American this is how I would vote.

The CAW or UNIFOR or whatever they are calling themselves these days just won a deal with GM Canada, and good for them. The spin on the deal is aside from the raises GM is going to "very generously" spend $500 million for manufacturing upgrades. In reality it's the Ontario Government AKA Ontario tax payers that will be doing a lot of the spending.

There is always one who will try to cut a line up thinking nobody will do anything. Then there are those who are tired of those guys trying to cut a line up and will do something.

I wonder how long it will be until we are all stuck in our little boxes afraid to interact with each other for fear of offending the other person.

While I do think this is a tempest in a tea cup I also understand the reality of the situation. The big difference between this person and the run of the mill immigrant is that she can afford a lawyer if the government tries anything stupid.   

The next time someone offers you a chip think about your response, think about it very carefully.  

I think that's about enough from up here North of Disorder, don't you? Bye for now...

Monday, 26 September 2016


Well for better or worse my wife's truck is in the shop. Yesterday when I checked the fluid levels once again I saw that the power steering fluid was down. I took the keys and hung them up and asked my wife to refrain from driving the beast. Then we went to town for a few things. 

Last night I could not get the sick truck issue out of my feeble little mind. Along with the truck issue it was windy last night. It was a cold howling sort of wind. The kind of cold wind that makes you glad to be inside. The kind of wind that make you hope the outside stays outside, that no trees fall on your roof trying to get in from the cold wind.

Seeing that sleep just wasn't a happening thing I finally crawled out and start getting things ready for the day. Cat fed, trash to the curb and coffee ready for my wife's return to the land of the conscious. 

While my wife was getting ready for the day I called the car fix it place. That's one of the nice things about being in a small town, when I spoke with the owner I didn't have to tell him who I was just what the issue is. My wife and I went into town and dropped off her truck. Hopefully it will not cost and arm, leg and a torso, most likely just and arm and a leg. Oh well, it's still a lot cheaper then buying a new truck. 

So now I sit at the personal confuser sipping my coffee and looking at the phone... waiting. 

Here are a few links for you. Some are political as always. 

Yesterday there was a ripple in the force. One of golf's greats passed on. Arnold Palmer, commander of Arnie's Army at age 87 has shuffled of this earth. I will only say one thing about him, he was an inspiration to me and a lot of others.

I know that it is a hard thing to do but sometimes there is a need for tough love. This time it's not against a child, it's being forced upon the country of Haiti.  

Here is a story that surprised me. I guess the media has more sway here than I thought.

have you ever wondered what keeps spies awake at night. Forget Edward Snowden, here's the real threat

Well that's about all I got for no. See you tomorrow, God willing and it the creek don't rise.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

It's the little things...

So far today has been rather uneventful. My wife and I made a trip into town a little while ago to pick up a few things and now my wife has settled in for the duration of the day. We had to use the grey beast since her truck is bleeding power steering fluid. Note to self, call repair shop in the morning.

As for me the thing that was first up this afternoon was dealing with the meat we purchased after we got home. I have just finished repacking and storing it in the freezer. Now that the meat thing is over with there is some outside stuff that calls to me. Well kinda murmurs in my ear in a very low volume that's easily ignored.

Ah decisions, decisions... Once this blog is out I'm not sure what shall be the focus of my outside attention. The two candidates are the new/old trailer or repairing a stock from an old Winchester 94 Trapper. The issue with the trapper is one of two parts, my ham handedness and gravity. I dropped the darn thing and cracked the stock a while ago and I've been putting off repairing/replacing it. To replace the stock it would cost a hundred plus and the time to stain the new wood. To fix it is the cost of some epoxy and the time to sand and stain the wood. The epoxy is a heck of a lot cheaper so that's the way I'm going. I just haven't gotten around to it. 

The other candidate is the new/old trailer. I have to take the rest of the side wood off. The original plan was to add plywood to the walls that are already there. After engaging the two or three still working neurons in that grey fog called a brain, I came to the conclusion that the extra weight could be avoided. The new and revised game plan is to keep  the metal uprights that are already welded to the base and connect the plywood to them. 

I see time's a wasting so here are a few links for you. 

A lot of folks are not happy with the latest edition of the iPhone. They are annoyed that folks at Apple didn't include a ear bud jack. So somebody came up with this workaround that a lot of iPhone owners have tried. FYI it doesn't work.

I saw that and wondered is this the shape of things to come? Will we be at war with the robots sooner rather than later? Is it robot game on time?

Looks like we have a police officer with Munchhausen syndrome. Personally, I thought these people had to under go screening and testing. 

The other day I wrote about how the California government was a little bit silly with their war on cow flatulence.  Well it looks like Alaska doesn't want to be out done when it comes to silly laws

Speaking of cats... have you ever wondered how cats came to be in so many far flung parts of the world? Well you can thank the Vikings and other sea faring peoples for that

Oh Mrs. Clinton it may be time to stop mucking about and be a little more open and honest because the Donald looks to be leaving you in the dust. Just saying... 

Well at least the military like this guy over Trump and Clinton. Now if more Americans would get in the band wagon...

Stonehenge, meh that ain't got nothing on this place

Are you one of the Sad Sack types who, if it were not for bad luck, would have no luck at all? Well here is your answer to change things. 

Oh crap, I see by the clock on my personal confuser I have managed to, once again, let the day slip through my fingers. Oh well there is always tomorrow to get thing done. As for me that's all from up here North of Disorder. 

Saturday, 24 September 2016


It's Saturday, I'm sitting here at my personal confuser wondering what scribbles to put down for the fool's journal that I keep. Outside it's a wonderful fall kinda day and after this entry is done, I'm planning on getting out there to enjoy it. After all one never knows when it will be that last perfect day.

The choices are limited since I don't really want to go and blow money and there are things to get done (damn honey-do list) around here. So I will probably get the lawn, with the grass growing like crazy, cut then go for a walk. Today I'm mot going to work out because it's the weekend and these two days are ones where I let my tired old broken down body recover from the abuses of the week. 

So without any further delay here are a few links for you. Looking at the list for today here is a spoiler alert, most are political. 

Canada is looking at new fighter jets and the big boys are pushing for the F-35, aside from the fact it can be detected with infrared it's pretty much invisible to radar... wait what?  Well at least it's running like a charm except for the occasional fire... Fire? Just think the proposal is to buy 65 of these at a cost of 29 billion over the life of the project. 

Looks like Sweden has become so violent that some of the massive influx of refugees want to return to their war torn countries because those countries are safer

You knew that it was bound to happen with all the Pokemon Go creatures on the loose that one of those creatures would commit rape. This Pokemon Go creature needs to be caught and brought to justice. 

Here is another move that HP has done to really annoy buyers of their printers. This can't help being anything but good for business, not. 

One thing that people who oppose carrying guns for protection forget, in any confrontation between an armed assailant and someone who is unarmed those who are unarmed get killed with monotonous regularity

Looking South at those two who are running for the top job in the not so United States, if these are the best the Americans can come up with for leaders we're all doomed. In the one corner wearing the black trunks is The Donald with all his issues about lies and misinformation. Then in the other corner wearing the red trunks is Mrs. Clinton who is covered with the blood of thousands because of her actions as the Secretary of State. Did I mention the thought that we are all doomed?

I drive a nice 8 year old Toyota with a big dent in the driver's side rear door. Several times I've wondered if it was worth fixing. Well here's a guy who had the same problem and made it work

I had to read this story twice. Canadians at odds with their Liberal government? Say it ain't so. 

Last, but never least, it looks like the Pope is catching on to how the media operates. Took him ling enough. 

Well that's it for me. Coffee's all gone so it's time to make myself presentable and get some work done. Bye for now from up here North of Disorder.

Friday, 23 September 2016

The object of the game

Yesterday was a good day with several items in the to-do list ticked off. Of course I wasted time before getting on top of things so just as I was walking out the door it started to rain. This necessitated a stop at the corner mom & pop for a bit of jawing and some coffee while the rain fell in sheets. In the end perseverance won the day and I got the running around that I needed to get done, done. 

In this, the twenty third day of September in the year two thousand and sixteen you would think the wizards at Apple would design a little longevity into their products. I see I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. My wife has an Ipad and once again we are faced with replacing the power cord AKA  lighting cable. Seriously, who calls a USB power cord a lighting cable? Oh, right... the bone heads at Apple do

Yesterday my wife mentioned to me there was a problem with the USB power cable. I took a look and sure enough the plastic casing was self destructing. So I attempted a quick fix which lasted about as long as you would think. This morning's second attempt was to cover the damaged area of the cable with some heat shrink tubing. That done I went on line and ordered a replacement cable from the good folks at Amazon. 

Normally I would have gone to an electronics store in town however the last cable we replaced cost an arm, leg and a hunk of torso. Well this time I looked on line for a replacement. With shipping included I ordered a lighting cable that is cloth wrapped not plastic which should last a little longer. The cost of the Apple lighting cable at the electronics store $24.95. The cost of a replacement from Amazon.com with shipping 11.99 and I don't even have to drive into town and waste gas. 

Don't get me wrong I am all for supporting local businesses, but... As I have said over the years to others, the object of the game is to shear the sheep, not skin them alive. Not only did I not shop locally, I bought a product with (I hope) a more extended life span at 50% of the cost of an apple product. Mind you part of this problem lies with Apple and their exclusivity. They work very diligently to make sure the only place one can get anything for apple is at apple. Kinda like the wall I have hit in the past trying to get parts for my Toyota. Oh well we shall over come, eventually. 

Here are your links for the day. Read responsibly.

You can call this ironic but when a Black Lives Matter leader asks for police protection, I call it karma biting him in the ass funny.

And yet another caltrop gets tossed under the wheels of the Clinton juggernaut.

Here is yet another example of Australia being a contemporary version of Harry Harrison's Death World.    

Ah the new enhancements to Canada's Pension Plan. On the down side, higher deductions from employees and companies. On the up side, whoa, looks like there isn't an up side.

I love those gun amnesties, you see some of the strangest things turned in.

Well that's all for now from me up here North of Disorder.  

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Settling in

Looks like I'm settling in to the new morning routine. Have to say that the sit-ups are are not as easy as they once were. Right now the coffee is almost gone and breakfast is done so once this is finis I will start tackling some of the to do list.  Fall is now upon us so it's time to start on the winter preps in earnest. 

The list isn't that long and the list items aren't that life and death critical but they are things that have to be done. Today I will be putting away the lawn furniture, going into town for propane and POL* stuff and booking the furnace cleaning and I have been trying to come up with a plan to deal with a dryer issue. 

Our washer and dryer are Maytag and they work real well. The only problem has been with the filter that is in the from of the dryer. There is a felt strip that has come off and now lint gets behind the screen and I'm worried that sometime in the near future, probably over the winter, it will catch fire. Living out here in the country means we are protected by a volunteer fire department. Volunteers fire fighters are also known as basement fire fighters and that's for a very good reason. By the time they arrive on scene and are set up all that's left of the building on fire usually is the basement. 

Oh well, we shall over come... Here are a few links for you. 

A few days ago on a farm out west near Saskatoon a farmer encountered three gentlemen with masks and hand guns. Now the area farmers are rightfully concerned about this armed trio so they have started carrying firearms (shotguns, hunting rifles) in the cabs of their vehicles. The area police (RCMP) don't like this. There is only one problem with the police response "when seconds count, police are minutes away." I suspect this could be a group of bad guys looking for fertilizer to make something go boom. 

The good old Liberals are at it again. Not only do they get moving expenses but these expenses include paying legal fees to sell homes. "Baby Doc" Trudeau doesn't see a problem that his staffers  made $500,000 plus profits on the home sales yet took government money for legal fees. Personally I would have thought if a home sale was at a loss this deduction would be OK but when there is a half million profit?  What was it George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm?

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

In California the war on cow generated methane continues...   

Oh, and while we are on the subject of governments being stupid... 

Canada is looking for a new fighter aircraft. While there are several good ones out there the push is on for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The F-35 has three things, it's over priced ($300 million plus per fighter), it's stealthy against radar but not infrared and it may be a flying  Edsel

According to the not so United Nations we are going to experience a little bit of economic turbulence in the next few years. 

Looks like the British are going to be on a bit of a learning curve when the first Tim Hortons opens up over there. 

Well coffee is all gone and the clouds have moved in. The weathertainers are calling for rain in the afternoon, but that's OK. I've been wet before. As for me it's time to hit the road. From up here north of disorder I'm signing off. 

* POL Petrol Oil & Lubricants, old military term.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hey, what happend yesterday?

Yesterday started out as a normal average day around 8 AM. I said to my self, self you are getting into a rut, time to change things up. So as opposed to doing things the way I normally do, I got dressed, went down to the basement and worked out for around a half hour. Then it was breakfast and finally a shower. When all that was done, being the twit I am I went on twitter for a while. Other things got in he way (I started reading a new/old novel) and suddenly it was time for bed. It was only then that I came to the realisation that I had forgotten to blog about my meaningless life. 

Today started much the same as yesterday with the exception that I haven't forgotten the blog. My work out and breakfast done, here I sit tapping away at the personal confuser. After this is put to bed I'm planning on going out for a while. Not sure where exactly but I have to get out, I'm starting to get cabin fever. The only thing I am planning on doing is a visit to the local hobby shop where I'm going to buy a model. 

Well that about it for catching up so here are a few links and yes some are political. 

I will just put this out there... Christmas is coming and every year I get asked what I want and every year I tell people to use their imagination. Well this year I'm changing that. If you feel inclined to get me a gift this is what you can pick up for me. I promise to enjoy it responsibly. 

It looks like the start of the slippery slope for "Baby Doc" Trudeau, slowly the electorate are starting to turn on him. Is it any wonder that he needs this

It also doesn't look to good for the Canadian legal system. Is it any wonder that some people are taking Shakespeare's advice to heart?

I read this earlier and soooo very many puns came to mind. For example "this guy's job became a pain in the ass." or " I guess he just got a little behind in his work." OK enough, I can just see your eyes rolling. 

Have you ever thought about the way we are governed? One of the pillars that any government rests upon is they govern with the consent of the governed. When I see things like this and this I can't help but wonder if that consent is being partially revoked.

When you look at how little money Mrs. Clinton actually has it's not surprising to see her spend like this given what is happening.   

Why? because it was made in China.

Well at least some of the mystery has been solved. Now if they could only figure out where the rest of the billions to First Nations go that would be good. 

I leave you with one last story for you to read and to think about.

The folks at Microsoft recently announced the formation of a task force to cure cancer withing 10 years. The way it has been described the goal is to treat human cancers the same way one would treat a computer virus.

While this goal is a noble one I just wonder, if they are successful, how long it will be until they try the next step and attempt to pacify humanity? It would be for our own good of course.

Well that's all for me today from up here North of Disorder